Rays, Rangers Leading Suitors For Manny

The Rays and Rangers appear to be Manny Ramirez's most aggressive suitors, according to Jon Heyman of SI.com (on Twitter). ESPNDeportes' Enrique Rojas included the Angels on his list of teams pursuing Ramirez when he suggested yesterday that the slugger would sign by early next week.

The Rays are discussing a deal with another Scott Boras client, Johnny Damon. Meanwhile, MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan reports that the Rangers are definitely interested in Ramirez. As Sullivan points out, adding the 38-year-old would probably cut into Mitch Moreland's playing time and lead to more playing time at first for Michael Young.

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  1. m4r1n3r 4 years ago

    I wish the M’s ownership would take notes from the Rangers. They aren’t messing around.

  2. Guest 4 years ago

    Why would the Rangers go after Manny but not try to resign Vlad?

    • Because Vlad wants a full time job. Manny would be more willing to pinch hitting. Sort of what Jim Thome did last year with the Twins.

  3. Considering Damon, albeit a poor fielder, is capable of playing LF and has even played some 1B, imagine the Rays signing Damon AND Manny, which is probably possible for at most $10M. Offensively that certainly has a chance to make up for Crawford and Pena’s exists, though obviously there would be a pretty large defensive drop-off.

    • Defensive drop off at first base, none at DH. The Rays need more than just Damon to boost the lineup. They’re too close to punt on a real bat.

  4. Moolah 4 years ago

    The Rays need Vlad or Manny, not Damon. Stop toying with my emotions Benjamin Nicholson-Smith!

  5. johnnythoren3 4 years ago

    Why would the Rangers go after Manny but not try to re-sign Vlad?

    • Manny gets on base a lot more, 60 OBP points better or more

    • Vlad wants an everyday job. Manny is willing to be a late inning pinch hitter.

      • ARod's Ring 4 years ago

        WTF are you talking about? manny is not willing to be no late inning pinch hitter!

  6. joeybw 4 years ago

    This is Scott Boras 101. Story breaks about one of his clients about to sign and now the Rays are one of Manny’s top suitors as well? Yeah, I would love both but it’s not happening and it wouldn’t surprise me if we were never even close with Damon.

  7. Manny + Damon > Crawford + Pena, offensively. By a decent margin.

    • manes86 4 years ago

      Really? Would you like to explain your logic behind it, because I don’t see that at all, much less “by a decent margin”.

      • tigers22 4 years ago

        Yeah I agree. I don’t think they are better at all… not even close. Trust me after putting up with him last year, Damon won’t help you at all. Swings the bat like a 12 year old girl

        • manes86 4 years ago

          Haha bummer. I was hoping you’d take Damon in the first round thie year.

          • tigers22 4 years ago

            Haha no thank you…maybe your boy Andruw Jones though, know you’d be heartbroken. Targeting a couple guys in the first round tho if they are still left.

    • We differ. Crawford > Manny + Pena + Damon

    • JaysFTW 4 years ago

      LOL WHAT?!

  8. chuy020 4 years ago

    I really really really hope the steroid user goes to the rays we don’t need a clown in CF or RF or LF plus i really like mitch playing 1st.

    • $1529282 4 years ago

      You really think they’d put Manny in CENTER?

    • Guest 4 years ago

      The days of Juan Gone, Pudge, Kevin Brown, AROD, and etc. must of been a hell of a show for you.

  9. Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

    Anyone think the Rays could wind up with all three of the DHs left?

    C) Jaso
    1b) Vlad
    2b) Zobrist
    SS) Reid Brignac/Tim Beckham/Hak Ju Lee
    3b) Longoria
    RF) Jennings/Joyce
    CF) Upton
    LF) Damon/Manny
    DH) Damon/Manny

    • joeybw 4 years ago

      I would be shocked if we wind up with 2. Vlad will not be playing 1B. At absolute most we will let Damon play LF and Manny/Vlad at DH. We wont have 2 of these guys on the field and taking away playing time from Johnson and Joyce who actually work the count and smash the ball is not helping

      • Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

        How about Manny and Damon, and then Troy Glaus to play 1b?

        • joeybw 4 years ago

          Nah, I mean Glaus would be a nice addition and Maddon loves the former Angels (which is why I bet he is pushing for Vlad) but that puts Manny at DH….awesome. Damon in LF….well, I can deal with it but a 3rd bat, is Glaus replacing Johnson affect the team that much? I guess as long as Joyce is in RF everyday I would be ok and that would mean Jennings would be in AAA, I am still okay with it, I am a realist though and Zobrist will play everyday and there goes Joyce’s spot. If we sign Manny and Damon, I will be very, very happy

          • Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

            I think it’s possible the Rays move Zobrist back to 2b this season. He has much more offensive and defensive value there anyways. That leaves RF open for a platoon of Joyce and Jennings. And I think having a LF/DH switch between Damon and Ramirez would be a great platoon for this team, despite them missing the defense of Carl Crawford. Jennings and Joyce play solid D in RF though. I think Manny would also bring fans to the stadium, as would Damon. And Glaus, when healthy, is a lock for 20 homers. Bringing in solid veterans looking for one more shot at a championship is never a bad thing.

        • I would like to have Glaus play 1b but I dont think we are going to get both manny and damon.

    • JaysFTW 4 years ago

      I would be more shocked if the Rays got 1 of the 3. They can’t afford them!

      • Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

        I don’t know about that. Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena made 10MM each last season, Rafael Soriano made 7MM, and Bartlett and Garza made 7MM combined. I think Manny’s due for about 5-7MM, Damon 5-6MM, and Glaus 2MM. Even with all those, they slash around 10MM in payroll, excluding arb raises and such.

  10. joeybw 4 years ago

    Ok so why exactly is anyone believing any of this? Two Scott Boras clients still unsigned and now one is close to agreeing with 1 team, another is close with another team. One of the teams may want both or neither. Boras clients reported by Heyman leading to confusion. How many times does this happen?

  11. Now I’m much more encouraged. I’d much rather us get Manny first(even though he’s a lunatic). Then perhaps if we could pick up Damon cheap too, that would be awesome. But out of the two Manny will give us much more power(most likely) and that’s really what we need with Pena leaving. Manny/Vlad first, then go after Damon.

  12. PhishTank 4 years ago

    Signing an overpaid, right-handed hitting DH seems redundant for the Rangers. They already have Michael Young.

    Of course, if Mitch Moreland doesn’t end up looking like Will Clark at 1B this year (like everyone seems to think he will), this would end up looking like a very good move.

  13. Based on Bill James 2011 projections: Crawford + Pena = 716 wOBA points, Manny + Damon = 732; thus, Manny + Damon > Crawford + Pena. Defense and base-stealing ability notwithstanding of course.

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      Lol that last sentence is the deal breaker there.

    • tigers22 4 years ago

      Plus that is a projection. I’d still take the Crawford/Pena combo any day

  14. Also, keep in mind that while Manny and Damon are almost completely useless as defenders; Pena and Crawford, while excellent defensive players, play the two least critical defensive positions and are slated to make around $30,000,000 combined in 2011. Manny and Damon will almost certainly make south of 1/3 that combined.

  15. Redsoxn8tion 4 years ago

    The Rangers would definitely benefit from Manny. Hamilton

  16. Tko11 4 years ago

    Maybe they will try to recreate the Red Sox former outfield!

    • joeybw 4 years ago

      Who played RF? Was it Drew back then? I dont think Drew was around when Damon was

      • MB923 4 years ago

        Trot Nixon

        • 0bsessions 4 years ago

          In ’05 and ’03 yes, but he spent the bulk of 2004 on the DL. Right field was manned, primarily, by Gabe Kapler with some innings going to Kevin Millar for that season.

          Unfortunately, two of the three are retired and the other one just signed with the Dodgers. Looks like the Rays will have to settle for a mere 66% Red Sox outfield.

          • Tko11 4 years ago

            Im sure Kevin Millar would come back in an instant if some team wanted him. Pretty sure he was on the Cubs last year for a little while.

  17. neoncactus 4 years ago

    As a Dodger fan living in Dallas, I would love to see the Rangers get Manny. I still believe he’s got something left in the tank, plus his presence in the lineup helps the hitters around him. And, since one of the Rangers’ colors is blue, I can still wear my Manny dreadlocks!

  18. optionn 4 years ago

    Pena hit under 200 – certainly Manny is an upgrade over that. Replace Crawford with Damon. Give em each 2 million and your done.

  19. renegade24 4 years ago

    Unless Farrell trashed him privately to AA, I really do not understand why the Jays haven’t signed Manny yet. Guaranteed .400 OBP. People spew the “negative attitude, proven steroid user” stuff all the time but the numbers speak for themselves.

  20. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    Ugh. No Manny. I’d rather have Milton Bradley back.

  21. That’s not happening anywhere.

  22. Are you on crack?

  23. Manny is a bench guy. Rangers are looking to sign him as a late inning pinch hitter.

  24. Guest 4 years ago

    Manny isn’t gonna be a late inning pinch hitter. Must be a nice time when a bad season consists of a 900 OPS

  25. JaysFTW 4 years ago

    Are you stoned? HAHAHHAHA

  26. I agree. The Rangers gave him a shot in the World Series and he blew it, at least Manny can still play the outfield from time to time.

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