Angels Seek Left-Handed Bat

The Angels are looking for a left-handed hitter, according to's Buster Olney (on Twitter). The team is asking around and, given how little remains on the free agent market, they're presumably interested in potential trades.

Ryan Church is the lone remaining left-handed free agent, though a handful of switch hitters remain. The Angels already have more than their share of switch hitters, as Hank Conger, Erick Aybar, Alberto Callaspo, Maicer Izturis, Kendry Morales and Reggie Willits all bat from both sides of the plate. Bobby Abreu is the team's lone lefty-hitting regular.

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  1. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

    Who would want a left-handed 3B to replace Brandon Wood? Does anyone know if Ian Stewart is available? Then Callaspo can do utility

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      You might want to double check this, but I thought I heard someone on 30 Clubs in 30 Days say that Ian Stewart is injured. Could just be my imagination after watching that near disastrous collision between Tulo and CarGo. lol

      • johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

        Very minor – he, Tulowitzky (sp?) and Carlos Gonzales colliding in the Spring opener.

    • i dont understand why the angels dont move Kendry to 3rd and start Trumbo at 1st
      the man is a beast

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        Can Kendry play 3B? He doesn’t appear to be the most agile of 1B as it is.

        • ryankrol 4 years ago

          He used to play the OF and some 3B. But who knows if that recovering leg alone could even handle the hot corner.

          • kdub53 4 years ago

            i would do exactly the opposite..

  2. ryankrol 4 years ago

    This doesn’t surprise me since Matsui walked, and it’s been announced all winter. Perhaps a leadoff hitter is in order? And it doesn’t necessarily have to be an outfielder. They could go a little crazy and trade Howie Kendrick and a prospect or 2 to the O’s for Brian Roberts. But Roberts’ injury last season would be in question, and from what I hear Howie is untouchable. Definitely should be a lead off hitter.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      why would the O’s sign veteran players, and upgrade their team to trade roberts aka THEIR BEST PLAYER ‘for a prospect or 2′

      you live in a fantasy land

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        Has the team the O’s scrapped together even contended yet? NO!

        Therefore, if the Angels took on Roberts’ contract, then that gives the O’s a much cheaper talent at 2B under club control, and then they can use that freed up money to upgrade their starting rotation, which they haven’t paid nearly as much attention to as their offense and bullpen.

        In case you were living on the moon in 2000, the Mariners traded THEIR BEST PLAYER and got a multitude of pieces, all of which contributed to a 116 win season in 2001. Teams have traded away their best players for that very reason.

        It may not even be discussed right now, but that idea is totally plausible

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          so because it happened once? for primarily financial reasons (usually is) it is likely to happen again?

          Roberts contract is not outrageous, if he’s healthy he’s more than worth it, there is ZERO chance he gets moved before the season starts.

          so again, fantasy land

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            “so because it happened once? for primarily financial reasons (usually is) it is likely to happen again?”

            Do you always logical fallacies when you know you have no argument?

            “Roberts contract is not outrageous, if he’s healthy he’s more than worth it, there is ZERO chance he gets moved before the season starts.”

            Irrelevant. The O’s need more starting pitching, and there is every possibility they could move their most expensive contract in place of better starting pitching.

            “so again, fantasy land”

            There’s the deal breaker that stamps on your forehead that you have no legitimate argument.


          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            I stated my argument above that the Orioles are not going to trade there best player after they signed and traded for veterans to improve their ball club

            you choose to ignore it because seattle traded arod 11 years ago..

            you have zero case that the orioles would consider moving roberts and furthermore that if they did the angels have the goods to be front runners.. in terms of doubt my argument holds a lot more than yours.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            You stated your so-called argument based on taking what I’m saying literally because you’re too busy trying to sound like the expert.

            Even if I was talking seriously, arguing against that example would be a clear indication that absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

            But wait. You said A-Rod.

            It was Ken Griffey, Jr. So it looks like you let the cat out of the bag there.

            Again, the idea is hypothetical, an example the TYPE of trade the Angels could look for if they want to keep Peter Bourjos in CF.

            And even if I was talking seriously, since when have you visited the Orioles’ front office? I didn’t know you were their GM. Could you enlightn me on their entire plan for 2011? Very curious.

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            Is it safe to assume the left handed bat would have to be IF right?

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          I think the idea is that they made a lot of moves to improve their offense so trading Roberts away negates some of the improvements. Their really is no pitching available on the market that they could put that money towards for the purpose of 2011 so unless you’re sending them mlb ready starters then the trade wouldn’t makemuch sense for them.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            Unless they made said improvements with the intention of getting good years out of guys like Vladdy and Lee, and then trading them away at the deadline for the best possible return so they can build a solid core for 2012 or 2013.

            That’s assuming their improvements aren’t enough to compete. If they are the surprise team of 2011 though, they might still have to search for that starting pitching anyways. Not saying Brian Roberts will be the bait though.

            What I’m really saying with this hypothetical Brian Roberts idea, is just an example of something the Angels could try for to not only get a lefty bat, but a leadoff hitter who isn’t an outfielder and can keep Peter Bourjos out there for defense and allow him to develop in the #9 hole — if the Angels even feel Bourjos should in their future plans.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        i am pretty sure he is really the little kid from Angels in the Outfield

        “hey, it could happen!”

        • ryankrol 4 years ago

          That’s a clear indication that you know it’s possible and that you have no argument.

          Not so tough without your sabermetrics are you? haha

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            well people once called vernon wells contract the worst and most untrade able deal in the majors, and they found someone to not only take it but to give assets back as well…

            so you’re right anything can happen.

            however there is such a thing as being realistic, which you are clearly not. . I just wonder why roberts? I mean why not Jason Heyword? or Tulo…why stop there? why not Albert Pujols himself, I mean it could happen right? The best player in baseball was moved before it could happen again

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            There is such a thing as hypothetical. You are taking what I’m talking about literally. That’s your problem. You completely 100% missed the whole point.

  3. firstavenger 4 years ago

    This is pretty exciting. I hope theyre looking for a leadoff bat… if theyre most likely trading for someone, I wonder who theyd be willing to give up…

    • Callaspo, Wood, Bulger, Rodney off the big league club could interest a couple other teams. If I’m the Angels I’d try working something out with the Mariners. They won’t be competing, are in the middle of rebuilding and Figgins is looking like he may not live up to his contract. I’d offer them Callaspo and Wood for Figgins.

      Figgins to the Angels solves leadoff & 3B issues, Izturis returns to utility role, spot opens up on 25 man roster for Michael Kohn. The Mariners get a 3B in Callaspo who is cheap for another 3 years plus Wood, who if he reaches his potential would be a power hitting 3B/SS and they save 9 million.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        teams everywhere are looking for lead off infielders, they are in high demand. Even after a rough yer, teams were still calling the mariners to try to pry figgins out..

        but the reality is the mariners have a payroll north of 90 million, so many people don’t like the team and feel it can’t compete, that may be so, however they aren’t going to move figgins just yet.. Especiallu when his value is at its lowest.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          im typing with one hand and the edit button is broken, sue me

      • kdub53 4 years ago

        i dont care if we lose money…rodney sucks…sucks SUCKS!~!!!
        DO WHATEVER it takes to get rid of the guy….
        id rather have kohn on the team anyday…

  4. kdawg89 4 years ago

    Wow..and to think if they had been a little more urgent they could have had Carl Crawford. Maybe they can sign Willie Aybar and have both the switch hitting brothers…Plus he can play 3rd.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      Carl Crawford was never going to sign with the Angels. He made it clear that he wanted to stay in the AL East. Either way, Arte Moreno made it clear that 7 years for Crawford was ridiculous. Totally agree. What the Angels need to do is find another player under contract (or club control) for another season or 3 who can hit leadoff.

      • LifeLongYankeeFan 4 years ago

        I’m being serious here did Crawford say he wanted to stay in the AL East before he signed because if that was the case why the hell was every sports person saying that he would be an Angel.

        • ryankrol 4 years ago

          Because the average fan isn’t going to know that until after the fact, so the media is going to play off of that and spread BS to get more readers and viewers. The hype surrounding Crawford started mid-season, and since the Angels were a top team expected to win, but instead had a miserable season, the writers had the perfect angle to get people reading about Crawford, Beltre, and Soriano possibly all signing with Anaheim. People ate it up. They bought it. And then when those three players signed elsewhere, all eyes were on how bad the Angels offseason was — another perfect angle for the writers to keep people reading and talking.

          • LifeLongYankeeFan 4 years ago

            Yeah the Angels made me feel better about my team. Yeah we missed out on Lee and I would have said Pettiitte but with him it was either retire or sign with Yankees so I’m just counting Lee and the Yankees signed Soriano and the Red Sox signed Crawford. I guess the AL East powerhouses kind of stuck it to the Angels this winter. Sorry Angel fans but the Angels are the team I’ve always hated the most because they are always a freaking thorn in NYs side so frustrating to play them.

          • Commander_Nate 4 years ago

            Yer welcome.

          • kdub53 4 years ago

            And its so fun when the ol yanks lose to anahiem! :)

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            I sometimes try to remind my fellow Angels fans that they might wish they had Mark Teixeira right now, but at the same time Yankees fans are probably wishing they had Jered Weaver or Dan Haren right now.

          • jt24 4 years ago

            If it weren’t for the yankees, mike trout wouldn’t be an angel

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            Big deal. He’s still in the Minors.

        • Commander_Nate 4 years ago

          He said something to the effect that if all things were equal (money/years) then he’d pick Boston. Later on he said something about being comfortable in the AL East. I’d go try to find the articles again, but it’s Friday and they are over 2 months in the past…too much work.

  5. Jason Kubel could be had.

  6. If they hadn’t been bidding against themselves in that ridiculous Vernon Wells trade, Mike Napoli would be great trade bait right now.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      Is it the money that ticks you off about that trade?

      This time the Angels don’t need to go for an expensive bat in the middle of the lineup, so they don’t have to give up as much.

      • The money is a obviously a big factor, but there is more to it. Supposedly, the Jays threw in some money to go towards Wells’ contract, but not a ton. Don’t get me wrong, Vernon Wells is a good player, but with his supersized contract, he could have been acquired for no more than Juan Rivera alone, and likely quite a bit less. Put it this way: the auctioneer opens up the bidding at $100, and instead of bidding $100 for the first bid, you bid $1000. Did I mention that you were the only one attending the auction? Wells contract is an albatross, and much like Torii Hunter, his defensive prowess is based upon his younger days. He played in a friendly hitting environment, didn’t hit well on the road, and his OBP leaves much to be desired. He does have power and is highly respected in the clubhouse and community, so there is hope for fans of the Angels.

        Napoli had a lot of value as a trade chip, and the Jays proved that a week later when he was dealt for a pretty good reliever in Frank Francisco. His value would have risen as there have been a few teams with catching issues already this spring. Alas…it is what it is. I’m not sure who they are looking at to fill their supposed need for a left handed bat, but I don’t see where that bat will fit in on the roster unless they have a major move up their sleeve.

  7. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    I don’t get it? If Crawford was too much, wasn’t Adam Dunn available for a pretty fair deal at the same time?

    • VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

      I agree. I wanted the Angels to go after Dunn for several years now.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      Adam Dunn is way too one dimensional for the style of play the Angels are supposed to be playing.

      • Commander_Nate 4 years ago

        .270ish BA, .380 OBP with 30+ HR for a DH/1B/LF doesn’t look too bad if Crawford wasn’t gonna be on the team.

        • ryankrol 4 years ago

          If I had only to choose between the 2, I would take Dunn.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        Which makes the VW deal more confusing. He’s not a patient hitter (.329 career OBP), not a very good base stealer (avg’s 10/13 SB a year) and his defense….welll…..ya know?

        • ryankrol 4 years ago

          Well he may not be the most patient hitter, but he is doubles machine. Even in his down years in the power department, he hit a lot of doubles, and that’s the kind of game the Big A was made for.

          Now that he has Abreu and Hunter hitting in front of him, he’ll have more run scoring situations. Jose Bautista’s 52 HR season took a lot of opportunities away from Wells, which isn’t a bad thing when we’re talking 52 HR’s.

          10-13 SB’s a year should be a ideal for a middle of the order player.

          I can’t agree on Wells’ defense being bad. That’s a whole other discussion that goes nowhere. lol

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            not bad for 26 million a year.

          • WasianCU 4 years ago

            You’re math is pretty horrible. $86 million over 4 years = 21.5 per year. That is prior to the $5 million the Jays threw in and doesn’t count any money saved on Napoli and Rivera. Nice job though.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            you should hit this site called cot’s

            if you click on the angels

            you will see that vernon wells is getting a $26 million dollar pay check this year

            also, the $5 million was a rumour and never announced or confirmed by the Jays, when AA was asked about it, he said the trade was announced in full already.

            so to you I say, nice job right back at you slick

          • WasianCU 4 years ago

            Yes, as you say, “you should hit this site called cot’s”. Not only does cots say twice that Wells came with 5 million to the Angels, but it doesn’t say anything about his salary being 26 million:

            “acquired by LA Angels in trade from Toronto 1/21/11 (Jays paid Angels $5M in deal)”
            ” * Payments from other clubs for 2011:
            o $ 5,000,000 (Vernon Wells)”

            It shows his 2011 salary as $24.6 million in the payroll obligations spreadsheet but on the normal page shows his 2011 salary as $23 million (neither of which = 26 million). So please, sir, direct me to where on cots you see a $26 million dollar salary.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Wells original deal was 26 in 2011, then 23 for the last 3.

            Cot’s has deducted 1.25 million per year off the final deal (5 million apparently received by the angels, divided by 4 years)

            However has I stated before Alex Anthopolous has DENIED sending that 5 million, cot’s is run by normal people like you and me, they can decide to believe something or not. I just found it weird that anthopolous flat out denied sending a measily 5 million, in a trade he clearly won as all the backlash fell on reagins post trade.

            regardless of that, vernon wells himself is still getting 26 million dollars this year, whether the jays are paying him 1.4 and the angels are paying him 24.6 is irrelevant.. at the end of this year vernon wells will have 26 million dollars as stated in his original contract signed with the jays

          • WasianCU 4 years ago

            So I’m getting pretty confused now with all these new numbers you are throwing out. The payroll obligations page shows 24.6, then 21.6, 21.6 and 21.6 instead of the normal 23, 21, 21, 21. Then you say Cot’s reduced 1.25 per year but these years are actually 1.4 million short of your first stated 26 million. So are you saying now that the blue jays actually paid in 6 million and the next 3 years he will be making 23 million and not the 21.6 it shows since it was evenly split up? Or did Cot’s take 1.25 off evenly per year like you said to reach 23’s and 21’s (which of course doesn’t sum up to the other numbers either)? Or did blue jays not pay at all and his salary is just 26 million despite what everything else indicates?

            Interesting quote from you: “you should hit this site called cot’s…if you click on the angels…you will see that vernon wells is getting a $26 million dollar pay check this year”. You specifically said to use cots, I use it like you say and then you say it’s no good because it is made by humans…weird. Of course, if you click on the angels like you said, it never says anything about 26 million like you stated, the only things even close would be 126 on the contract or the 25.5 on the bonus which is paid out over the first three years.

            An ESPN excerpt from the original article when Wells signed the contract extension agrees with what cots shows:

            “Wells is due $5.6 million next season in the final year of his old contract. The extension calls for a $25.5 million signing bonus, payable in three $8.5 million installments each March 1 in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He will receive a salary of just $500,000 in 2008 and $1.5 million in 2009, but his salary jumps to $12.5 million in 2010 and $23 million in 2011. Wells receives $21 million in each of the final three seasons.”

            I can only find one website anywhere which even has Vernon Wells and 26 million in it and that is another blog made by a human which you already stated can make mistakes. It’s cool if you chose to believe that single blog. However, even with that one blog, I’m inclined to believe the 100’s of sites and people in agreement instead that show he is getting paid millions less than 26 million.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            FYI: Unless this was already pointed out… The money off set from Napoli and Rivera + the $5 million sent from Toronto brings the total owed to Wells down to about $72 million over 4 years. That’s $18 million a season, the same average as his the total duration of Wells’ contract. Somebody did their homework before pulling the trigger on this deal. Or maybe it’s coincidence. Either way, the Angels are paying Wells the same salary they are paying Torii Hunter for the next 4 years.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            $18 million a year for the next 4 seasons.

            $9 million off set by Napoli and Rivera + $5 million from Toronto.

            $72 million over 4 years = $18 million a season (Torii Hunter)

            Give or take a couple million.

            You need to present the facts. Stop blurting what other people say, and stop letting sabermetrics do all your thinking for you. =-)

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            Not only do you use the worst argument (the money) when talking about Vernon Wells, you don’t even get the amount right!

            Averages $18 million a year over the course of 7 years. That’s Torii Hunter money, but heavily back loaded.

            The money issue holds no more weight because the Angels can afford it.

            Do you actually think every star on the Yankees is getting paid what they are worth? You really think A-Rod’s 30 HR and 125 RBI are worth $31 million.

            We can go all season long talking about the money, but in the end the fact remains that the Angels can afford to overpay for players, just as much as the Yankees can.

            It’s just a matter of whether or not Arte Moreno actually wants to overpay his players just as much as the Yankees do.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            yet he won’t over pay for crawford who produces a higher WAR per season average and is a safe bet to continue doing so in comparison to Wells.

            Sound argument that he’s willing to overpay just because he can, yet he lets much better players walk for less AAV.

            two thumbs to you again, another winner argument

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            The fact that you use Carl Crawford as an example shows how near sighted you are.

            And it wasn’t the salary Arte was worried about, it was the 7 years.

            How many times does that need to be explained to you?

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Again, thats idiotic because Crawford is younger, so yes you have to sign him for 7 years but its a higher AAV then wells and Wells is old once his 4 year contract is done..

            Honestly, I’m not usually mean but your a complete asshat and you don’t know baseball for sheet.

  8. cubs223425 4 years ago

    Well, maybe the Cubs could eat a load of money and send them Fukudome, to move Bourjos to the bench?

    I don’t think the Cubs want to move DeWitt, though.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      Keep in mind though that is doesn’t necessarily have to be an outfielder.

      • cubs223425 4 years ago

        I know. It was just a thought as a Cubs fan, since there was the suggestion of an OF. We lack other lefties to offer.

    • Moving Bourjos to the bench for a mediocre player like Fukudome would be mindblowingly stupid

  9. Trade for Todd Helton. He too has a substantial contract which Colorado would like to get rid of.

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      You already have Kendry at 1B and Abreu @ the DH spot.

      • WasianCU 4 years ago

        I think you just fell off the sar-chasm.

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          Sarcasm? I took him serious. Todd Helton fits in comfortably with their thought process.

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        Kendry might only play 120 games though. And if Abreu doesn’t bounce back, then we’re talking the Angels keeping his option from vesting. Have to wait and see.

  10. deliciouspie 4 years ago

    They should trade for Ryan Howard and take on his entire contract.

  11. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    what a great time to start looking

    did they just find out scott downs is a pitcher or something

  12. Parker Abdo 4 years ago

    Prince Fielder?

  13. Hmmm, perhaps trade Bourjos, Callaspo, Wood and Conger for Bourn, Johnson and Castro? Castro’s done for the year so this opens up an opportunity for Conger. Bourn solves the left hitting lead-off issue for the Angels. Assuming Castro recovers he can take over at catcher for the Angels the following year. There are some risks for both teams but also some potential opportunities.

  14. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    Luke Scott?

  15. LioneeR 4 years ago

    The Angels want a LH bat? Sounds like something they should have thought of, I don’t know, at the beginning of FA?

  16. Anthony Emmerling 4 years ago

    Hmm….I wonder if the Indians would ever consider dealing Sizemore…it would likely have to be more of a trade deadline type move because they’d have to be convinced he’s healthy but he could serve as leadoff, he’s left handed and could play center field should Bourjos prove he’s offensively weak. The Angels could consider sending them a package built around guys like Mark Trumbo, Alberto Callaspo/Maicer and a group of prospects. They could technically even move Bourjos if they had to.

  17. Beltran will be an option for the Angels if Bourjos can’t pick up his offense before end of Spring. Not what I’d do, but I bet the Angels might.

    Ichiro is another option, if the Angels are willing to part ways with Abreu, eat both of their contracts and move a prospect or two not named Trout or Richards.

    Chone Figgins also makes sense. Seattle is rebuilding, would be saving 27 million. Angels need a leadoff man and a good 3B. Angels could send Callaspo, Wood and Bulger to the Mariners. They’d get a cheap 3B for the next 3 years in Callaspo, if Wood figured it out they’d have a power hitting SS/3B and in Bulger they’d have an inexpensive, proven RP. They could use the 27 million they saved on bringing in some big name FA or extending someone like Ichiro or Guttierez.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      Carlos Beltran is something I’ve thought about all offseason, but it makes me nervous.

    • trout is pretty much as untouchable as weaver or morales….and they dont need to take on ichiros contract. they would have an outfield making 18 million or more. they wouldnt bring back figgy as popular as that would be because they NEVER bring back former angels. baltran is making even more than ichiro and his health is a major concern.

  18. Guest 4 years ago

    Tyler Colvin for Howie Kendrick.

  19. Devon Henry 4 years ago

    Ugghh figgy slumps in the post-season and throws like a girl. nty

  20. is there a left handed bat that makes sense that isnt an outfielder?

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      That’s exactly what I’m asking.

      • how about wilson betemit… not too glamorous but he hit well to end last year? not my favorite as an angel fan but he can slide in at third. just make sure my main man tony reagins remembers that we dont need to get rid of trout weaver or morales!

  21. Howie Kendrick & Kevin Jepsen/Jason Bulger are probably the most likely to be moved. Acquiring a 3b and moving Izturis/Callaspo to second makes the most sense. Not sure that a deal could be done though.

  22. Six_Eight 4 years ago

    I’d offer you Luke Scott…for Jean Segura…

    And the Orioles do not need starting pitching.

  23. Don’t the Padraz has Adrian Gonsales’s?

  24. ze3 4 years ago

    Felix Pie, Juan Pierre, Roger Bernadina, Nyjer Morgan, Blake DeWitt, Stephen Drew, Skip Schumaker, Michael Bourn

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