Padres Express Interest In Bengie Molina

7:24pm: Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News spoke with Molina today and heard that he's definitely not retired (Twitter link). However, he won't play unless he gets a guaranteed deal at a respectable salary.

6:55pm: The Padres inquired on Molina and heard that he is retired, according to Dan Hayes of the North County Times (on Twitter).

6:23pm: Gregg Zaun retired mere hours ago, and the Padres are already after a former platoon partner of his. The San Diego front office reached out to Bengie Molina, according to Marty Caswell of XX 1090 in San Diego (on Twitter). However, Molina said he's not inclined to play and sounds retired. 

Molina was talking to a couple of teams a month ago, though at the time he was unsure whether to accept their offers“They're not offering what we want, for sure. I don’t know right now what’s going to happen," Molina told Newsday's Ken Davidoff. Molina is looking for significant playing time and $4MM or so in salary, which could be problematic since the Padres intend to make Nick Hundley their primary catcher and have less financial might than most teams.

The Astros just lost Jason Castro to injury so Molina has had a couple of potential destinations emerge this spring. MLBTR's Mark Polishuk took a close look at the Astros' catching options last week.

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  1. “6:55pm: The Padres inquired on Molina and heard that he is retired, according to Dan Hayes of the North County Times”


  2. RATTY1 4 years ago

    Pass on Molina..Let St. Nick be the primary and let Martinez, Phillips, Quirzo Back-up..pick up more catchers yes a bunch of money no….If Pads didn’t feel that good about Nick they should have resigned Yorvit Torrealba he was the worthy bargain…..Go Low Payroll Pads ..We beat you for Less+++

  3. GoCubs10 4 years ago

    the funny thing is someone commented earlier saying the padres should look into molina and now they are

    • Karsch 4 years ago

      It isn’t that dificult to come up with. The Padres need a catcher and Molina is the only available free agent catcher.

  4. Molina the new Charlie Sheen of baseball…. Wait thats a lot of people who overvalue themselves.

  5. Backup_Slider 4 years ago

    It’s pretty simple actually. If any of the 20ish MLB clubs that aren’t serious playoff contenders (see Astros, Padres, etc.) check in on Bengie Molina, he’s retired. However, if any of the other 10ish clubs come a calling, he’s not retired.

  6. Jason Hagerty is still a couple years away, so I wonder if the Padres would be better off going after someone like Flores from Washington who can jump in this year and give them some flexibility while they wait. I don’t see SD or anyone giving Molina a two year deal.

  7. iheartyourfart 4 years ago

    Molina could be a good fit. All they need is a guy that can catch 50-80 games, and i don’t think Bengie is looking to catch 130 anymore. They want Hundley to take most of the reps (probably between 80 and 100 games) which makes sense. I don’t think its possible to even field a winning team if rob johnson catches any significant number of your games.

    • rizdak 4 years ago

      Heh, you used “Molina” and “fit” in the same sentence. Seriously, why give him a multi-million contract to catch 50 games? It won’t happen. He probably can’t even see his feet anymore.

  8. NWDC 4 years ago

    Can I interest you in Jesus Flores?

  9. johnnycomelately9 4 years ago

    New owner Jeff Moorad refuses to do incentive deals. It’s why the pads had no chance or desire to resign Chris Young.

    They got Rob Johnson from the M’s so I’m guessing he’s the back up. From everything I read he’s a + defender and + game caller; but from what I’ve seen he shouldn’t be depended on with a bat.

    Hagerty should dominate the Cal league and be on everyone’s radar this time next year.

  10. Padres don’t do incentive based contracts.

  11. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    when did bengie win world series sure he got ring but played on the other team and hes always been pretty heavy

  12. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    those dam molina brothers , i thought it was jose , my bad

  13. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    jose and bengie were on there

  14. They won’t spend ~10% of payroll on their back-up catcher. Nick Hundley is the primary catcher this season, they’re looking for someone to catch 40-60 games which is less than Molina wants. I see them picking someone up as 40-man rosters are finalized and out-of-option catchers are exposed to the waiver wire.

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