NL East Notes: Zimmermann, Marlins, Heyward

Players with zero to three years of service time are under team control and don't have the power to negotiate their salaries. Most of these players agree to terms with their clubs on deals worth $400-500K, but some don't agree to terms and their clubs renew their contracts instead (it doesn't affect the player's timeline for arbitration or free agency). Here's the latest on the NL East, including news on some contract renewals:

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  1. Francisco Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Capozzi’s tweet says they did renew LoMo, Gaby, Stanton and Webb.

  2. $3866193 4 years ago

    Jason Heyward <3

  3. Marlins are looking really good for the future. Stanton, Morrison, Sanchez, Coughlin, Ramirez good start of a line-up.

    • NL_East_Rivalry 4 years ago

      they have some great players, but their system says that they will be better only by maturity. They need to restock the farm or raise their pay-roll and I would agree whole-heartedly.

  4. Braves need to really try and lock up Heyward at some point during the season before he either goes the way of Boras like Hanson and Jurrjens, or puts up a .290/.410/.535 line.

    • Brad426 4 years ago

      As much as I love Heyward and want him to be a Brave for forever, I’d say it’s too soon. Heyward isn’t even arbitration-eligible the first time until 2013, so I’d say let him play this year and see if his awesomeness advances before locking him up.

      • Waiting could be dangerous because I do honestly feel that line, along with 30+ HR, 15+ SB, and GG-caliber defense is a legit possibility, which would make him a lot more expensive.

        • Brad426 4 years ago

          Extending too early can be dangerous, too. The line you say is a possibility, but so is a torn knee or such. I personally wasn’t a fan of the Tulo or Bruce extensions and those guys have proven more than Heyward. Let him play out 2011 and if he progresses as we all (Braves fans) hope then lock him up in a long term deal like they did McCann.

        • The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

          Excellent point. The Braves ought to do what the Rays did with Longoria and sign him long term at a similar dollar amount that he Longoria got from the Rays. Heyward is going to be crazy good and might as well get him signed to a team friendly deal before later in his career he lands a mega deal.

          • Brad426 4 years ago

            Ha! If Heyward will sign a Longoria-esque contract then by all means lock him up. Sadly for the Braves I don’t think any player that is as highly regarded as those guys will be dumb enough to sign such a team-friendly contract after all the static Longoria has gotten.

  5. billreef 4 years ago

    Heyward is hurt again. Groin pull. It’s a scary trend for a 2nd year player.

    • Brad426 4 years ago

      What trend? He has “left groin tightness” and last year injured his hand. Two unrelated, minor injuries doesn’t make a trend.

  6. $3866193 4 years ago

    There’s no trend. He injured the thumb in May last season while sliding head-first. The groin tightness is a day-to-day thing. He still put up his great numbers last season while playing 75% of the season injured.

    Brian McCann signed his six-year deal after just 189 games with the Braves, so there’s both good reason and precedent to consider locking Heyward up.

    EDIT – this is a reply to billreef.

  7. ltdibo020 4 years ago

    Probably just a coincidence…but went and seen a nats game yesterday with my wife and friends, and again sat next to some ignorant Marlin fans, who were yelling some nonsense at Nat players…dudes just relax and enjoy the game…I guess it was just too many beers or something but the one guy had his 2 sons with him…that bothers me….2nd time I’ve seen this…haven’t seen much like this when we (the Nats) play other teams down here.
    Its Florida, its an exhibition game for gods sake…relax, enjoy the sun, have a few beers, seats are cheap, nice stadium, good baseball…get a life…sheesh

  8. atlantaspike 4 years ago

    We’d be happy to give you a good to darned good pitching prospect or two not named Teheran to let us try….

  9. Guest 4 years ago

    Giants troll is good at being a troll.

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