Pirates Hire Clint Hurdle

The Pirates have hired Clint Hurdle to fill their managerial opening, according to Jon Heyman of SI.com (via Twitter). The deal is for three years, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. MLB.com's Jenifer Langosch (Twitter link) adds that the team will hold a press conference on Monday to make the official announcement.

Hurdle managed the Rockies from April 2002 to May of 2009, before being hired as the Rangers' hitting coach last offseason. During his time in Colorado, Hurdle compiled a 534-625 (.457) record, leading the club to the World Series once, in 2007.

Earlier this month, Pittsburgh narrowed their managerial search to two finalists – Hurdle and internal candidate Jeff Banister. Yesterday, Rosenthal reported that the Pirates had ramped up their efforts to land Hurdle.

With the hiring, Hurdle is of course out of the running for the Mets' managerial opening. In a separate tweet, Heyman suggests that New York's list of finalists will include Terry Collins, Bob Melvin, and perhaps Chip Hale, with Jose Oquendo to be interviewed tomorrow.

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  1. Two years from today the word “hire” will be replaced by “fire”

    • BravesRed 5 years ago

      He’s not that bad. And, compared to Russell, he’s a LOT better.

      • it’s not that he’s bad. He’s actually a good manager.

        It’s that the Pirates are going nowhere.

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          Interesting point…But I really have some confidence that the Pirates will be a winning team in 2012…If you look at their roster the way it is now…

          Tabata, McCutchen, Alvarez, Walker, Meek, McDonald, Hanrahan…Those are some really good young players as your core…And then towards the end of this season you will see players like Tony Sanchez, Rudy Owens, Michael Dubee, Bryan Morris, Justin Wilson, Josh Harrison, and Chase D’Arnaud…Thats 7 youngsters…I’ll say 6 see Major League time this season and those 6 will be in their sophmore season next year. All 7 will be in the Majors in April next season though. Then you look at Anthony Rendon who may very well be in the Majors come June next season…That is why I think they will be a winning team in 2012.

          • Smrtbusnisman04 5 years ago

            You forgot Jeff “Acquired from the Braves for Mclouth” Locke!!!!

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            My bad. I really like Jeff Locke can’t believe I forgot about him.

          • Smrtbusnisman04 5 years ago

            It’s alright. I’m really excited the Pirates signed a good manager.

          • HummBaby 5 years ago

            I’m hoping for success as well. I can’t wait for the Pirates to turn it around and become respectable once again. Historic franchise. It would be a win not only for the NL but MLB as a whole.

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            I’d generally have to agree that the Pirates will push .500 in 2012. It’s hard to tell tell right now though. Much of their success will be determined by their interdivisional matchups…and it’s really not possible to project how strong the NL Central will be in 2012. If the Reds, Cardinals, and Cubs are again strong..with the Brewers rebuilt…then a .500 record might be a stretch.

        • Smrtbusnisman04 5 years ago

          John Russell is good, but I got the sense he didn’t want to be here. He always had this frustrated look on his face, and I don’t mean frustrated in a General Patton look.

          I do think that from 2009 to 2010, Coonelly and Huntington used him like a Puppet so that they could pretend they were “Moneyballers”.

    • Care to revise that?

  2. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    I have respect for any manager who would try and turn around a franchise like the Pirates.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      If any manager is going to do it, it’s Hurdle…I like this move a lot.

  3. valhallavoice 5 years ago

    Hope this puts Wally back in the Mets mix, because if it is going to be Collins or Melvin, you may as well flip a coin, no one is going to care.

    • craig s (ManusBret) 5 years ago

      it could be worse it could be Demarlo Hale

      • valhallavoice 5 years ago

        I can not imagine worse than these two, Collins is hated by his players and failed on two continents, Melvin has two MLB failures to his credit and is as exciting as watching paint dry. I don’t know anything about Demarlo Hale but he looks to be the new Willie Randolph, the perennial black candidate that everyone interviews and no one hires, sad that the Mets are doing that to him, but hey next up is Jose Oquendo this year’s Latin candidate that management is using before giving the job to one of the failed old white guys. Seems that moneyball isn’t the only book this GM troika reads. I am beginning to suspect Alsderen’s position is that of a bankruptcy judge, setting up the franchise to be sold in order to turn it around. Why am I thinking this is the story behind “The Natural” and Wally Backman just might upset the plan by winning and generating fan interest.

  4. Let me be the first to welcome Clint Hurdle to baseball purgatory. Best part about being the Pirates manager is that the home dugout faces what is probably one of the most beautiful views in baseball, not the field, the skyline over the right field wall!

  5. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I’m not going to say the Mets wanted him badly because I simply don’t know that, but if they did…This is what happens when you take a ton of time hiring a GM, and then take more time hiring a manager…

  6. Smrtbusnisman04 5 years ago

    HALLELUJAH!!!! Praise Jesus!!

    I’m glad he chose to manage the Pirates. You won’t be dissapointed Clint.

    I just hope Coonelly and Huntington don’t micromanage him.

  7. Dwan 5 years ago

    This job is a dead end. Surprised he took it.

  8. piratesbaseball46 5 years ago

    The Pirates job was the best open job in baseball, its a slam dunk world series in the next 5 years, maybe even 2 championships in that span of time

    • LOL – what crack are you smoking??? I’m a Pirates fan and there is no WAY that’s a legit statement!

      • piratesbaseball46 5 years ago

        I am not smoking anything, the Pirates have three of the greatest pitching prospects of all time who will make their debuts before or during the 2014 season, Clint Hurdle finds himself in a GOOD situation

        • I love the optimism, I agree that Hurdle is walking into a POTENTIALLY good situation. One must keep in mind that prospects are not proven. Dont get me wrong I love the Pirates but to think that we are going to win two championships in 5 years is absolutely ludacris

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          3 of the greatest pitching prospects of all time?

          Allie, Taillon, and Heredia I assume your talking about?

          This is just me, but I kind of think that Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, and Steve Carlton were pretty good pitching prospects.

    • I like your enthusiasm, but let’s see if they can get above .500 and stay there for a change. That division is ripe for the picking by a good young team that’s hungry (see: Cincinnatti).BTW, I like Hurdle for this job. He’s good with young guys. Hopefully the FO will give him a little more help than they did the last guy.

  9. The problem doesn’t fall in the hands of their manager. I think it’s their FO, always trading away their stars once they hit or are near FA status. Bay, Nady, McLouth, the list goes on. Until FO decides to spend at least SOME money extending their current stars/free agents this team isn’t going anywhere. They can take some lessons from Billy Beane, he’s made a living of that kind of management, and the A’s aren’t doing TOO bad in the American league.

    • piratesbaseball46 5 years ago

      Bay, Nady and Mclouth arent stars, that is a false notion that many Pirates fans hold

      • they were the best the pirates had weren’t they? In all honesty, when Jones, Doumit, Tabata, and McCutchen are near FA status, will the Pirates’ GM be willing to resign them? As a baseball fan, I would like to see teams get out the cellar for once. The Rays have done it, the orioles may be on their way, so are the Nationals. Everyone criticizes my Yankees for spending, but if the money is there, you have to spend it in order to win. Almost every time that’s the case. Minor FA signing or big, it almost always has to be done. [Excluding 2008 Rays, 2010 Giants(for the most part)]

        • “The best the Pirates had” doesn’t necessarily make them stars. Being the best player on the 2007-2008 Pirates is kinda like being the smartest kid in remedial math class.

        • penpaper 5 years ago

          Jones and Doumit don’t deserve extensions though. McCutchen definitely needs to be locked up until he’s gray. He’s going to be the superstar of that team. With Tabata, it remains to be seen. At this point, its not valuable to extend him.

          All they need is some starting pitching. Its coming, just not quick enough. They have one of the best trios of pitching prospects right now.

        • oh you are a Yankees fan… that explains it!

  10. I forgot to mention that this hiring will potentially get the Pirates over the Hurdle and into contention…

  11. Pirates412 5 years ago

    will this hurt or help the team of hiring this guy?

  12. sayheykid22 5 years ago

    As a Rockies fan I say “HA!” This guy is the ultimate ding-dong. Just get ready… when Pittsburgh is in their most crucial of moments, two out’s, runners on, pitcher at the plate…camera pans to the bench..Hurdle will be bouncing his baseball, trying to imitate a big league manager. This guy is full of cliche and will ride guys even while they are cold. Sometimes a players manager works if the manager has street cred. Hurdle has none.

  13. Before Pirates fans start drinking the Kool-Aid, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    Jameson Taillon has major mechanical flaws, and at his size, those can easily be more apparent and worrisome. I see much more Homer Bailey than Josh Beckett in him.

    Stetson Allie projects as a dominant reliever, ala Joel Zumaya

  14. TheLastPirateFan 5 years ago

    I am very pleased that the pirates have hired him! I have been arguing that the Pirates have been a very well run franchise since Bon Nutting took over in 2007 as majority owner, and this hiring is another reason to believe in the bucs!

  15. Good move, but they need players! They have a great foundation, but need pitching. They should try and sign Webb, De La Rosa, and Francis. Also, they need some kind of power to compliment what we have already in Tabata, Cutch, and Walker. Someone like Nady who can platoon with Jones could be a good risk and keep him healthy (maybe).

  16. DempseyK 5 years ago

    Im impressed that Neal had the baseball sense to hire from outside the organization. Banister was not the answer. But acquiring more talent is still the key to success. When your starting rotation loses 84 games in 1 season, then you know you are probably in trouble. The need for 2 quality starting pitchers still needs addressed, plus the addition of a right handed, power hitting 1B or RF.

    Good move though. Clint has inherited some good young talent, I just hope he knows what to do with it to improve the on field product.

  17. MannyBeingMVP 5 years ago

    OK hire. Add free agents Cliff Lee, Orlando Hudson and Adrian Beltre, and maybe the Pirates are within 7-8 games of the division lead.

    The Pirates do have some good pitching prospects down the road, but frankly, they join the D-backs as having the most improvedment needed in the NL.

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