Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Gonzalez, Pirates, Elias

On this date way back in 1976, the Mariners and Blue Jays each selected 30 players in the expansion draft. Seattle drafted outfielder Ruppert Jones from the Royals with the first pick, then Toronto grabbed the versatile Bob Bailor from the Orioles with the second pick. The full results of the expansion draft can be found here.

We had to do some expanding of our own this week – get ready for what I'm certain is the largest BBWI in MLBTR history…

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  1. Hermie13 5 years ago

    Wow…..sorry, but a horrible article about the Tribe. First off…..the guy says that for the sake of arguement to assume the Tribe gives $1M to Anthony Reyes? Um….he does know we DFAed him a week ago….and he’s a free agent. Tribe isn’t going to give him the money he’d get in arby (same with Marte, though in fairness that DFA happened after the article was written).
    And this whole “if we return the payroll to 2009 levels” thing is so incredibly stupid, it’s scary.
    2009 was hte highest payroll in team history (or near it). NO WAY do we even come near that ($82M on opening day). In fact, even the 2010 opening day payroll of $62M is not happening. Look for the payroll to be around $55M.
    Tribe has maybe $8-12M to spend this winter. That’s it. Tribe may look at a guy like Westbrook (think this is a horrible idea, but they’ll probably do it) and maybe a guy like Bill Hall or Nick Punto for 3B…..but other than that, the current group of Tribe guys is what we’ll be seeing opening day. OF is set, infield is set other than maybe 3B….catcher is set, Bullpen is set, even the rotation IMO is set (Carmona, Masterson, Talbot, Carrasco, and Gomez/Tomlin can win you 70 games IMO, no need to spend on a starter).
    Saying the Tribe has $20M (let alone $40M) to spend with a straight face is absolutely redonkulous.
    Again, tops the Tribe has $10-12M to spend….TOPS. They’ll be sitting around $44M heading to free agency and won’t approach the 2010 payroll.

  2. cjw129 5 years ago

    Kind of interested in the whole Team expansion draft, where exactly where they drafting these players from to stock 2 full MLB teams ? When you say drafted “from the Royals” or “from the orioles” does that mean they took players off of other teams?

    hopefully I’m not missing something obvious here since I don’t know much about the subject.

    • Right, they pick players off of the other team’s roster. Those teams get to protect something like 15 players from the expansion draft, everyone else is fair game.

    • Hermie13 5 years ago

      Yes, those players were taken from the Royals and the Orioles. Same thing happened before 1998. Brian Anderson 1st or 2nd overall “from the Indians” after pitching in the 1997 World Series.

      Each team is allowed to protect a certain number of players (that’s why guys like Ramirez, Thome, etc weren’t taken from the Tribe).

      • cjw129 5 years ago

        thanks. Can’t imagine how stressfull that would be as a fan knowing one or more of your players was about to be drafted away to another team.

        • Hermie13 5 years ago

          meh, not really all that stressful. Usually the guys that get drafted aren’t all that good. It’s less stressful than the Rule 5 draft IMO.

  3. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    Mike, The Process Report article was awful. It was poorly written, plus it contained a completely ridiculous trade suggestion of a non-prospect and one other player for Matt Garza. Yeah, well, maybe if that other player is Ike Davis you bonehead. Why do you pick bad articles when there is so much good stuff floating around, like Bleacher Report, which I never see you reference? Are you friends with these guys?

    • The Process Report is written by Rays fans, so while I agree with you that Duda isn’t coming close to Garza, this wasn’t some ‘homer Mets fan’. Also the authors of the site are all pretty well known bloggers so it doesn’t seem so far out of left field, just shocking they apparently think so low of Matt Garza.

      • Hermie13 5 years ago

        Just cause these bloggers are well known, doesn’t mean what they write isn’t WAY out in left field though….

    • Hermie13 5 years ago

      In fairness, the guy did say the “other player” had to be a better talent than Duda. I agree though….vastly undervaluing Garza, especially after how well he pitched in the ALDS and that he has World Series experience and has 3 years of controlability left. You should be asking for the everything and the kitchen sink for Garza. Yeah, teams will balk at that….but work your way to something in between.

  4. vtadave 5 years ago

    He’s also look good in pinstripes, Dodger Blue, Citi Field, etc., etc., etc. Guessing Royals and Pirates fans think he may look good in their gear as well.

  5. 0bsessions 5 years ago

    I think you might’ve missed the joke.

  6. Hermie13 5 years ago

    More sarcasm than a joke, but agree.

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