Braves Close To Nearing Deal For Dan Uggla

The Braves "appear to be very close to nearing a deal" for Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, tweets's Mark BowmanKen Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweeted minutes ago that the division rivals are discussing a deal that would send Uggla to Atlanta for utility man Omar Infante and lefty reliever Mike Dunn.

Infante, a super-utility type, hit .321/.359/.416 in 506 plate appearances for the Braves this year.  He's under contract through 2011.  Dunn, 26 in May, is a hard-throwing left-handed reliever who came to Atlanta from the Yankees a year ago in the Javier Vazquez deal.  Dunn racked up big-time strikeout and walk numbers this year between Triple-A and the Majors.  The intra-division asking price for Uggla was said to be large, but this return would be OK at best.

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  1. What an awful trade by the Marlins. I don’t know what’s worse. This, the Maybin trade or the John Buck signing. I would be pissed if I was a Marlins fan.

    • MisterMarlin 5 years ago

      We are

    • OptimisticMarlinsFan 5 years ago

      This one by far…Maybin hasn’t done much at all…wasn’t disappointed about that one..

    • John Buck is a good signing for you guys..but Maybin still has potential and for 2 relievers sucks! Atleast you guys have won worldseries in the last 2 decades

  2. mikefichera 5 years ago

    good trade both ways.

    • Stl_Great 5 years ago

      You think its a good trade for a aging utility man who just had a 100+ game season for the first time in 5 years, and a middle reliever? Okay.

      • mikefichera 5 years ago

        Marlins are shipping uggla off no matter what, every player is “aging” Infante has always hit regardless of the amount of games hes played and can play multiple positions. This is one of the better moves they could’ve made.

        BTW – Infante is 28.

        • Stl_Great 5 years ago

          They can do WAYYY better.

          • mikefichera 5 years ago

            You offering any allstars? How about rasmus?

          • Are you kidding me? I don’t know what’s worse.. the fact that you ask for Colby Rasmus or the fact that you used the term ‘allstar’ to imply that Omar Infante is suddenly a great player because of it. Post less, read more.

          • mikefichera 5 years ago

            What is a better trade- It was sarcasm that I asked for Rasmus. Sorry, its hard to get that across on the internet.Find me a better trade that was rumored. Uggla has no value on the market – hes getting a big contract the marlins can’t afford him they have to trade him what value does he have?

          • Stl_Great 5 years ago

            This trade was rumored no where but the winter meetings in orlando or whatever they are, it happened today, and I think that other teams believe they could have done better seeing as how little the marlins got with this trade.

  3. Seals 5 years ago

    Braves might, sort of, kind of, maybe deal for Uggla too. :)

  4. arkeen 5 years ago

    This is all it takes? Definitely a sell-high on Infante and while Dunn looked good last year he isn’t exactly a haul that you would expect for a player like Uggla.

    Seems to me a lot of teams could beat this offer.

  5. Brandon Woodworth 5 years ago

    And everyone called me crazy with my trade proposals. Mike Dunn was one, but I guess they want a new 2B instead of a pitcher. I love Infante, and I wish him well in Florida. But now we’ve got Dan Uggla baby!

    • Ok. But they’re “close to nearing a deal” (Whatever the heck that means). So you do not have Dan Uggla yet.

    • RiverKKiller999 5 years ago

      We haven’t got him yet my friend!!! Come on Braves… I think im gonna like your status anyway lol…:)

      • Brandon Woodworth 5 years ago

        These things never really tend to go south from here lol. I’d personally rather have Uggla in LF. Our infield needs to remain the same if we can’t get better, not worse.

  6. All that JPA + Zep talk from Jays look 100X better.

    Seriously, it is a bad trade for marlins.

    • Andy Mc 5 years ago

      hahah. I feel for Marlins fans. Where is that guy who scoffed, and said, “Drabek or no deal”? Anybody remember who that was? He said RZep was garbage etc.?

  7. This is beyond, pardon my french, retarded.

    This may be the worst trade I’ve seen in any sport in a LONG LONG time. Don’t give me the Cliff Lee trade, because prospects still have a chance.

    There’s no ceiling here whatsoever. Awful trade.

  8. vtadave 5 years ago

    This can’t be right. Infante and Dunn? I realize the Marlins aren’t going to get top-tier prospects here, but at least try for guys with upside. A mammoth steal for the Braves if true, as is there any chance Infante’s 2010 is repeatable?

  9. dc21892 5 years ago

    This is a steal for the Braves. There is no saying whether or not Infante can do what he did last year again. Dunn is a nice lefty out of the pen but that’s about it. All the other GM’s that tried to get him must be kicking themselves right now.

  10. GreenCustom24 5 years ago

    As much as we need the bat, I’d trust Conrad at 2nd every day over Uggla… and I REALLY think we should hang on to Dunn. His control is off, but otherwise he dominates. I can’t say I’m 100% on board with this… but I (obviously) have no say. Ha

    • dc21892 5 years ago

      The same Conrad that couldn’t field to save his life in the playoffs? 😛

      • GreenCustom24 5 years ago

        The same Uggla who made 3 errors and blew the All-star game single handedly a couple years back? Ha It goes either way.

        • dc21892 5 years ago

          Haha true that.

        • mikefichera 5 years ago

          Uggla is extremely overrated imo.

          • cejc21 5 years ago

            overrated?? 4 straight 30+ HR seasons and he’s overrated? bah

          • cejc21 5 years ago

            overrated?? 4 straight 30+ HR seasons and he’s overrated? bah

    • MisterMarlin 5 years ago

      That’s crazy. You’re getting the second best 2nd baseman in the NL. But you want to hold on to Conrad? C’mon…

    • bend_the_bracket 5 years ago

      “I’d trust Conrad at 2nd every day over Uggla…”

      Please attempt to rationalize this statement. Uggla would have to be armless for me not to trust him over Conrad at second base.

  11. BG921 5 years ago

    You would think some type of prospect would be included here… Maybe nothing major, but something! I’m a Braves fan, but Infante and Dunn for Uggla? Yikes, hopefully the Marlins get some type of prospect.

  12. this can’t be real.

  13. Close to nearing a deal?

  14. As a Braves fan I love this trade. Offers another nice bat in the middle of the lineup. Probably means Prado at first.

    • Freddy Freeman is penciled in at first

      THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE, if the Braves needed a 1 bagger we would be offering arb to Lee. I would love to see Lee back, but Freeman is no longer the future firstbaseman, he is the current Braves firstbaseman

      • Depends how he does in spring training. I would love for him to be there and playing well but he went 4-24 in the Sept. call up. If he is there I stand corrected.

        Regardless – we just got a major upgrade at 2B and Prado is versatile enough to move around the field.

    • No, it prolly means Prado to LF, until Chipper does his requisite stints on the DL. Uggla will play 2b, and Freeman will likely be 1b

  15. mattchu12 5 years ago

    It’s like they got together and said let’s trade away a talented guy (Maybin), sign a guy who couldn’t even stick in Kansas City to a crazy deal (Buck), and then deal our second best hitter for a utility man and a LOOGY.

    Maybe they’re trying to see who can have less of a fan base? Tampa Bay vs Miami?

    • TheodoreRoosevelt 5 years ago

      Got to feel for the Marlins fans. This has been a rough week.

      • mattchu12 5 years ago

        It’s like their Front Office is run by Dale and Brennan from Step Brothers

  16. Where does Uggla play on the Braves? 2B? Where does Prado go? 1B?

  17. scluse 5 years ago

    Once again the Lorias come through for their great fans!

    • Slopeboy 5 years ago

      This is nothing more than the Marlins reverting to their normal persona. They knew they were not going to sign Uggla for what he could get on the open market and traded him. Loria only cares about making money not winning. With this move, he weakens the team, keeps payroll down and guarantees more Revenue Money, until the new stadium opens up

  18. WOW get this finalized! i was thinking it would take quite a bit considering the whole inter division thing. If true Frank Wren’s off season is a success already

  19. Guest 5 years ago

    Wait what?

  20. $1529282 5 years ago

    Absolutely no way that can be all to the deal. What is this? Major League? Are the Marlins TRYING to put together a losing team?

    • vtadave 5 years ago

      Next up is hiring Lou Brown to manage and seeing if they can coax Roger Dorn out of retirement. Brutal day to be a Fish fan (if there are any left).

  21. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    The Marlins would be getting that All-Star caliber player they’ve wanted for Uggla.

  22. Incredible. And here I thought it would take Arencibia and Rzep to get him on the Jays

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Kind of what I was thinking. This guy had perfect match for the Jays written all over over it. 2nd base, possible DH. If I were AA I’d be on the phone right now saying” hold on a second” they’ve got the better pieces.

  23. Keith Y 5 years ago

    wow, this is a clear drop-off
    from top tier prospects at one point to some B level prospects to a catcher and a starter to a utility player and a reliever
    i dont care how good infante was last season, this trade is a win for the braves

  24. Where’s Bravesred to talk about how this trade is worse than losing Neftali Feliz and Elvis Andrus?

  25. MeOnTheInternet 5 years ago

    Frank Wren for President

    What kinda deal do the Braves sign him to?

    • nm344 5 years ago

      The ‘good luck in 2011′ kind.

      • MeOnTheInternet 5 years ago

        meaning you don’t think they’ll sign him to an extension?

        • nm344 5 years ago


          • MeOnTheInternet 5 years ago

            Guess I am not familiar with Braves farm, you guys have a better option for 2b than him after 2011?

  26. Also, if true worry about where Uggla plays later. get the ink on the paper.

    If and when Chipper is healthy i would give him the McCann schedule. at least every 5th day off to rest, sit him on day games after night games. if you do this prado could play 3rd that day or Uggla if you want to go that route. rest chipper and get a solid 120 games from him and the Braves offense will be solid

  27. Also, waffles.

  28. Dan Uggla in left field still has to be better than Melky, but I do hate to see Infante go.

  29. 3/18 for John frickin Buck
    2 relievers for Cameron Maybin
    A utility player and a LOOGY for Dan Uggla


  30. Right with you hullo this is a horrible move by the Marlins. If they want to build a championship team like they are KNOWN for doing twice why would they dump their All-Star second baseman? Tossing Maybin was a stupid mistake but I think signing John Buck could be a positive for the Marlins this off season. Buck is an All-Star and can also hit the long ball, especially towards that 330′ LF wall.

  31. What about Chipper?

  32. roberty 5 years ago

    It’s still a trade for one year of Dan Uggla for around $10 million. Obviously the Marlins aren’t going to get the kind of outrageous return a lot of fans were speculating on, but this exceeds my expectations. AWESOME WORK FRANK WREN! You are so much better than JS.

  33. myname_989 5 years ago

    WTF. You’re supposed to trade him OUT of the division! Lol

  34. Stl_Great 5 years ago

    Please marlins, tell the braves to F-OFF.

    The Cardinals will give you Skip Schumaker and Jason Motte.

  35. nm344 5 years ago

    Cant be right. Uggla and Infante are on their last years. So basically its a middle reliever and swap of Infante for Uggla.. a $7MM cost savings for the fish, which they are going to spend on Buck. What a joke of a deal.

  36. airohpue13 5 years ago

    What the hell is “close to nearing a deal”? Very redundant.

  37. There is a reason why the Marlins are the joke of baseball.

  38. How can you be close to nearing (which means “close to”) a deal? Wouldn’t that mean they were close to being close to a deal? What kind of language is that.

  39. RiverKKiller999 5 years ago

    Mike Dunn is a good player but he need’s to lower those walks.. Omar Infante is good to… So i like this deal:)

  40. Brian Tallet and John McDonald for Dan Uggla. There’s your LOOGY and Utility man, Florida!!! We’ll even throw in Fred Lewis!

  41. MisterMarlin 5 years ago

    This deal hurts my Marlin-loving soul as bad as that Scott Stapp “Marlins Will Soar” song hurt my ears…

  42. GreenCustom24 5 years ago

    No. Im simply saying Uggla may even be a worse defender than Conrad. I said I TRUST him more. I’m pretty sure I just heard the sound of every ground ball pitcher on our staff slapping their foreheads. Ha I love the bat (sans the strikeouts), I just don’t wanna need Pepto every time someone hits a grounder to 2nd.

  43. Braves deal is complete. – crasnick

  44. Bad day to be a marlins fan

  45. Blue Jays will come in last minute and take Dan Uggla off your hands brave fans! We have better asset to trade and for that price. that’s even better for us!

    • Too late. Trade’s been made. Obviously Alex couldn’t use logic or reasoning with the Marlins GM.

  46. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    this is baffling beyond words. I have a hard time believing someone else outside the division couldn’t come up with something better than a utility man having a career year and a LOOGY who is good but has serious control problems. Frank Wren is a genius if he pulls this off, what a robbery. the 2 draft picks are worth more than this package..

  47. The Marlins GM is going to get fired for this one 😛



    Thanks Omar for a great 08 09 and 10

    To Marlins fans, yes he could duplicate his 2010 season BTW

  49. What a freaking steal for Atlanta in this trade.

  50. i didn’t think they could hurt me anymore. i was wrong. gonna get my ball and go home.

  51. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    Wow what a steal for braves. If that’s all they have to trade to get uggla, than Boston should offer them, Anderson, reddick, Bowden, cello. Then stick uggla at 3b,1b, or OF.

  52. OptimisticMarlinsFan 5 years ago

    You have got to be effing kidding me with this garbage trade. What’s next Hanley for David Eckstein and a clubhouse worker?

  53. lazerball 5 years ago

    This can’t possibly be the deal that ends up getting made. I just don’t see it happening, because if this is how little the fish are looking for to trade him within the division, there has to be at least some teams willing to one up this offer. It’s not like the braves have the inside track and are the only team aware that he’s up for sale.

    • lazerball 5 years ago

      Or I guess it’s done now. Wow, what a dumb trade.

  54. airohpue13 5 years ago

    LOL Marlins…

  55. BWOzar 5 years ago

    Remember last year when the initial rumors about the Javier Vazquez trade leaked it was basically Melky Cabrera straight up for Javier Vazquez – a ridiculously lopsided trade. But, of course, the trade included Arodys Vizcaino, arguably the Yankees’ #2 prospect, so I’d be willing to bet this deal would include a young high-upside top prospect from Atlanta.

  56. cejc21 5 years ago

    right now i trust Parrige or anyabody but Pendleton he screwed up our guys swings (schafer, heyward, mclouth, kotchman)

  57. Sorry, why is Prado on the bench?

  58. Prado moves to LF

  59. mikefichera 5 years ago

    Met fan, im being objective though.

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