Royals Prioritizing Rotation Depth

It'll be impossible for the Royals to replace Zack Greinke's production, but the team still needs someone to soak up all those innings he leaves behind. Unsurprisingly, GM Dayton Moore told's Dick Kaegel that rotation help is "the only area that we're focusing on," and that adding a starter(s) is his top priority before Spring Training begins.

Kansas City has lost not only Greinke this offseason, but also Bryan Bullington and Brian Bannister to Japan. Bruce Chen, who pitched to a 4.17 ERA in 140 1/3 innings last year, remains a free agent as well, though Moore left the door open to re-signing him. "We're still open-minded with that. He performed very well with us last year and he showed us what he had, and we've got a comfort level there," said the GM.

So far the only starting pitching help the team has imported this offseason is Zach Miner (on a minor league deal) and Vin Mazzaro (from the David DeJesus trade), though Moore said he doesn't expect the former to be ready until about June. He's open to improving his starting staff via trade however, and he has the game's best farm system to use as ammo. 

On the free agent front, the Royals have been linked to Carl Pavano and Jeff Francis in recent weeks. Pavano looks to be heading back to the Twins, but Francis remains in play. Brad Penny could also be coming off the board. An interesting solution could be to convert Joakim Soria to a starter, something that close to 2,000 MLBTR readers would support, but so far the team has shown no inclination of making such a move.

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  1. $1529282 5 years ago

    Kevin Millwood, come on down! You can be an Opening Day starter once again!

    Seriously though, if they (or any club) just wants someone to eat league average innings, Millwood for a couple million isn’t a terrible investment. Boring, and crappy… but not crappy enough to find himself out of work.

    • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

      That makes the most sense. He even has some decent upside. Well upside might be a bit much but he may suck a little less than what they have in there right now.

  2. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Can’t wait until it’s Montgomery, Lamb, Duffy, Dwyer, and Odorizzi.

    • Revive85 5 years ago

      You think Crow will be primarily a bullpen guy? I bet he’ll be in that rotation too

      • vtadave 5 years ago

        Crow was pretty awful last year in Double-A, so it’s not really a stretch to think he winds up in the pen given the talent ahead of him in this system.

    • $1529282 5 years ago

      Considering the fact that Odorizzi is 20, you better figure out a way to wait.

      • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

        But isn’t he decently close to the majors? Like possibly making an impact in 2013 close?

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Just imagining bro

    • TimotheusATL 5 years ago

      I’m still angry at Roger McDowell for screwing with my boy Kyle Davies’ arm slot and windup mechanics. I played with/against him growing up in Georgia travelling leagues…I never once made contact. And I was one of the (if not the sole) best contact hitter in the league.

      The boy’s a beast. He’s just gotta get his mojo back.

  3. Give Bonderman a shout.

  4. Is there even any question that it’s clearly going to be Kenshin Kawakami??

    • Apparently the holdup is that the Braves can’t pick which thank you fruit basket to send to Kansas City.

      • PhilliesLoveOmar 5 years ago

        I was hoping Blanton. And was prepared to sent the fruit basket myself. What does Kawakami’s contract look like?

  5. BlueCatuli 5 years ago

    Cubs could be a match in a trade. Span, any hypothetical trades? I’m not too familiar with the Royals.

  6. Sure, turn the young Mariano Rivera into a starter. Makes PERFECT sense.

    • jphenix2002 5 years ago

      A little early for that considering he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself in the playoffs. So far he has been a great pitcher though

  7. Flharfh 5 years ago

    If Soria were on any other team I would say you don’t mess with success, but the Royals are going to be terrible whether he has a 1.5 ERA as a closer or a 4.5 ERA. Why not try to convert him to a starter? That’s the Royals position of most need, Soria has the repertoire of a starter already, and if they still want to trade him, he will have much greater value as a starter.

    You’re looking at a rotation with several members having a career ERA above 5.50, it should be time for Dayton Moore and Yost to get creative.

    • Why not try to convert him? How about because Soria has said he doesn’t want to do it.

      • JTT11 5 years ago

        How about you destroy his arm and his mental ability to pitch. See Joba.

  8. “I really don’t believe that could happen, As I’ve always said, why fix something that isn’t broken?… Furthermore, if they asked me if I would like to change into a starter, I would say no.”

  9. as mentioned above.. why dont the royals contact Frank Wren and ask about Kenshin Kawakami.. Royals already love ex Braves so why not add one more to a place on the team that needs help

    • twentyfivemanroster 5 years ago

      Because Dayton Moore only takes Braves he’s familiar with.

  10. Bo 5 years ago

    Why bother trading? GMDM is aiming for 2013, no sense in mortgaging the future for an in-between guy when stopgaps are readily available.

    I see a guy like Teaford jumping into the fifth spot.

  11. GSports4 5 years ago

    Jeff Francis. We need a lefty, he needs a job. We need a short term fill, and he needs a place to audition that he is back.

  12. daveineg 5 years ago

    Given Yost’s familiarity with Dave Bush, you would think he’d be on their radar as a cheap stopgap until the youthful brigade takes over.

  13. mgsports 5 years ago

    Get somebody if their out at the Deadline can trade fro more Prospects.

  14. mgsports 5 years ago

    Get somebody if their out at the Deadline can trade fro more Prospects.

  15. Soria has said he DOES NOT want to be a starter. I would think that would be enough of a reason to stop suggesting that the Royals might turn him into one.

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