Red Sox, Rockies Working On Trade?

The Red Sox and Rockies are working on a trade, tweets Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe.  He says it's "likely something minor in nature."  Abraham feels that Rockies catcher Matt Pagnozzi "could be of interest to the Red Sox."

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  1. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    The Sox finally got Tulo!

    • rwdavis22461 4 years ago

      i want to have that pot your smoking. lol

    • MB923 4 years ago

      Tulo for Adrian Gonzalez, Daniel Bard, Jon Lester, Kevin Youklis, and Dustin Pedroia (I wish)

      • This is why I try to stay away from the mlbtr comments.

        • MB923 4 years ago

          Then you should stay away from comments on almost any site, because you probably won’t find a comment board without sarcasm. Good luck to you.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          wish you’d try harder

        • mondogarage 4 years ago

          My IQ just went down 7 points reading some of the comments below this…

          Potential scenerio, one of the many Rockies’ backup utility infielder types (EY Jr or Chris Nelson, most likely) for some middling RH arm in the Sox system.

  2. BVHjays 4 years ago

    Wouldn’t be “minor”, but the first name that comes to mind is Chris Iannetta, though I guess at this point they’re set on giving Saltalamachia a shot.

    • Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

      They do have 5 catchers on thier 40 man roster, but i dont see them tradeing Iannetta given his .344/.511/.531 line this spring.

  3. this post is “minor in nature”

  4. Devern Hansack 4 years ago

    I’m putting my money on either Albers or Okajima for a minor leaguer or cash.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Okie maybe, Albers no. Rumor is Young and Francona are pretty high on Albers, the only reason it took so long to give him the 25th man slot was they were giving Okie every chance to win it.

      • Dan Gorgone 4 years ago

        The Rockies weren’t satisfied with Manny Delcarmen – they want Okajima too?

  5. Deadguy265 4 years ago

    Is Tulo completely out of the question? ignoring the “minor in nature” bit? Seems like SS and Catcher are the only offensive weak spots. What’s the catch on moving Tulo? Too much money? Someone set me straight.

    • He’s really… REALLY good. That’s the catch on moving Tulo.

    • EarlyMorningBoxscore 4 years ago

      Why would the Rockies traded Tulo? They have no reason to especially since they just signed him to like a 10 year extension.

    • Rockies would have to be smokin something pretty good to move their franchise player for anyone except Gonzo. So yes, out of the question

      • Red Sox would have to give up Gonzo AND Lester AND Pedroia AND Bard AND their top 3 prospects to get Tulo.

        • 0bsessions 4 years ago

          I am reasonably sure that the Rockies front office would start packing Tulo’s bags themselves if Epstein offered Lester AND Pedroia for Tulo. Tulo’s great and all, but really?

    • Holidayjesus 4 years ago

      He’s their star player, no chance at all.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      What’s the catch? The Rocks just basically made Tulo the face of their franchise and even with his new mega contract, he’s the face of the Rockies future.

    • Rick Garcia 4 years ago

      the rockies just extended him he’s not getting traded

    • MB923 4 years ago


    • progmatinee 4 years ago

      “A duuh, hi I am a redsox fan and was wondering what the catch is on why we can’t trade for Tulo, Ichiro, Lincecum, A Rod, Brian McCann, and David Price, a duuuh.”

    • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

      Somehow you missed the sarcasm in my first post!

  6. tiduss 4 years ago


  7. I’m thinking Matt Pagnozzi, a catcher from Colorado for cash considerations and/or a PTBNL. Pete Abe agrees with me, too, saying he could be of interest to the Sox.

  8. i feel like it has to be a reliever or a minor league infielder, but MINOR, not going to be somebody off the major league roster

    • Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

      The strange thing is the only relievers not on the 25 man roster who have major league experience are Okajima, Hill and Bowden and they all have options remaining so i could’nt imagine why the sox would trade them at this point.

  9. theoldgrizzlybear 4 years ago

    “After hours of incessant bullying, the Boston Red Sox finally were able to talk the Colorado Rockies into trading Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Tyler Matzek, and Jhoulys Chacin for Marco Scutaro, Josh Reddick, some other overrated Red Sox prospect, and the rights to the remainder of Carl Everett’s contract.”

  10. The Rockies didn’t just sign Tulo or CarGo to extensions to deal them. They are trying to build something long term there and that doesn’t include dumping your cornerstones.

    By minor in nature they probably mean a swap of a RP or something since the Sox just sent down two potential MLB capable RP because they still had options. Usually those are targets for other teams at the end of ST.

  11. CARL EVERETT, boston really need to sign him… what a player. loved that guy

  12. the red sox are not trading aceves. especially for pagnozzi

  13. Holidayjesus 4 years ago

    Looks like Matt Pagnozzi may be going to the Sox. I hope they don’t trade Aceves away.

  14. MB923 4 years ago

    HorribleTrades dot com?

  15. MB923 4 years ago

    HorribleTrades dot com?

  16. MB923 4 years ago

    Stupid Disqus!

  17. TheHotCorner 4 years ago

    Is there a something news worthy here? What people won’t do to keep Boston in the headlines.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Yes, because I forgot how important Boggs and Jimenz getting outrighted was to the average fan.

      Just so you know the site does have the word “rumor” in its title.

      We get it, you don’t like the Red Sox. But why are you wasting time posting if you didn’t even think this was worth reading.

      • TheHotCorner 4 years ago

        Little touchy there, huh? Taking a crack at the coverage that certain East Coast teams seem to get under your skin a little (and I am not referencing specifically MLBTR).

        And who said I don’t like the Red Sox? No where in my post did I say that. So why are you wasting my time making assumptions.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      yea you’re right it’s all about the boston bias on mlbtr. nevermind the fifteen minor transactions per day by random teams across the mlb reported this week as we come up on the 25-man deadline

      the website does exactly as it advertises. it is less biased than you

      • TheHotCorner 4 years ago

        LOL…boy people can sure get fired up over nothing. It was a crack at the general media and not directed specifically at MLBTR.

        Some people take blogs way too seriously.

        Less biased then me? Aren’t you biased by making an assumption at me being biased based on what, one post.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          yes, one biased post. weird right

          the red sox and rockies made a trade today, and a boston reporter reported it. so you made a “crack at the general media”. right

          and you’re spot on btw, i am famous around here for my seriousness

    • Fangaffes 4 years ago

      It pays Tim’s bills.

  18. RiverKKiller999 4 years ago

    I don’t even think the Title of this was worth writing out.

  19. Please trade EY2 for anyone or anything. The guy can’t get on base and when he does he gets picked off first or gets caught stealing. That would be sweet if the Rox got Okajima!

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      i wish they had. rockies fans desperately underrate young

      • I’ve watched him play in Colorado Springs for 1 1/2 seasons and also on TV when he was up with the Rockies. I don’t think we underrate him at all. If we can get a reliever like Okajima for EY2 that would be awesome! EY2 is a backup MLBer if that.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          apparently 1.5 seasons wasn’t enough. young had a touch over 300 plate appearances total in 2010. that’s a crap sample

          in 2009, in almost twice as many plate appearances playing everyday, young hit .299/.387/.430 at AAA with a .380 wOBA. and about 60 stolen bases

          but in half that sample split between AAA and irregular play as a backup in the bigs in 2010, he struggled. so he sucks

          like i said, rocks fans desperately underrate him

  20. bigpat 4 years ago

    Mike Lowell for Andres Gallaraga, mark it down!

  21. mondogarage 4 years ago

    And so it is………….Mike McKenry, AAA catcher.

  22. Yup.

    – $75,000,000

  23. MB923 4 years ago


  24. MB923 4 years ago

    Wrong reply on my part, sorry (you will see the smh below)

  25. mondogarage 4 years ago

    He’s got mad speed, but man, after watching him the last couple of years, his baserunning instincts are awful, and his glove doesn’t really play anywhere well. IMHO, I think Nelson is the better player, but neither seems to fit in the organization any more, for whatever reason.

  26. ellisburks 4 years ago

    Ewwww…nothing light. Just regular Coors is bad enough.

  27. Fangaffes 4 years ago

    It’s Turpin time in Colorado.

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