Yankees Likely To Sign DePaula

The Yankees are expected to sign Dominican right-hander Rafael DePaula for about $700K later today, according to Melissa Segura of SI.com (on Twitter). He reappeared on the market a week ago after facing age and identity fraud questions for a year. MLB suspended him in 2009 and he later confessed to using a false identity. 

If not for the suspension, DePaula would likely have signed for more, according to Segura. He turns 20 soon, so the Yankees may fast track his path through the minor leagues. (Twitter links).

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  1. This is the small deal Cash was talking about then, I guess?

    • I wonder how DePaula feels to know that he’s a small deal? (The thought that I had as soon as Cash said that, but with no name to write in the blank until now.)

      • EvilEmpireMember 5 years ago

        The small deal is Allen for Miranda. I wonder how you feel ,for not knowing, what you are talking about?

  2. cayanksfan 5 years ago

    he’s better than chapman/strasburg!!!


  3. corkyciv 5 years ago

    I heard a rumor he’s El Duque’s grandson.

  4. EvilEmpireMember 5 years ago

    Another “POWER ARM” added to the orginization!
    Great signing, now on to Cliff Lee!!!!

  5. So happy about this.

  6. Yankees420 5 years ago

    Anyone have any sort of scouting report on this guy?

    • Sleepykarl 5 years ago

      He “has a fastball that touches the mid-90s [topped at 97 I believe], an advanced curveball and solid mechanics.”- per Baseball America.

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