MLB To Take Over Dodgers’ Financial Operations

9:16pm:'s Jon Heyman hears that McCourt "intends to fight" MLB for control of the team (on Twitter). It's an uphill battle not just legally, but in the court of public opinion. Legal costs could be another issue for the Dodgers' owner.

3:59pm: Commissioner Bud Selig has announced that MLB will take over the Dodgers' financial operations from Frank McCourt, reports Bill Shaikin of the L.A. TimesShaikin's colleague Dylan Hernandez adds that Selig "will appoint a representative to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the Dodgers."  Shaikin has the official statement from Selig hereESPN's Buster Olney calls Selig's takeover "a two-handed shove out the door," and awaits McCourt's legal response.

SI's Jon Heyman wrote earlier today that MLB is "disinclined to grant McCourt's request" for approval of a TV deal with Fox that might have allowed him to retain control of the Dodgers.

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  1. ColoradoBravesFan 4 years ago

    Matt Kemp to the Braves….PLEASE.

  2. cjmsd 4 years ago

    Fire sale!

  3. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    What exactly does this mean for the team?

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      I would have to assume that it means that the payroll will stay the same and McCourt will be gone. That’s best case scenario

      Worst case scenario would be a fire sale. But I don’t see MLB letting a Los Angeles team to become terrible.

      • theophilus166 4 years ago

        the only good players are the cheap ones. Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley. Nobody will take on contracts like Furcal, Lilly, or Blake. They really can’t have much of a fire sale because the only attractive options are guys getting paid less than 8 million. By the time those guys hit their last years of arbitration, they’ll have a new owner.

        • vtadave 4 years ago

          Pretty sure the Red Sox and Yankees would be interested in Kuroda on a one-year deal.

          • MikhelB 4 years ago

            I heard that the Red Sox already have in place a trade with the Padres:
            A bag of baseballs;
            A Rawlings glove;
            Two overhyped players with no future in boston and who won’t be on the majors until 3 years after the trade;

            In exchange, Jed Hoyer will give his former boss Theo, liberty to choose any player he wants (Heath Bell is next ;)).

          • Padres_Hobo 4 years ago

            Obvious troll is obvious

          • thegrayrace 4 years ago

            Pretty sure Kuroda has a NTC. Would expect it, anyway, considering he clearly preferred to sign with the Dodgers and did so at a discount.

    • Ken In Sac 4 years ago

      Who cares. We have to get rid of the McCourts first…the team can’t function with him as owner.

  4. HerbertAnchovy 4 years ago

    This is certainly an interesting situation. It’s a shame a franchise with history like The Dodgers has come to this.

    • Maybe it’s a result of the beating of the Giants fan and much needed increased security.

      • Ken In Sac 4 years ago

        You are correct. The McCourt allowed that gentlemen to get beaten by electing to cut security as a cost saving solution.

        • dodgers33dodgers 4 years ago

          now only if mccourt would of went to the SF games and got jumped as retaliation, we would’nt be in this mess…lol

          • Grab some pine, meat. 4 years ago

            It’s a win win! Dodgers get to watch their loser ex-owner McCourt get beat up, and Giants fans get a healthy revenge!

          • dodgers33dodgers 4 years ago

            exactly…we can all be even and friends…except when we play each other!! then its just nice friendly competition…lol

  5. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    “Selig “will appoint a representative to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the Dodgers.”

    welcome back, joe!

    • Ken In Sac 4 years ago

      You are joking but I would be at all surprised if Joe is put in charge. That would hurt.

      • JacksTigers 4 years ago

        It almost makes you wonder if that was the plan when MLB hired Joe. Probably not but it’s still a thought.

        • N1120A 4 years ago

          It might actually be the plan when they hired Kim Ng, as she knows Dodger operations as well as anyone. She is the perfect person to run things

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            I think that whole thing was an “abandon ship” situation when both of them left. I really hope Ng becomes the GM. That would be sweet.

          • Ken In Sac 4 years ago

            Man, I think you hit it. Kim Is the perfect choice. That’s funny, and possible.

    • FowlofCanada 4 years ago

      Omar Minaya, c’mon down!

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

      Joe was a great candidate to be hired as team president months ago when it became clear that the McCourts would have to sell. If MLB put him in charge of operations now it would be the best thing that’s happened to the Dodgers in a year or more, and I’d even have to revise my opinion of Bud Selig.

  6. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    Dear Mr. McCourt,

    You are terrible and such. That is all.

    Love, Your Mother

    P.S. Easter dinner will be at your sisters house. You will be in charge of bringing mashed potatos.

  7. Ken In Sac 4 years ago

    Thank god! I get my Dodgers back.

  8. Selig “will appoint a representative to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the Dodgers.”

    Hello Omar Minaya!!!!!

  9. theophilus166 4 years ago

    haha for those of you thinking that Kershaw, Kemp, or Ethier is going anywhere – you’re dreaming.

  10. Blue387 4 years ago

    Will my Mets be next?

  11. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Has this ever been done before? Sounds unprecedented.

    Maybe they move back to Brooklyn! hahaa

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      I would love to see them move to Brooklyn but I would hate to see them leave LA :/

    • phoenix2042 4 years ago

      Yes. to the Expos. Fangraphs has a good article on it.

  12. Payaso 4 years ago

    As a huge die hard Dodgers fan. THANK GOD. So Long Mccourt. Sure we’ll suffer the rest of the season. But atleast he’s gone and done with. Hopefully sell the team in the offseason and have a whole new regime! Thank you bud!

  13. bleedDODGERblue 4 years ago

    This just sounds like MLB’s way of easing McCourt out.

    • This is no easing McCourt out, this is more locking him out of his own business. It is a pretty severe action by Selig. Selig hadn’t done this to Tom Hicks or Fred Wilpon. He would had done this to Hicks, but Hicks was much more compliant in letting MLB stepping in when he was being crushed by too many loans..

      Basically, Selig has made MLB the owners of the Dodgers, and forced McCourt out.

  14. Joshua Pimental 4 years ago

    That can’t be good for their draft budget. Slot players, come on down…

  15. dieharddodgerfan 4 years ago

    What this all likely means is that McCourt is going to eventually be forced to sell the team.

    Would not be shocked to find out soon that MLB is financing the Dodgers for the rest of ’11 and that MLB will start looking for prospective buyers soon.

    I have to think McCourt is on fumes financially if he had to borrow $30 mill last month just to make payroll.

  16. monkeyspanked 4 years ago

    Mr. McCourt, you’ve been banished from the “Good ‘Ol Boy Club” for being a douche. Now get the hell out!

  17. kräftig. entschieden 4 years ago

    Hopefully this isn’t the same situation as when MLB took over the Expos, and they traded away Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee, and Grady Sizemore for Colon.

  18. SmackSaw 4 years ago

    Praise be to the Great Dodger in the sky!

  19. SmackSaw 4 years ago

    Dennis Gilbert, answer the phone! Finally! Oh, or Mark Cuban!

    • N1120A 4 years ago

      Cuban would be my favorite. Broad would be ok

      • Johnny_Felix 4 years ago

        im all for Broad considering he made a last ditch effort to buy the Dodgers originally before Bud said the Frank was the new owner. Eli Broad is ranked in the middle for the top 100 billionaires in the U.S. with a worth of over 5.8 Billion dollars. He has also lives in Los Angeles and has helped over see the renovation of Downtown LA and is known to be a huge spender in the Arts and charity…thats the kind of person i want running the team

        • Broad wanted to renegotiate the broadcasting rights deal that Fox signed with itself before putting the Dodgers on the sale’s block. Both Fox and MLB were against it.

          The business of baseball is a dirty messy business, with low profit margins, huge overhead, and plenty of headaches, (like the Dodgers PR nightmare of the Giants’ fan beaten into a coma on opening day in the parking lot, with rumors that McCourt cut security before the 2011 season) I think there should be trepidation that a knight in shining armour is going to swoop down and make the Dodgers all better, without putting their own neurosis on the organization as the McCourts have done with team.

          However, Eli Broad would be a huge step in the right directions compared to looney bin that McCourts have created with their ownership of the Dodgers..

  20. MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

    Short term, I don’t think this means any changes at all, not major mid-season acquisitions, but hey, that was true with the McCourts anyway. Long-term this is good for the Dodgers. The Dodgers will keep all of their core players, although I have no problem if they can trade Broxton for a single elite prospect. Use Kuo and Padilla as co-closers. I am actually OK with Torre or Omar having feedback for a single season, the team will simply stay pat, no fire sale, and the team can play .500 ball this year and begin to rebuild under new ownership by the end of the calendar year.

    • thegrayrace 4 years ago

      So you’re saying Dotel, Podsednik, Theriot and Lilly weren’t major mid-season acquisitions? I was shocked those 4 didn’t lead the Dodgers to the playoffs… /sarcasm

      • MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

        If they are in the mix at the trade deadline the trustee could authorize little moves like the above ones. But yeah, no deals for Albert or Prince, that is for sure. But that is OK, so long as they keep the 2014 starting rotation of Kershaw, Billingsley, Zach Lee, Rubby de la Rosa, Chris Withrow and Ethan Martin, the outfield of Kemp, Ethier and Sands, and infielder Dee Gordon. The rest is negotiable to me, although I am partial to keeping Kuo and Padilla to be the co-closers until a better acquisition can be had.

        • thegrayrace 4 years ago

          I was just suggesting that McCourt was unlikely to make major mid-season acquisitions, either. He hasn’t since ’08. So, whatever… no loss there.

  21. jwsox 4 years ago

    the dodgers need a new owen…stress NEED…and because they are a big market team in LA they need a very very rich owner….Mark Cuban would be perfect for them. He has wanted a team for a long time and for some stupid reason selig wont let it happen. But how many other people would be able to work as a baseball owner in LA? Cuban should own either the mets or the dodgers but because selig is a horrible comish it wont happen

    • WhiteSoxHomer 4 years ago

      Cuban is not what baseball needs. The guy cant stay off the basketball court why would he stay off the diamond. Baseball takes cool level headed people to over see the big picture and he is anything but.

    • dodgers33dodgers 4 years ago

      i think cuban would be great…i’ve been saying for months i want him and his money to be the owner…but he said before the season that he is giving money to BCS to make it more competitive and interesting…and has given up on owning baseball…i dont think that means he will change his mind tho!!

  22. MetsEventually 4 years ago

    Mets are next

  23. TapDancingTeddy 4 years ago

    Whomever takes over for MLB will probably take a highly conservative stance and hold on to every good player who isn’t too expensive. That keeps the franchise’s value high, as the Dodgers can be sold with the expectation that costs will be low and the chance of winning soon good.

    So even if there is a trade that might be made to help them win now, I don’t think it will happen. The only moves I can see them making are to ship out a couple of older guys for prospects. That’s the reverse of what happened with the Expos, where there was incentive to win immediately in hopes of keeping the franchise in Montreal.

  24. MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

    I agree. I could see them moving Lilly, Garland, Broxton or Uribe, not the core youngsters.

    • thegrayrace 4 years ago

      Not sure any of those guys get picked up even if you put them on waivers… their contracts are all far heavier than their production. Maybe Lilly gets picked up. Maybe.

      But good luck trading any of them for anything useful…

  25. MaineluvstheSox 4 years ago

    how do you mismanage the Los Angeles Dodgers to this kind of low? Frank McCourt has got to be one amazing fool.

  26. sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

    If he comes off the DL for long enough they should trade Furcal. His option won’t vest and I doubt, even if the dodgers sell quick to someone with unlimited resources, that it makes sense to re-sign Furcal yet again at 34 to another 1 1/2 years playing and another 1 1/2 years on the DL for 12 mil a year deal. I think they will let him walk if not traded. Especially so if he has another DL stint after recovering from the finger. The team is built in such a way that we don’t miss him when he’s gone, which is about 50% of his career in LA.
    It just makes sense to move Furcal, even if the ownership thing were not going on. There will be someone in need of a shortstop who will be in the pennant chase down the stretch and will pay decently for the rental. If not, let him play out the year and decline his option.

  27. SmackSaw 4 years ago

    I bet Bud puts Joe Torre in charge. That’d be sweet.

    • Gumby65 4 years ago

      You’re VERY close. But my money says Kim Ng, if there isn’t any conflict of interest/comfort issues in the way of it.

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

      I’d vote for Joe, as if our votes count. No matter who gets the job, it has to be a real baseball person.

  28. Gumby65 4 years ago

    Selig’s 2011 to do list:

    Replace retiring Bob Watson: CHECK
    Oust McCourt – CHECK
    Hunt & Kill Osama Bin Laden – TBA

    Don’t mess with Bud…
    Seriously though, hopefully he follows through on the process, and brings in a REPUTABLE OWNERSHIP group as fast as LEGALLY* POSSIBLE.

    *Afraid this will be hung up in court for a very long discouraging time…

  29. Gumby65 4 years ago

    RE: Fire sale comments:

    MLB’s move to take over is to prevent exactly this type of activity from happening…

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

      I believe you are right. But in addition, it became obvious that the McCourts were not going to settle the ownership issue any time soon.

  30. East Coast Bias 4 years ago


    for a second, I thought it read MLB TR take over Dodgers’ Financial Operations.

    That would be sweet!

  31. I bet Red Sox fans are dancing on their ceilings after reading this. There but for the grace of Bud go they.

  32. Jman1213 4 years ago

    I don’t get the “Torre as team president” idea. I’m sure he saw this team wasn’t going to contend and figured he’d get out while the gettin’s good and dumped the mess in Mattingly’s lap. I don’t think making him an executive solves anything other than trying to put a smiley face back on the organization. Sad that one of the most storied franchises in not just baseball, but sports has been reduced to an MLB takeover.

    By the way, this is NOT a Montreal thing if any of you were wondering. MLB took over the team and Selig did everything in his power to kill them. Not gonna happen in L.A.

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

      Two words: Nolan Ryan.

      • WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

        WHat does the Texas owner have to do with L.A.’s financial problems?

        • BlueSkyLA
          BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

          Ryan came back to the Rangers when he was hired by owner Tom Hicks to run the club as president. Ryan only became co-owner a couple of years later. What this has to do with the Dodgers (the team, not their financial problems) is that they desperately need a real baseball person like Ryan to get the club back on the right page and to restore fan faith in the future of the club. They need someone to do what Ryan did for the Rangers.

  33. scott_boras 4 years ago

    I told Selig I’m interested in buying the team.

  34. meep 4 years ago

    i hope the next owner is a LA home grown guy

  35. northsfbay 4 years ago

    There will be no fire sale. Don’t expect any miracles on the field this year. MLB has to make the team solvent and find a new owner.

  36. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago


    Doesn’t the fact that the league is taking over will PROBABLY mean that they plan on maintaining the current payroll and while they probably won’t add much to the payrollit would sort of negate the need for a fire sale? When they took over for the Expos and the Rangers it didn’t neccesarily keep them from adding players.

    • meep 4 years ago

      im guessing when MLB takes over there just there to make sure the team can put a good winning team on the field day after day. i think it doesnt stop a team from added players but that my guess.

      • So when is MLB going to take over the Pirates? Is there a rule in the MLB charter that says a team from LA or NY has to have a winning record and none of the other teams matter?

        And as much as I hate to bring politics to the table, a good portion of the people that complained the government was too big when they took over General Motors are probably viewing this as a positive, but it’s the same thing. A governing body is taking over an ailing business because if the business doesn’t survive, the governing body will be hurt financially.

        • BlueSkyLA
          BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

          Not even close to the same thing. Teams are not independent businesses, they are part of MLB. They are franchises, which MLB both creates and governs. That said, it’s not a matter of fielding a winning team — that’s entirely up to the franchisee. The Pirates haven’t fielded a winning team for years, but they don’t seem to be financially mismanaged. The Dodgers owners are at legal war with each other. They don’t have the cash flow to meet payroll. This is why the Commissioner stepped in. The only complaint I have is why he didn’t do it six months ago.

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      Better question.

      Where the hell have you been?!

  37. meep 4 years ago

    im so happy this happen because if you have a owner that need to make a loan just to pay the bills then you know there no way he can keep the team. or add good playes to make this team able to win

  38. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    You almost feel bad for him. It’s been a couple of hard years for McCourt.

    • Gumby65 4 years ago

      Almost feel, as in “I almost feel like I shouldn’t have rubbed my eyes after peeling habeneros” or “I almost feel like drinking 15 beers and performing brain surgery on myself is a really good idea”?

  39. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    Time to move the Dodgers to San Antonio or Oklahoma City.

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      HAHAHAHAHAHA Don’t make me laugh. Oh, wait.

    • Gumby65 4 years ago

      Somebody’s taking the “420” thing too far…

  40. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers would it take for McCourt to sell before he could keep the Dodgers? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves in these times of need.

  41. eyedessert 4 years ago

    Kershaw/Broxton to Florida for the Marlins Manatees, who will be converted to security guards.

  42. McCourt was a fake millionaire, fake husband, and fake baseball owner. He has been called out on all three, and it couldn’t happen to a bigger clown. Thanks for nothing, Frank. Several inglorious, wasted seasons…and the darkest day in Dodger history…are your legacy. From the cost-cutting of security to your insipid, heartless response, the Stow beating reflects on you nearly as badly as the scumbags who perpetrated that crime.

    This is a great day for Dodger fans. Now if we can get some good new about Mr. Stow, perhaps we can put this horrible era behind us.

    Prayers as always for Bryan Stow and his family.

  43. Dodgerblue18 4 years ago

    Not like it would happen.. but it would be nice to see Kobe own the Dodgers.

  44. chaifetz10 4 years ago

    No no no, why would they trade away those three when Nova, Nunez, and Justin Maxwell would get it done?!

    /end sarcasm

  45. MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

    Not a chance, but maybe Big John Broxton for Montero or Betances, straight up. :-)

  46. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    In my head, I had Bowzer from Mario do the “NOOO” voice and had Darth Vadar the “ARGGHH.”

  47. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    Kershaw hasn’t even reached his first arbitration year yet.

    Kemp and Ethier will still be paid less than market value.

  48. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    Poor James Loney, so sad to see him go…

  49. MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

    No, not a guarantee, but no riskier than with the McCourts either. Hey, I am not blaming McCourt if he did not see the divorce forthcoming. In most divorces, one of the spouses is surpirised when it happens. But in my case, I was lukewarm about them when the cash flow was OK and now it is not. The loan from FOX was an act of desparation. I am not saying the McCourts are bad people it is just time to facilitate a sale, both will get to keep their affluent comfortable lives and they can buy great season tickets if they still want to watch the games. Or, they can partner up with Wilpon on the Mets. :-)

  50. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    tell us how your really feel

  51. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    Uh, most Dodger fans are happy with this move… how is that karma now?

  52. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    Right, I’m sure Selig’s intention is to field a AAA team in the 2nd largest market in baseball. That’s definitely how you resolve the team’s finances, assure that the seats are empty and nobody is watching…

  53. BlueSkyLA
    BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

    A new owner is going to (1) not be leveraged to hell and gone, and (2) have access to hundreds of millions in new media revenue. Players like Ethier and Kemp in free agency become quite affordable, and they might even want to stay if the two stooges get sent packing.

  54. vtadave 4 years ago

    Yep, MLB is going to make sure that the next owner is too poor to re-sign the team’s best players. Yeesh.

  55. 55saveslives 4 years ago

    Dang, they deleted it…lol

  56. MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

    Personally, I think he will start hitting again real quick for a season line of .280-10-80-7. Now if the Dodgers can trade Loney for a solid prospect, then great. But otherwise, he is an asset for this year, but he will need a paycut if the Dodgers are going to keep him in some capacity past this season. Without any serious power, Loney is a borderline starter as a 1B if he is hitting .290, but he is falling short so far this season.

  57. BlueSkyLA
    BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

    I have to say, it was a good house at the stadium last night, especially for a midweek game. Until the ninth inning anyway. That’s when I left.

  58. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    Looked quite empty on Sunday, but that may have been because of the Lakers.

    Anyway, I’m sure subtracting Ethier and Kemp from the team is not a recipe for maintaining attendance. They’re probably the only reason half the fans still show up.

  59. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    That slash line should win him the Lowest OPS Among Regular 1B Award for like the 3rd consecutive season!

  60. Guest 4 years ago

    Yep, the Yankees don’t have enough closer-type pitchers…

  61. Gumby65 4 years ago

    No, but to cut your assumption some slack, the money-saving part is for MLB as a whole. For Los Angeles and the good of the game, he should have sold the team a long time ago, let alone never been allowed to make a leveraged purchase. There will be no purging of the team; the last thing MLB wants is a club that averages 39k tickets sold per game (35k actual seats filled per game) dwindling to 22k per event to watch a gutted squad, let alone a television market that has already lost 2 NFL franchises in the same season. The Rangers were not gutted by MLB, and miraculously, neither were the Expos.

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