Possible Fits For Joe Blanton

The Phillies seem likely to trade Joe Blanton in hopes of clearing some payroll in the wake of their Cliff Lee signing.  The 30-year-old righty is owed $8.5MM in each of the next two seasons.  Though he probably deserved better than his 4.82 ERA in 2010, the Phils may have to assume some salary to move him.  My speculation on potential fits:

  • Brewers, Nationals, Twins - Blanton could be a nice alternative for a team that doesn't want to go to three years on Carl Pavano.  He may be best suited remaining in the National League, though that would limit the market significantly.
  • Rangers, Yankees – It would be a bitter pill to swallow, acquiring Blanton from the Phillies after losing Cliff Lee to them.
  • Mariners, Orioles - Not sure whether they're interested in adding bulk innings.
  • Royals – They were in on Kevin Millwood at one point, so a look at Blanton makes sense.
  • Athletics – They brought Brandon McCarthy aboard, but may be looking for someone more reliable after their Hisashi Iwakuma bid didn't work out.  Blanton, of course, spent the first half of his career in Oakland.

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