Rangers Tell Young He’s Staying Put

Michael Young will be transitioning into a new role this season, but he won't be changing teams before the 2011 campaign begins. Young told Anthony Andro of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he has been told he won't be traded before the season starts (Twitter link). Adrian Beltre's arrival in Texas means Young won't be the everyday third baseman, but the Rangers still have room for him.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reported earlier today that Young will work out at first, second, third and short in preparation for the upcoming season. However, he will not play in the outfield. Young, 34, has not played short since 2008 or second base since 2003. He has never played first base or outfield in the majors and will likely DH regularly this year.

If the Rangers don't trade Young by May, they'll need his approval to finalize a deal. Young now has no-trade protection and his ten and five rights take effect this May. The Rangers would likely have to take on a significant portion of the $48MM remaining on Young's contract through 2013 if they decide to trade him.

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  1. Infield Fly 5 years ago

    Great news for the offense at least.

  2. So, why does Texas hate Michael Young?

    • start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

      They’re paying him $16M… if that’s hate then I have no clue what love is.

      • I think he was referring to the fans and not the executives who gave Young the contract.

      • MaineSox 5 years ago

        Hey Purple, I’ll let you hate me for $16M.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      because he has done nothing but piss and moan since changing positions after the arod-soriano trade, and he probably was complaining about arod going there. He is a mediocre defender all over the diamond. hits for a good average but hardly any power does not steal bases anymore and his range is worse and worse oh and he is paid 16 mill…16 mill for a DH you better be able to put up a .310/.400/.800..minimum slash line with 45+ hrs and 30 steals..but he wont do anything close to that…and yes fans can be upset about a players contract..when a player does not play to the value of his contract its the fans that pay for it in ticket prices

      • bomberj11 5 years ago

        30 steals for a DH and 45+ homeruns? Maybe your standards are set a little too high…

        • jwsox 5 years ago

          first things first i was not serious at all and secondly at 16 mill for a DH yeah i would want my team to have a guy that puts up those types of number

      • roberty 5 years ago

        Why would a DH steal 30 bases? If you had the speed to steal 30 bases you would probably be useful as an outfielder. In today’s market a guy who can OPS a “minimum” 1.200 would cost you considerably more than $16 million, regardless of position. In fact,OPSing over 1.200 over an entire season is a feat that has been accomplished only 20 times in baseball history, and over half of those seasons belong to a player named either Ruth or Bonds. So yeah, how dare Michael Young not be one of the best hitters of all time! What a jerk!

        At the time of his contract extension Young had a career .300/.346/.442/.788 line, with a 162 game average of 99 runs, 198 hits, 37 2b, 6 3b, 16 HR, 87 rbi and 10 SB. Considering he had just won a gold glove award at shortstop, this could be seen as an elite level of production. Giving Young 5 years/$80 million wasn’t a prudent move, but it wasn’t his fault that he was moved from second to short to third and now to DH, where his level of production is merely pedestrian.

  3. 1Tough9 5 years ago

    Kenny Williams should inquire on Young immediately.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      no……no no no no no no no no if kenny is going to spend money(assuming 8-10 mill would be left over per year after texas eats some of it) I would rather see that money go to soriano to close games and not a mediocre 3rdbasemen who does not hit for power and complains about everything…besides we havea 3rd basemen who will probably put up similar offensive numbers next season in morell and his glove is better and best of all he is MAKING LEAGUE MINIMUM!

  4. Gurvir Nijjar 5 years ago

    would have been nice to see him in a blue jays uniform again

  5. nathanalext 5 years ago

    He seems like a class act. How many times has he switched positions to make way for another player?

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      and complained every single time about it!

      • TDKnies 5 years ago

        So? Actions speak louder than words and he HAS switched positions for the team every time they’ve asked him to.

  6. Brad426 5 years ago

    I realize the whole thesis for this post is he staying put, but doesn’t he make sense for the Reds? I mean, the Reds won’t want to pay $48M, but if the Rangers eats some of his salary and could maybe get a good prospect in return, wouldn’t that be win-win?

    • mattevilspawn 5 years ago

      My guess is you would slot him in at SS(?) That could be a good fit. The Reds are ridiculously deep w/SPs. I could see a MYoung for Bailey (TEX native) swap making sense for both teams if constructed properly.

      • MaineSox 5 years ago

        He was an even worse SS than he is a 3B.

        • Brad426 5 years ago

          The last year he played SS (2008) he was a 1 dWAR. Granted he was 2 years younger…

      • Brad426 5 years ago

        Like it. Assuming Young can still play SS, I mean. But he would be a good addition to the offensive in that bandbox stadium.

  7. Brad426 5 years ago

    He seems like a class act. How many times has he switched positions to make way for another player?

    • txftw 5 years ago

      It really curious that you have the exact same comment as someone else a minute later. Hmmmm…….

  8. thekoshow 5 years ago

    Michael Young a DH? I would have rather moved Young to try and acquire starting pitching and resigned Vlad to a 1 year deal.

    • TXHC 5 years ago

      So would the Rangers. His bloated contract kind of complicates things though.

  9. As a Rangers fan, i could let young go for a prospect and salary relief.
    Reds=Bailey for young is WIN

  10. rovert22044 5 years ago

    Good off the bench! … Oh wait … He makes $16MM … NVM!

  11. Young for Zito………done!

  12. Brad426 5 years ago

    I shan’t grant that. Shan’t.

  13. Brad426 5 years ago

    I didn’t know it was a contest. I’m probably down on points, but I can still win with a KO. Perhaps a “You’re so ugly…” joke. I’ll get back to you.

  14. Brad426 5 years ago

    I’m gonna go with this for my all or nothing KO swing… if you had to choose between Young and possibly “atrocious” defensive play at SS but a guy that is still consistently a 3 WAR player, or Paul Janish to be your everyday SS, who would you choose?

  15. MaineSox 5 years ago

    According to Fangraphs he put up -4.6 Fielding Runs “above” average in 2008. That was a pretty “good” year for him though considering in ’07 he put up a -10.8 but that’s nothing compared to ’04-’05 when he put up -18.4 and -23.2 respectively.

  16. roberty 5 years ago

    I guess it was a different Michael Young who won a gold glove in 2008. Must be a common name among Texas Rangers infielders.

  17. Brad426 5 years ago

    In defense of the guy attacking me, Nate McLouth won a Gold Glove when he was (statistically speaking) the worst defensive CF in the NL. It’s such a popularity contest that it’s lost any value as a measure of good defensive play.

  18. MaineSox 5 years ago

    That’s a terrible, terrible argument and I’d be willing to bet I’m not the only person you hear that from in the next few minutes…

    Did I mention that that is a terrible argument?

  19. TXHC 5 years ago

    I was waiting for somebody to make this ridiculous argument. The Gold Glove is a joke. Derek Freaking Jeter won it this year, give me a break.

  20. Brad426 5 years ago

    Okay, the guy isn’t a great defensive player. But he can hit, the Reds don’t have a SS, and they play in a park where anyone can hit the ball out. Young might still rate an inquiry.

  21. MaineSox 5 years ago

    Sure, I actually don’t think it would be a terrible fit. Mostly I just can’t believe how bad this guys defense has been and thought I’d point it out, especially considering (as someone pointed out below) he managed to win a gold glove despite his terrible defense.

  22. Brad426 5 years ago

    LOL is such an overrated saying, but literally made me laugh out loud.

  23. roberty 5 years ago

    You are right. MLBTR automatons love to make the same point over and over, regardless of how many people made that same point already. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive. Terribly, I might add.

  24. MaineSox 5 years ago

    MLBTR automatons? You mean people who look at stats? You do realize that Jeter won another GG last season right? He’s been a worse SS than Marco Scutaro since at least 2008.

  25. roberty 5 years ago

    You are right. Winning a gold glove means you are incapable of fielding that position.

  26. MaineSox 5 years ago

    Is that what I said? I don’t think it is. Winning a gold glove means essentially nothing.

  27. nathanalext 5 years ago

    Rafael Palmeiro won a gold glove playing mainly D.H.

  28. roberty 5 years ago

    As he should have. Palmeiro was arguably the best defensive designated hitter of all time. He made virtually no errors while D.H.ing over his entire twenty year career.

  29. nathanalext 5 years ago


  30. TXHC 5 years ago


  31. TXHC 5 years ago

    Please, how do they not have respect for him? They gave the guy $80mm to show their appreciation for the kind of team leader he’s been throughout his entire tenure with the Rangers. As a baseball player he’s not worth that, and I’d love to see him get anything near $16mm annually on the open market. They keep changing his position because he is a lawn gnome out there. Now he’s been relegated to DH because of his horrendous performance at 3B and is making $16mm a year to do it, a price he will not live up to. It’s nothing personal against Young, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of financial sense to have him around. No question he is the clubhouse leader, but other Rangers are about to start getting expensive and it doesn’t make sense to keep paying Young what he’s making for declining performance. It’s purely business. Maybe the Yankees are willing to stupidly waste money on declining players like Jeter, but the Rangers are probably less likely to do so.

  32. jwsox 5 years ago

    he shouldnt piss and moan about switching positions because every time it has happened the rangers have happened to bring in a better player every single time. And yeah he has had to switch and done it after complaining to the media about it because he HAS TO…

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