Padres Notes: Cantu, Glaus, Catching

You stay classy, San Diego!  Here are some items about the Friars…

  • The Padres were known to be looking for a platoon partner for the newly-acquired Brad Hawpe at first base, and SI's Jon Heyman tweets that Jorge Cantu and Troy Glaus are candidates, though either is a "remote possibility."  Heyman reported last month that the Padres were looking at Cantu and Glaus for their first base opening, and both still make sense given that Hawpe has only played nine games at first in his career.
  • In an mailbag, Corey Brock writes that San Diego wanted to pick up another veteran catcher this winter, but John Buck's three-year, $18MM deal with Florida raised the price on the entire catching market.  For instance, the Padres thought they had a good chance to sign free agent Rod Barajas, who ended up signing a surprisingly high $3.25MM deal with the Dodgers.
  • From that same mailbag, Brock says San Diego is looking to add a left-handed bat to come off the bench.

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  1. Sd_brain 4 years ago

    cantu would be nice, could also be used as a utility player as well.

    • orneryfish 4 years ago

      Cantu would see 500 PAs no problem with SD
      350 of them at 3b, after the Padres cull Headley off the roster about May 30th

  2. RATTY1 4 years ago

    Pick up both Cantu & Glaus..this will bring Good field & bench depth, affordable players, Big Bats+++Trade value later in season at the Trade Deadline…Young Arms Rule…Go 2011 Pads

    • orneryfish 4 years ago

      Cantu would be a perfect fit for the Padres.
      Platoon at 1B and 3B with Hawpe and Headley….
      ….taking over at 3B once the Padres have seen enough of Headley
      to know he is a AAAA player….another George Arias.

      I would give Cantu 2 years with an option….
      …along the same lines as O Dog and Hawpe.
      The Padres would improve their bench immensely.

      There still is the need for LH power/PH on the bench since
      all the closers in the NL west are RH.

      Hank Blalock looks good, if capable of it.

  3. Dan Rios 4 years ago

    Is every team doing something but my Angels? I want a new GM!!!

    • Sd_brain 4 years ago

      well at least you guys still have $ for next years free agents, which looks better than this years.

  4. firstavenger 4 years ago

    how tradeable is chase headley? napoli for headley? napoli and rivera?

    • Jonathan Stone 4 years ago

      we should get more for Nap than Chase Headley. Napoli for Kyle Blanks,anyone?

      • orneryfish 4 years ago

        Blanks goes nowhere.
        You keep Napoli….and the rest of your roster.
        Blanks will be the opening day LF for SD in 2012…injury healed, and in the past.

    • orneryfish 4 years ago

      How tradeable is Headley ?

      After 2011, his 3rd straight year of less than MLB average production at the dish ?

      If any organization wants him, they can have him, he will be waived/released.

      • goredsgo 4 years ago

        I just don’t see why everyone wants to trade Headley. He’s a solid young player and their 3B of the future

        • orneryfish 4 years ago

          Headley can’t hit MLB pitching.

          ….never could, never will.

          • Amish_willy 4 years ago

            Petco makes his numbers look far worse then they otherwise would. For his career his neutralized numbers don’t jive with your theory: .280/.353/.414 – That’s roughly David DeJesus. Him being a gifted 3b makes him a keeper for atleast the next year or two while he’s cheap (about 2m/3m). He’s not the guy many thought he’d be after going mvp on the Texas League, but he is still a valuable piece to the team. At this point he’s not a middle of the lineup hitter and may never be. Hitting him elsewhere would be a good start. I got him as 6th behind Hawpe, Ludwick and Venable. There is definitely room in Headley’s game to improve, but he can hit major league pitching. Just not at an elite level.

      • padresfuture 4 years ago

        Not a chance Headley gets waived. I have been very critical of Headley, but he is certainly a major league everyday player. Headley was overhyped. He plays solid defense and has some speed. Once arbitration dictates a salary over $4 million, Headley will be traded.

  5. Patrick_Schaefer 4 years ago

    Jorge Cantu can play multiple positions, but he is horrible defensively at all of them. Just look at how many errors he has, and his offense isn’t anywhere close enough to make up for his lack of defense.

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