Mets Designate Blaine Boyer For Assignment

The Mets have designated Blaine Boyer for assignment according to Peter Botte of The New York Daily News (on Twitter). The team also sent down outfielder Lucas Duda and recalled right-handers Ryota Igarashi and Jason Isringhausen.

Boyer, 29, beat out Izzy for the final spot in the Mets' bullpen in camp but failed to impress. He pitched to a 7.71 ERA and a 2.14 WHIP in 4 2/3 innings, and that was before his four run, two inning outing this afternoon. Isringhausen agreed to remain with the team in Extended Spring Training before the season started. 

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  1. BlondnEvil 4 years ago

    Wow. That was quick.

  2. Yeah it was… I’m glad to see Izzy coming back to where it all began though… Hope he has something left tho

  3. Slopeboy 4 years ago

    Jason Bay must be close to coming back if they sent down Duda. Given that Beltran still can’t play back to back games, don’t see the Mets going with Harris and Hairston as their OF platoon too much longer.

    • calamityfrancis 4 years ago

      brought up two relievers, makes me guess bay isn’t quite ready yet…

      • Overall, Mets starters have done a horrendous job at pitching late into games. Even though Young finally got 7 innings in today, the game went into extras and it was all for naught.

        Word is that Igarashi will probably get some playing time so the Mets can rely less on the usual folks, but when Bay returns (whenever that is – 3 days, a week, 2 weeks) Igarashi will be sent back down.

    • BlondnEvil 4 years ago

      Bay should be back in about a week. Beltran is currently on a 2 days on 1 day off rotation, but he has said, if needed he can play more.

  4. JR_Tolls1 4 years ago

    About time, Boyer wasen’t good in ATL either.

  5. calamityfrancis 4 years ago

    duda was just lost. glad to see alderson pushing buttons quickly when need be.

    its nice to have good management. it’s been a long time since we had any in queens.

  6. Blue387 4 years ago

    Omar would have signed Boyer to a five year $55 million extension.

  7. MetsEventually 4 years ago

    That was ugly. Sweet job by Buchholz and Carrasco, too.

  8. FamiliaTerritory 4 years ago

    Good move to cut Boyer loose before things get any worse. Boyer screwed up 2 games for us already this early. I knew that from the get-go Boyer couldn’t be trusted. His track record speaks for itself. I just don’t get why Sandy didn’t promote Mike O’Connor and picked Igarashi instead. We definitely need another LHP in the pen. I hope Hairston & Nickeas are the next ones gone. All I’ve seen them do is whether whiff or barely hit one out of the infield.

    • Bino9 4 years ago

      I don’t understand why Collins left him in the game to come back in the 11th today. Boyer is a 1 inning pitcher and shouldn’t had come back, I don’t care if he had a 1 2 3 inning, after that 1st batter, he should’ve been long gone.

      I do agree we need another LHP because only having 1 is not enough

  9. I’m very upset, this guy was a key piece for them!

  10. I hope Blaine can get everything together. During the offseason he is a frequent guest at Chick-Fil-A, where I work, and he is a super nice guy. I’m rooting for him!

  11. Boyer absolutely sucked, I am beginning to wonder about Alderson when so many of his early acquisitions have performed so horribly. Besides Boyer, Carrasco, Hairston, Emaus, Byrdak, and Buchholz, and to a slightly lesser degree, Harris, have all sucked the big one. Where are you getting your scouting reports from Sandy? The guys at Chick-Fil-A?

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