Quick Hits: Diamondbacks, LaRoche, Pence, Young

Some links for Saturday evening as the cold weather makes its way back to the Northeast..

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  1. MB923 4 years ago

    Indians won that trade big time. Austin Kearns SUCKED as a Yankee. I know they didn’t make it to the WS or win anything, but I’d say the Yankees won the Kerry Wood trade though.

    Best of luck to Zack though (and Kerry back in Chicago for that matter). Hope Kearns struggles lol

  2. muskyfish 4 years ago

    The Yanks should never have made the move, if Mac doesn’t ever throw a big-league pitch, Cleveland still wins. Cause that just means that that neither player was worth the bus ticket to their new locations, but at least the Wahoos took an educated shot with a potentially high return. I hope McAllister gets his feet back underneath him. The Indians are a team that can definitely appreciate a young inning-eating horse, but he has to get the ball back down. Seeing his GO/AO rates go from 1.48, to 1.07, to .79 over three years is not a good sign. If 2010 was a hiccup, huge gain for Cleveland.

  3. DBacksFan1 4 years ago

    can anyone tell me what the draft class looks like for this year?

  4. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

    I’m about as down and sad about the Indians as I’ve ever been. I follow them from afar and am distressed to read that a team that was one of the worst in the majors pretty much has it’s roster set and it’s pitching rotation selected. So it doesn’t matter if someone really shines, takes the next step or actually breaks through in spring training-or if someone totally stinks up the joint in spring training. They keep their spot. Why bother to bring all these players into camp asking them to compete for non existent spots on the team? I understand development of players takes time, but you also have to take some risks to gain rewards-and if you are unwilling to take risks with your OWN players, why are they even in your organization?

  5. TXHC 4 years ago

    Jon Daniels on relationship with #Rangers Young: “I’d love to walk in and hug everybody every day, but that’s not critical to us winning.”

    OWNED. In other words, shut up and stop your crying. You’re overpaid, and NOBODY wants you. The Jays were able to shed Vernon Wells contract without paying a cent (which is considered the worst contract in baseball) yet nobody will even talk about Michael Young without the Rangers eating at least several million. That should give him a reality check.

  6. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

    Or maybe it’s the staff he’s put in charge. I read where they have 18-count ’em, EIGHTEEN non roster players invited to camp. Then I read that there’s only one opening in the rotation, one or two in the bullpen, one backup catcher, one utility infielder. Excuse me if it leaves me scratching my head. Why bring these guys around if you have nothing for them?

    Probably because they have to show up on their own dime! It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

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