AL West Lags, NL East Leads In Offseason Spending

The Angels and Rangers are candidates to sign top free agents, but so far, the AL West has committed less than any other division in baseball. And it's not just because it's a small division. The four AL West teams have averaged $14.78MM in offseason commitments, considerably less than any other division.

The Nationals and Phillies lead the charge in the NL East, which tops all divisions in offseason commitments so far. The NL East ($60.29MM per club) is ahead of the AL East ($55.2MM per club) to date, despite aggressive deals by the Yankees and Red Sox.

Here's the spending by division:

  • NL East: $60.29MM average ($301.45MM total)
  • AL East: $55.22MM average ($276.08MM total)
  • AL Central: $48.82MM average ($244.1MM total)
  • NL West: $38.71MM average ($193.53 total)
  • NL Central: $22.46MM average ($134.76MM total)
  • AL West: $14.78MM average ($59.1MM total)

Complete details and explanation available here. This list will undoubtedly change by the time the offseason ends, and is simply intended to show which divisions have been most aggressive so far.

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