Sherman’s Latest: Rivera, Jeter, Mets

Joel Sherman's latest column for the New York Post touches on some issues relevant to both New York teams. Let's take a look:

  • Sherman wonders why Derek Jeter's contract situation has garnered such overwhelming amounts of attention, while Mariano Rivera's has drawn significantly less. Sherman opines that Rivera may be the most irreplaceable pitcher in baseball over the past 15 years, and that his contract situation is equally important and deserving of attention.
  • The Mets know their flexibility is lacking this offseason, and may have as little as $3MM-$5MM to spend on free agency.
  • The Mets' managerial search will likely be over no later than Tuesday, according to Sherman.
  • Sherman expects the Mets to wait until later in the offseason (after January 1 perhaps) for free agent prices to drop. He says the Mets will try to sign a reliever, possibly two, and possibly an affordable second baseman and reclamation project starter.

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