Rizzo Talks Nationals First Base Outlook

For a six minute segment, Nationals Mike Rizzo provided a lot of good hot stove insight to Kevin Kennedy and Jim Duquette on MLB Network/Sirius XM Radio today.  We've got Rizzo's full thoughts on Cliff Lee here, but here's what else he had to say:

  • Asked about Adam Dunn, Rizzo began his answer by talking about how the Nationals believe "championship teams are built on pitching, defense, speed, and athleticism" – none of which Dunn is known for.  The extended comments about the team's philosophy seemed to be prepping fans for Dunn's departure, but then Rizzo added, "We love Adam Dunn.  We've certainly had interest throughout the year, and he's a guy that we continue to have communications with."
  • Asked about other first base options, Rizzo replied that it's a good year to be looking, with several viable options out there.  He added, "As always, we're looking for a guy that plays both sides of the ball, that can produce offensively and play good defense for us also."
  • Fittingly, Kennedy then recommended Carlos Pena.  Rizzo commented, "We've been Carlos Pena guys here.  He fits what we're doing. He's one of a handful of guys that would give us what we're looking for."  However, Rizzo then reiterated the the team remains in communication with Dunn, adding "He's been our first choice all along."  Pena certainly fits Rizzo's description, while James Loney and Derrek Lee might too. 
  • Rizzo spoke again about his desire to improve the depth and quality of his rotation, whether via free agency or trade.  He noted that he'd like to improve the bullpen as well.

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