MLBTR Forum Moderator Position

We are seeking a head moderator to be active in regulating our forums. Duties include approving new users on the back end and completing other related tasks on a daily basis. Past bulletin board administrative experience is preferred.

If you're interested, please send a short email to explaining your credentials for and interest in the position. Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to all applicants.

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  1. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    is this because the other day with alphabet and how outta control that got

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      The position is for the forums, not the comments section. That thread was a nightmare.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        I’ve never once been in the forums, I just found out they exist

        • wickedkevin 4 years ago

          I’ve tried. I don’t like them. Too many egos.

      • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

        whatever, i laughed out loud more than once

  2. Yuck, I can’t believe you actually made forums. These are rarely fun places to be, even with good moderation.

  3. Gumby65 4 years ago

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  4. westcoastwhitesox 4 years ago

    If the moderator can also put the smackdown on the recent influx of trolls to the comments of this site that would be great. I used to love reading the comments because of all the insightful stuff, but lately it has been like a Jr. High School lunchroom in here!

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      Something tells me that I wouldn’t last too long would I?

      • westcoastwhitesox 4 years ago

        I don’t think you’re a troll…I’m pretty sure you make humorous and/or insightful comments. I just notice there are some new trolls on this site getting the old fogeys pissed off and the rest of us have to read (or filter through) the egotistical banter between trolls and the trolled trying to out-insult each other. It’s not a big deal…the articles on this site will continue to be good regardless of the comments.

  5. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    Wouldn’t it be helpful and filter down on all of the e-mails you get about the position if you described the job/hobby a bit. For instance let people know the amount of hours it would require per day/week. What kind of pay, if any. Seems like it would save you alot of time cutting out the people that are half serious but do not know what the job really is.

    • vilifyingforce 4 years ago

      Paid Moderator….Do those exist on the internet?

      • baycommuter 4 years ago

        Sure, some newspapers use outsourced paid moderators, it’s more efficient to use a service that works on multiple sites.

  6. You guys really could use a couple of comment moderators, too. Rather than just MLBTRCommentModerator.

  7. JacksTigers 4 years ago


  8. FowlofCanada 4 years ago


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