Pavano “Talking A Lot” With Twins; Pirates, Royals Are Options

Carl Pavano is "talking a lot" with the Twins about re-signing with the club, reports's Jon Heyman (Twitter link).  Most of the Pavano rumors this winter have centered around the Nationals showing interest in the veteran starter, but given Pavano's stated desire to return to Minnesota, it's possible the Twins were just biding their time to gauge the market for the free agent.  In an MLBTR poll taken last month, close to 46% of respondents predicted Pavano would re-sign with the Twins, and it's safe to say Minnesota is still the front-runner.

Between Milwaukee acquiring Zack Greinke, Texas turning their attention to the lineup by signing Adrian Beltre, and Detroit's lack of interest, it seemed like the Pavano market had shrunk to just Minnesota and Washington.  Heyman's tweet, however, lists the Pirates and Royals as "other options" for the right-hander.  This isn't the first we've heard of Pittsburgh possibly being interested in Pavano, but the Royals are a new suitor, though they're known to be looking for pitching to replace Greinke's innings. 

Pavano ending up in either Kansas City or Pittsburgh would be, to say the least, a surprise.  If one of the two teams gives him the three-year contract he's looking for, however, the extra guaranteed year could be enough to sway Pavano to join a team that isn't likely to contend over the lifetime of the deal.  The Pirates and Royals might see a Pavano signing as a bellwether move to announce to players and agents that the small-market clubs are ready to be active in the market, though it could be argued that just being active in bidding achieves that same goal.

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  1. Tacho Bill 4 years ago

    No way is he going to the Pirates.

  2. derekbellstutu 4 years ago

    Pavano is more likely to pitch for the East Carolina Pirates next season than the Pittsburgh Pirates. Great for the city of Pittsburgh if he does sign with them, but I don’t see it happening.

    • piratesbaseball46 4 years ago

      Great for the City of Pittsburgh? why is that? the guy is 35 years old and he wants a three year deal, that would be like signing Matt Morris

  3. firealyellon 4 years ago

    how much will Minny pay for a moustache ride?

  4. I’m all for the American Idle coming to Kansas City. I mean f’ it, why not. We have no guaranteed payroll after this year anyway. Get Gary Sheffield and Dye in here while we’re at it. Let’s have some fun this summer. I’m drunk. I need to go to bed.

  5. damn good thing the twins didnt pull the trigger to get him earlier, I doubt they will have to commit to 3 years now.

  6. Buccos are posturing. They’ll maybe get one more lefty reliever this offseason but they’re done for the most part. Royals aren’t looking to spend this year and are waiting for their core to develop before shelling out money to the likes of Pavano, others.

    … so what’s more likely, Pirates Royals World Series in 2013 or the world ending before their studs even get a chance in Dec 2012?

  7. Daniel Wesley 4 years ago

    Someday… someday… the Royals and Pirates will cease to be the whipping boys of the casual fans. I wonder who will take their places?

  8. As long as their owners continue to misuse what they receive in revenue sharing, they’ll continue to be a 4-A club and as long as that’s happening, they’ll continue to be “the whipping boys of the casual fans.”

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