Red Sox Notes: Crawford, Damon, Reyes

The latest on the Red Sox, as Joe Maddon tells Tim Britton of the Providence Journal that the Red Sox have "an edge right now" and are "the number one contender in a sense," heading into the season…

  • Carl Crawford told Alex Speier of that he hopes Rays fans don't consider him the "villain" when he plays against his former team. Crawford, who says he still loves Rays fans, drew a mostly positive reaction from Rays fans this afternoon.
  • Johnny Damon told Speier that he vetoed last summer's trade to the Red Sox because he thought it was a "slam dunk" that the Tigers would want to retain him for 2011 (Twitter link).
  • Damon also says he thinks Crawford will win a championship during his tenure with the Red Sox.
  • John Tomase of the Boston Herald has a must-read piece on Red Sox left-hander Dennys Reyes and how dependent he is on his non-pitching hand.

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  1. bleachercreature 4 years ago

    how wrong you were Johnny Damon, how wrong you were.

  2. I’m sure the Rays fans will give Crawford a pass. All three of them will be at the beach until August anyway, and by then Carl signing with Boston will be a distant memory…

  3. Someone needs to inform Johnny……if they ask you to approve a trade, you most likely won’t be back the next year. That’s not why he vetoed a trade to Boston…

    • qbass187 4 years ago

      I don’t know why that clown always gets passes on the disingenious B.S. he says all the time.
      He must be a really nice guy in person (or something!) because he continuously makes the guys who report this stuff look like dopes for believeing it and not asking tougher follow up questions.

  4. kdawg89 4 years ago

    News for everyone who keeps ripping on Rays attendance..there’s 8 teams that draw less than us and not even clubs like the Braves and White Sox are drawing very well either so really..the comments about 3 fans etc. are getting really old.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      you could always try crying more

      20 Florida
      21 Seattle
      21 Washington
      23 Kansas City
      24 Tampa Bay
      25 Pittsburgh
      26 Arizona
      27 Baltimore
      28 Cleveland
      29 Oakland
      30 Toronto

      how many of these teams won their division?

      not to mention that half the fans in the trop during any given AL East game are cheering for the other team

    • yet when you think of contraction or relocation they are the first team that everyone mentions…

      • Honestly who else would be above them? Tampa draws absolutely nothing despite winning the division in 2 of the last 3 years and making the World Series once.

        • bleachercreature 4 years ago

          If you suck for long enough, eventually you’ll have no choice but to be good. I’m looking at you Pittsburgh and Kansas City!

      • kdawg89 4 years ago

        Actually the A’s are probably first but you’re right they’re right there as well…

    • $7562574 4 years ago

      simple solution. instead of contraction, move 4 teams to new york and 3 teams to boston. philladelphia could take couple of teams too.

    • MaineluvstheSox 4 years ago

      I went to a Rays game years ago with my daughter. The sox were playing and Pedro was pitchin the place was half full and there were more Sox fans than Rays. The place is airconditioned with cold beer and reasonable tickets. I thought it was great. Despite having a playoff team they can’t fill the place during the playoffs for gods sake. I feel bad for you and Rays management. T ampa/St.Petersburg is about the yankees and football.

      • kdawg89 4 years ago

        You’re right, especially football..but the attendance has improved since the new management took over. Honestly the only time I’d say there was a close split in Fans is when the Yankees come in because their are so many New Yorkers down here. Red Sox I’d say maybe 25% of the fans are Sox fans. I’d like to point out to EVERYONE also that the Bucs aren’t selling out any games either despite being a very good young team. The economy is absolutely horrible here and there’s way more retirees here than any where else in the country. You just don’t see a ton of elderly people going to sports games.

  5. John Tomase could pass as Dennys Reyes doppelganger.

  6. hawkny1 4 years ago

    The Rays should relocate to Las Vegas or Oklahoma City, move to the AL west or Central, respectively, and become perennial champions with annual attendance of 3-4,000,000… return Cleveland to AL East

    As for Damon, even when he was in Boston playing regularly he was not as bright as a 40-watt bulb… with a hole in it….

  7. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    u mad?

  8. kdawg89 4 years ago

    Nope…but it must be nice to be an admin on a site and just remove people’s comments when you’re rude to them and they give it back to you. Obviously, because of that fact, this is pointless so have fun talking crap on people for absolutely NO reason because they love their team as much as you love yours. That makes you right and them wrong every time apparently.

  9. MaineSox 4 years ago

    ^ Yep.

  10. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    that is quite the theory there charlie. and hey i’ve never seen a tinfoil baseball cap before. looks kinda cool on you

    don’t forget your cowbell!

  11. kdawg89 4 years ago

    Yeah because you’re the superior intellect of the baseball gods..anyway, I’ll make sure to bring my extra large cowbell to shove up your….and arguing with you is like trying to clap with one hand, pointless and a waste of time. Have fun licking the windows on the short bus!!

  12. krosnest0713 4 years ago

    Yes he is completely retarded. They ask him to veto his no trade clause so they can ship him away from his team, but he though he was going back?
    He still holding a high school grudge against the Sox brass because they didnt give him more money than the Yankees did.

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