Weiner Cautiously Optimistic About New CBA

Michael Weiner, head of the player's union, spoke to reporters about the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement while at Yankees camp this morning. Let's recap…

  • Weiner is cautiously optimistic about getting a new CBA in place the end of the calendar year, says Mark Feinsand of The New York Daily News (on Twitter). 
  • As Sam Borden of The Journal News reports, the union head is ready for anything though: "Just this week I've seen a general manager talking about a salary cap and I've seen a national baseball writer talking about rumblings of contraction," said Weiner. "Are we optimistic in a sense? Yes. But do we take anything for granted? Absolutely not."
  • Weiner also said he believes there won't be one hot-button topic that dominates negotiations, tweets Feinsand. A salary cap (1994) and PED testing (2002) were two hot-button issues in years passed.

The draft figures to be a popular topic this time around, with trading picks, hard slotting, and even a worldwide draft being speculated on over the last few months. The current CBA expires on December 11th of this year, and it's worth noting that the two sides agreed to that deal more than a month before the previous one was set to expire. 

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