ACES Leading In Multiyear Deals

Top free agents often choose the Boras Corporation if they're looking for the maximum payday.  But there is evidence that mid-tier players should look to ACES if they crave the security of a multiyear deal.

So far this offseason, ACES is the leader in multiyear deals with six: Randy Choate, Ty Wigginton, Joaquin Benoit, John Buck, Jhonny Peralta, and Brandon Inge.  They have potential for one more with Grant Balfour.  Only one other agency has brokered more than two multiyear deals this winter.  Legacy Sports has done four: Orlando Hudson, Bobby Jenks, Carl Crawford, and Adam Dunn.

ACES is the unofficial multiyear deal leader for last offseason as well with eight agreements reached (three with the Phillies).  This winter we still have several remaining free agent multiyear deal candidates, spanning various agencies: Balfour, Adrian Beltre, Brian Fuentes, Kevin Gregg, Adam LaRoche, Carl Pavano, Scott Podsednik, and Rafael Soriano.  We'll also see multiyear extensions probably beginning in January and running into April.

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