Red Sox Notes: Crawford, Cameron

We already heard today that the Red Sox are planning to exercise Terry Francona's contract options for the next two seasons.  Here are a few more items from the Sox camp…

  • Boston looks like the AL East favorite, but's Jon Heyman lists a few unanswered questions about how various players will perform this season.
  • Theo Epstein backed away from comments he made earlier this week saying the Red Sox "covered [Carl Crawford] as if we were privately investigating him."  In an e-mail to's Gordon Edes, Epstein said he used "a bad figure of speech" and said the club's "scouts just did a real thorough job on background, that's all" in researching the free agent outfielder.  Crawford said Epstein informed him of Boston's tactics over the winter, but admitted that he was "a little freaked out" by the in-depth scouting procedures. 
  • Mike Cameron reiterated his desire to not be traded, writes Gordon Edes.  "Why would I want to be traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks to play every day and miss out on the opportunity here?”, Cameron asked.  It's unknown if Cameron cited the D'Backs because he knew of any interest on their part, or if he was just throwing out the name of a team that isn't expected to contend this season.  (If it's the latter, sorry, D'Backs fans.)

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