Rays Sign Hayhurst, Mayora, Olmedo

The Rays have signed right-hander Dirk Hayhurst and infielders Daniel Mayora and Ray Olmedo, the team announced. The Rays also made their deals with Chris Carter and Jonah Bayliss official.

Hayhurst, 29, posted a 3.75 ERA with 7.5 K/9 and 1.9 BB/9 in 57 2/3 innings for the Blue Jays' Triple-A affiliate in 2009 before missing the '10 campaign to recover from right shoulder surgery. He has big league experience with the Padres and Blue Jays and is the author of the bestselling book The Baseball Gospels.

Mayora, 25, hit .286/.352/.440 for the Rockies' Double-A affiliate last year. He has considerable minor league experience at second and short and has played third as well.

Olmedo has spent parts of five seasons in the majors with the Reds and Blue Jays. The 29-year-old was last spotted in a big league uniform three seasons ago, but he has continued playing at Triple-A since. Last year, Olmedo posted a .284/.330/.387 line for the Brewers' Triple-A affiliate.

Bayliss last pitched in the majors for the 2007 Pirates. The 30-year-old spent last season with the Astros' Triple-A affiliate, where he posted a 3.58 ERA with 8.4 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 in 65 1/3 innings.

Carter, who arrived in New York in the 2009 Billy Wagner trade, has big league experience in left and right field. The left-handed hitter posted a .263/.317/.389 line in 180 plate appearances last year. The Mets shielded him from southpaws in 2010; all but 7 of his plate appearances came against right-handed pitching.

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  1. Lunchbox45 5 years ago


  2. Rays fans, you will LOVE Dirk Hayhurst. It was really disappointing to see the Jays lose him this offseason. Treat him well!

  3. grownice 5 years ago

    dirk diggler! good to see him get a job, best of luck garfoose

  4. Hits & Gigs 5 years ago

    YAY DIRK!!

  5. Good on ya, Dirk!

    Now, someone needs to sign Chris Hayes and my offseason-reliever-sign-o-rama will be complete.

  6. people in Tampa will be a fan of Chris the Animal Carter. good guy and he will become a fan favorate he hustles not the most talented but has big heart he hustles he does not take a game off.

    • Ilovethewilpons 5 years ago

      he does not take a single pitch off.
      he looks like he drinks a cup of coffee with 2 fat burners before every game lol

  7. longtimepadrefan 5 years ago

    The book is “The Bullpen Gospels” not “The Baseball Gospels”

    • Lunchbox45 5 years ago

      really great book. I couldn’t put it down. . Dirk has a really personal way of writing that feels like he is sitting with you telling stories.

      • John Meloche 5 years ago

        It is a great book & he was nice enough to sign my copy last year at the Rogers Centre. I loved the book, and glad to see he signed a new deal.

  8. Red_Line_9 5 years ago

    Wasn’t Dirk Hayhurst one of Ellie May Clampett’s beaus on the Beverly Hillbillies? Somewhere between Dash Riprock and Bolt Upright?

  9. Rabbitov 5 years ago

    If you ever wondered why the Rays are so good, its the little moves like this. Their scouting department has got to be the best in the league at this point.

  10. Airp0w 5 years ago

    Dirk Hayhurst is a class act and I wish he was able to play longer in Toronto.

    And as somebody else said, it’s The Bullpen Gospels, not The Baseball Gospels.

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