Bengie Molina: “For Now, I’m Retired”

Although Bengie Molina isn't filing any papers yet, he told Newsday's Ken Davidoff in a phone interview "for now, I'm retired." Molina is leaving the door open for a comeback, saying that he doesn't want to officially file his retirement papers until he's certain his career is over.

"A lot of my teammates and friends want me to come back," said the veteran backstop. "I love the game. It gave me life… I wish I could be playing right now. But I've got other priorities right now…. It could be how Pedro [Martinez] did it halfway through [2009], something like that. It's not like I'm planning on doing that. If it comes up, and I'm ready to go, I'll do it."

A month ago, Molina was still talking to teams and debating whether or not to play in 2011. When the Padres expressed some interest in the 36-year-old last week, it sounded as if it would take at least a modest guaranteed salary to convince Molina to sign anywhere.

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