Selig On Mets, Contraction, Realignment, Playoffs

Commissioner Bud Selig told Chris Russo on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio that he’s confident in the Mets, not considering contraction and open to realignment and expanding the playoffs. Here are the details and other highlights:

  • The Mets asked for and obtained a loan from MLB, but they have not asked for a second loan, despite reports to the contrary.
  • Though Selig did not tell Mets owner Fred Wilpon to hire new GM Sandy Alderson, he encouraged the Mets to hire his longtime friend. “He’s very competent," Selig said of Alderson. "Very, very, very smart.” 
  • MLB has “not discussed contraction at all.”
  • However, Selig is open to changing the structure of baseball's leagues and divisions. “Realignment is something that in the future I really want to look at particularly before I leave.” It’s not currently a priority for Selig, who likes some geographical realignment.
  • MLB is “working on” adding two teams to the playoffs and we could see changes as soon as 2012.

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  1. CitizenSnips 4 years ago

    “MLB is “working on” adding two teams to the playoffs and we could see changes as soon as 2012.”


    • raygunpunx 4 years ago


      • How are they going to add more teams when the season is long enough as it is. We started in March this year and will be done just before November. Adding more teams extends the season even longer. I have loved going to Phillies playoff games the past few years, but it has been extremely cold at a few of them. I am not looking forward to a snow delay.

        Only a few teams making it makes it much more special. Basketball and Hockey let (seemingly) everyone in and it is just dumb. I went a very long time without seeing the Phillies in the playoffs and when they finally did, I felt like we accomplished something.

        • They’ll probably shorten the regular season, say 2 games, and maybe add a 3 game playoff series.

          • VadaPinson 4 years ago

            Maybe the way it would only work is by adding 2 more roster openings or even 3…and then actually schedule DH. But that could also turn into a mess with rainouts….and of course the important $$$ that the owners lose with a DH, in their eyes.
            I don’t like it…and I liked the 3 Division alignment. I agree that Houston going to the AL West makes sense. Never liked the changing of leagues but with MIL going to NL….might as well fix the Houston in Central deal.

            If you are going to have 2 extra teams it might be best of 3..I would imagine. Maybe less days off obviously in between series. I just don;t like the smell of it. Let Hockey and Basketball bastardize their sports. Baseball does not have to keep catering to trying to be like the other sports to remain popular. You have been trying to fix the pace of game, getting rid of the PED….fixing the draft? (I hope) So that teams who need the help do not pick players only based on sign ability.

      • I wish the fans could vote on these issues. The only people I know of that are in favor of expanding playoffs are league officials, players, and coaches. I haven’t heard one FAN say they want the playoffs to be expanded. Gee, I wonder why…

        It’s the tip of the iceberg. Soon, baseball will just be like basketball and hockey and the regular season won’t even be worth watching.

    • As a Jays fan adding teams obviously has a nice ring to it. But at the same time, it kind of feels like a potentially cheap way in… But Raygunpunx is right.. teams make the play offs, fans fill the seats.

    • Bombastic_Dave 4 years ago

      I believe it’s to make a difference between those teams that win their divisional pennant and those that win the wild cards. I believe the two extra teams will be two extra league wildcard slots. The wildcards of each league would have a three-game (or possibly one game) series to see who plays the first seed of the LDS.

      Even after winning the wildcard series, all of the division leaders will have had a couple days extra rest.

  2. As a Blue Jays fan I love the terms, “realignment” and “expanded playoffs”

  3. Beauford 4 years ago

    Radical Realignment

    If you want to (1) blow it up and start over by (2) focusing on rivalries which (3) saves travel time and expenses or (4) just start arguments on MLB Trade Rumors:

    AL WEST > Dodgers – Angels – Oakland – San Francisco – Seattle

    AL CENTRAL > White Sox – Cubs – St. Louis – Kansas City – Milwaukee

    AL EAST > Yankees – Mets – Boston – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh

    NL WEST > San Diego – Arizona – Colorado – Houston – Texas

    NL CENTRAL > Minnesota – Detroit – Cleveland – Cincinnati – Toronto

    NL EAST > Atlanta – Florida – Tampa Bay – Baltimore – Washington

    • WhiteSoxHomer 4 years ago

      Chicago would burn if The White Sox and the Cubs were division rivals. Terrible idea, you know how hard baseball season is already? ps I am kidding around.

    • That actually makes a ton of sense but I don’t see the league making that radical of a shake up. I don’t see many if any teams changing leagues.

    • Dan Wohl 4 years ago

      No one ever seems to remember that Selig proposed something very much like this in the 90s.

      • I too would like to see his outlines proposal. I also was watching teletoon and ytv throughout most of the 90’s so I wasn’t keeping up on my baseball back then.

    • Russell Sampson 4 years ago

      I like everything except the AL East. Pittsburgh in with 4 of (maybe even the top 4?) the highest spenders in the game? I’m pretty sure even the most diehard Pirates fan would just want to be contracted.

      There’s also the issue of having an odd number of teams in each league. Either there’s always an interleague, or maybe put the Pirates in the NL East? Or there’s expansion.

      Should it be desirable to keep six divisions of 5 teams, I think it would be fairer to put, say, Washington in the AL East. Their owner seems much more willing to spend. It would break up a “rivalry” between Baltimore and Washington though, and rivalries are a major part of your alignment.

      As a whole, it seems like in an economic/payroll sense that this is a very fair alignment, with the exception of Pittsburgh. Cleveland might be at a disadvantage payroll-wise in their division, but two of those teams are already in their division in the current format.

      • Beauford 4 years ago

        At the last second, I flipped Pittsburgh and Toronto because Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are in the same state. Maybe I should have left it as is.

        One obvious flaw in my realignment is placing four big market teams – Yankees, Mets, Boston and Philadelphia – in the same division. Under the current playoff structure, at least two of these teams would always miss the playoffs. I don’t believe either MLB or the TV networks would go for this.

        • Russell Sampson 4 years ago

          I actually loved having the 4 big markets in one division. It may affect the post-season ratings, but I think it would cause a huge increase in regular-season ratings. Imagine if MLB scheduled plenty of inter-division games in September, and all 4 teams are in the race for the playoffs. Those ratings would be massive. I’d say it would indirectly increase ratings everywhere else as well. Imagine the intensity of the games in the other divisions as they try to beat out someone in the East for the wildcard.

          Toronto would have more potential to compete in this new AL East, but I liked them as a central team. Payroll-wise they fit in quite nicely. Of course, as a Blue Jays fan, I’m a bit biased and would love to have them out of the AL East.

          I think one way to appease the TV networks is the oft-discussed addition of two wildcards. That’d give three of the teams in the AL East the potential to make the playoffs. I’d also think the ratings would be massive if the two wild cards do a single game play-in if both are from the AL East. A three game series would be have huge ratings as well. I do agree though, that the current playoff format would be a nagative for ratings.

          • zer09 4 years ago

            If you put all the massive market teams in the same division, all the other divisions would suffer. Teams from big markets have fans all over the country and they come out to (their city’s team) games just to see the incoming powerhouses.
            Putting teams from the same city in the same division will shut out a lot of those “out of market” fans – something that can’t possibly be good for baseball…

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago

      I’m honestly shocked at how much I like this idea. Honestly, someone brought up interleague all year and I think that’s a consideration that I’d be for. No other sport really adheres to something like that and a regional schedule would really cut down on travel days, which benefits the players.

      Not to mention you’ve got most of the biggest markets slugging it out with each other which would likely only increase parity, though at the expense of playoff ratings (Which would likely be made up for with the additional rivalry games).

      It’s got its problems, but so does the current system.

    • VadaPinson 4 years ago

      Well that is radical. Like crazy radical.

      Toronto in the NL Central? Pitt in the AL east? Might as well contract them then….and do what they did in football in the 40’s…when they combined 2 teams together beacuse one was so bad and they both had money problems. Philly and Pitt could be one.

      • To be fair, if professional baseball worked the same as professional European football, the Pirates would be stuck in AAA.

        • VadaPinson 4 years ago

          As an Uruguayan who had a great time enjoying this World Cup and starting to watch Suarez in Liverpool and Cavani in Napoli…after not paying attention to soccer for years…I can say I do not understand how these leagues wprk at all. Especially trades…or players on loan? Window for moving? And like you point out…a team could be dropped from the top league and be sent down? Crazy stuff. My father, who was 6 when Uruguay beat Brazil in 1950 and heard it on the radio….does not even understand it all and he watches and follows all the games.

    • zer09 4 years ago

      Having two teams from one city constantly play in the same division (hence, the same opponents) would ruin baseball. There’s a reason why teams from the same localities are in different leagues – it widens the fanbase…

    • Not bad. I would switch the AL Central teams with the NL Central teams and I’d switch Seattle and San Diego.

    • So Atlanta wins the NL East for at least the next 5 straight years.

    • I’d take that, but you have the Central backwards. Should be:
      NL CENTRAL > White Sox – Cubs – St. Louis – Kansas City – Milwaukee

      AL CENTRAL > Minnesota – Detroit – Cleveland – Cincinnati – Toronto

  4. If I would realign divisions, i would make it more like either the old time baseball standings (scrap divisions, the rivalries can still play as much as they normally do) or do it like the NBA (not as logical because of how few playoff teams there are, but at least there can be 3 teams from one division in the playoffs, and not be bound to having divisional rivals be barred from playing in round 1)

  5. Pete 4 years ago

    There needs to be no realignment, just revert to no divisions and let every team play each other equal times at home and road, and the best 4-6 records play in the playoffs. Easy.

    Divisional baseball has been a massive failure in terms of logic. It wasn’t as apparent before the 90s switch, but it certainly has made MLB a complete joke (logically) over the last 20 years or so. Unbalancing the schedule = a terrible, disgusting, classless move that lets average teams feast on lesser opponents and not play good ones, thus creating “fake” good teams. Bud, you have screwed this game so badly, please, I beg of you, fix what you broke.

  6. ea19 4 years ago

    They are already GEOGRAPHICALLY aligned, so what the hell is selig talking about???

    • Who is closer New York and New York or Toronto and Tampa Bay? They are geographically aligned by longitude but I imagine they will realign due to actual closeness one team is to another.

      • ea19 4 years ago

        I don’t think that they will put both New York or Chicago teams in the same division!!!

        • I wouldn’t either, I was just throwing it out there to make a point. If they do realign the teams it will be closeness together not east, west, central. The northeast region will have plenty enough teams to not put the Mets and Yankees or the White Sox and Cubs in the same division.

    • Pittsburgh.. wha..

    • it cant be perfect, and some sports are or were worse (N.O. saints in the NFL were in the west etc)

      but how is PITT a central team, HOU is almost in the gulf, how is it a central team?

      the problem is you cant have more than 10 teams in “the east”, right?; unless….

      • icedrake523 4 years ago

        Houston is in the Central time zone. That’s why it’s in the Central division.

        • Bino9 4 years ago

          Then why is Texas Rangers in the West coast?

          • icedrake523 4 years ago

            Because they are more west than Kansas City and Minneapolis (both the western most cities in the Central division).

            A better question is why the Dallas Cowboys are in the NFC East.

          • Bino9 4 years ago

            Being as how I don’t watch football nor follow it I couldn’t answer anything about football. There shouldn’t be 6 teams in the NL Central and 4 in the AL West. Somethings gotta give there. But Texas also shouldn’t be put in the West when that entire state is considered central when you look at a map.

          • icedrake523 4 years ago

            It was a rhetorical question.

            But it doesn’t matter if a division has different number of teams. And making the AL and NL 15 teams each would require regular interleague matchups.

          • Bino9 4 years ago

            Having a division with a different amount of teams in it does make a difference. If one division has 6 teams and another has 4, then the division that has 4 teams in it only has to compete with 3 other teams for 1st place making it that much easier to obtain 1st place in that division and go to the playoffs while the division with 6 teams has 6 teams fighting for a division leader. You wouldn’t need regular interleague matchups as well. Not every team plays every team the same amount of times in a season. They could just play the teams they don’t play that much maybe 1 or 2 more series and that’s not that much, what 6 or 7 games max

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            You would need at least one interleague series going on at all times. If you have 15 teams in each league, they can’t all be playing another team in their league on the same day.

          • Bino9 4 years ago

            As I stated to another individual, there would be an odd number of teams with 15 teams each league. So 1 team in each league would have 3 days off, and that team would constantly rotate.

          • icedrake523 4 years ago

            Please explain how 15 teams can all play against each other everyday. Unless one team plays a doubleheader against 2 different teams, it’s not possible. You would HAVE to have regular interleague matchups all year. I think MLB would prefer to have Interleague remain as it is (a weekend in May and most of June) so they can hype it.

            If baseball goes ahead and adds another wild card spot for both leagues, then it makes divisional standings (thus number of teams in each division) even less relevant.

          • Bino9 4 years ago

            As I stated to another individual, there would be an odd number of teams with 15 teams each league. So 1 team in each league would have 3 days off, and that team would constantly rotate.

            Adding another Wild Card spot is just stupid to begin with, so then what we have 5 teams in the playoffs. What happens then? Are they going to allow the team with the best record have a bye in terms of the bracket? Then that’s not fair to the rest of the other teams because then the best team (record wise) gets a nice 6-8 days off and become very well rested which could be good for them or they could be overly rested and make so many mistakes in their 1st series.

          • icedrake523 4 years ago

            I don’t think having 3 days off would be a good solution. First, baseball isn’t really a sport that benefits from a lot of downtime. It’s better for hitters to keep hitting everyday (nothing is a substitute for real games) and starting pitchers to keep pitching every 5 days. Second, the off days would mess with rotations. A team with a strong top 2 or 3 pitchers would have a much greater advantage over a team with 4-5 quality pitchers. It would cause too much issues with keeping everyone on their turn while still playing your best pitchers. Third, there would have to be a point in the year where a team has a weekend off. That would really hurt the team’s income since weekends, especially during the summer, generate so much revenue. Owners don’t want to see an empty stadium on a weekend in July because their team has no one to play.

            They can do a playoff between the 2 wild card teams.

          • Bino9 4 years ago

            But you act as if when I said have 3 days off would come every single week or so. The team would constantly rotate, so it wouldn’t hurt nor would it be a great advantage as you would tihnk. Your points are valid but I’m not saying what I said was a fool proof plan and would work perfectly as it’s just something I thought of off the top of my head. I’m sure if it gets tweeked it could be interesting.

          • icedrake523 4 years ago

            It’s difficult to really conceptualize the 3 off day solution since I’m guessing schedule making is a complicated process without the information MLB has when they do it.

            It’s a difficult situation for MLB. Expansion is pretty much impossible at this time given the economy (finding suitable cities was difficult even when it wasn’t in bad shape) and they seem adamant against contraction (which is really what should happen).

          • Bino9 4 years ago

            I completely agree that it’s hard to see it happening with what we have to go off of. MLB probably makes the schedule during the season prior or right when the season ends and I’m sure it’s not easy. The teams that don’t get fans in the seats could be considered expendable. I don’t understand how the Rays make the playoffs and seats were still empty, I know times are rough in this economy right now but if you’re a Rays fan then tell me why no one goes to the games when they have a very small budget and still compete in that difficult AL East

  7. I would like to see Arizona get flipped to the AL and Houston moved to the NL West so that all the divisions and the leagues have the same number of teams.

  8. For scheduling purposes it would be nice to actually add two teams so that each league had 16 teams, and then move to an eight division format like the nfl. The nfl playoff format would work well too in that setup.

    • Even though Selig denies it, I see the league contracting before it expands. Since there are too many teams that aren’t doing well, they aren’t going to put more teams in the league.

      • exactly! half the ballparks are half-empty!
        no way they expand, not now!
        they may relocate, if anything

        • roomwithamoose 4 years ago

          easy solution: combine the markets to have a filled stadium so we can have the Cleveland Indians of Pittsburgh or whatever haha

  9. iheartyourfart 4 years ago

    contract the mets.

  10. $7562574 4 years ago

    the only realignment needed is budt selling’s greedy brain

    • Beauford 4 years ago

      One of the jobs of every commissioner of every sport is to increase revenues in their sport. The head of any corporation would try to do the same.

      Selig has his faults, but following Gordon Gecco’s “Greed is good …” motto isn’t one of them.

  11. RobMor 4 years ago

    Instead of doing all that Bud, how about looking at ways to make the schedule a bit more balanced? It just doesn’t make sense that the 4th and 5th place teams in the toughest division in baseball play one of the harder schedules in baseball.

    I know MLB has a ton more games than the NFL and it would be a logistical nightmare but I believe there has to be a way to make it work. Figure it out and you never have to worry about realignment.

  12. MetsEventually 4 years ago

    Adding playoff teams, REALLY DUMB.

    • Its terrible and if it happens, whats the point of playing 162 games? Yeah, grind an entire season out too see potentially the 2nd and 3rd place teams in a division make the playoffs.. Sounds super exciting.
      The only way it would work if they adopt MiLB playoff format.. The whole thing makes me sick.

    • Its all about the money. The commissioner of a league has to look at any way possible to make the league more money. Adding more playoff games add more TV dollars and more ticket sales. Is it smart in general? That is up for debate. Is it smart for the league and the owners? 100% it is.

  13. Jeff 4 years ago

    My idea for radical realignment, barring expansion

    5 Divisions of 6 teams.

    Playoffs, top 2 in each division get 1. Division winners and top 2nd place team seeded 1-6, other 2nd place teams play a 1 game playoff for 7th/8th seed.

    32 team setup:
    4 leagues of 8 teams. Play teams in your own league 14 times, play another league 8 times (leagues rotate year to year).

    Playoffs would be Japanese style playoffs.

  14. mgsports 4 years ago

    Northeast Mets,Yankees,Red Sox,Blue Jays
    Altantic Phils,Pirates,Nats,Oroiles
    Southeast Altanta,Miami,Tampa Bay
    Midwest Houston,Texas,KC,St. Louis,Colorado
    North Central Twins,Brewers,White Sox,Cubs
    Central Indians,Reds,Tigers
    West Seattle,Arizona
    10 man Lineup with DH and Pitcher in it and Inter League play all year round.

    NFL is not really geographically because their should be one Division of each area and a Midwest and Alantic one added. In NBA New Orleans belongs in Southeast,Denver in Midwest and Minnesota in Central. NHL has no Midwest Division.

  15. wkkortas 4 years ago

    Selig is talking about realignment, contraction, which are essentially non-issues while neither talking nor doing anything about the massive and ridiculous disparities in revenue among clubs, which is the main factor keeping the Jays, Orioles, Pirates, et al in a position of perpetual non-competitiveness. This is par for the course for bumbling Uncle Bud.

  16. mgsports 4 years ago

    6 teams make the Playoffs in each League with lets say the Rangers are the top team in AL they would face the worst team out of the six even if its from the West.

  17. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    Not much meat to your argument is there?

  18. (cough cough) Baltimore and Toronto field strong enough teams to make the playoffs in almost any other division this year. Yet they have no chance….

  19. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    You said Bud was potentially going to screw up things, without any explanation of why things would be screwed up.

    Then you said it wasn’t necessary, with the only explanation (in your 2nd post) being to look at past World Series winners, which has what to do with realignment?

  20. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    No you should make statements that have some sort of point. I am not arguing with you either way whether alignment or realignment is good or bad, I just want you to explain your point so I can understand it as a reader. No need to be so defensive.

    But since you are being so defensive, your WS argument is sorry. It ignores division winners, regular season winners, overall records the past 10 years, and really makes no connection between alignment and the playoffs in any conceivable way.

  21. You put Toronto in the Central or West division in the AL and they would be a front runner or a 1a front runner in either of them.

  22. I will take it how ever I can get it when teams in our division are spending hudreds of millions more then we are at this point.

  23. mateodh 4 years ago

    FanOfBJs- Has anyone ever told you you need to change your name?- I agree. If your team can’t hold up over 162 with teams in your division, it doesn’t deserve to compete in the postseason, despite the unpredictable nature of the playoffs.

  24. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    Winning the division means nothing? How about the wild card? How do other teams even make it to the playoffs then, let alone with the World Series?

    Again I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you. I just think you are making a fundamentally flawed argument . I’m not a professor, just someone who likes people to develop their points. A good 1 sentence for you would be: Selig is screwing everything up because . . .
    Realignment isn’t necessary because . . .

  25. Dan Wohl 4 years ago

    Lol…it was ’97. I did a little poking around on Google News cause I couldn’t remember the exact time. I tried to post a link but the filter would let me, just search “Selig realignment” and set the time range to 1997. It was exactly the same concept that Beauford put forward…realigning everyone on the basis of geography with absolutely no regard for the leagues’ histories. The fact that in this plan they dared to still call what was essentially the Eastern and Western Leagues “American and National” was pretty ridiculous. In the end traditionalists prevailed, and the upcoming odd-numbered leagues problem generated by the arrival of the Diamondbacks and (then-Devil) Rays, which was Selig’s excuse for this proposal in the first place, was solved by the Brewers moving from the AL to the NL and creating the admittedly awkward 16/14 split we have today.

  26. The league has talked about taking the DH out before and it looks like it might happen in the future. It is a thing that has to be gone through the CBA and I don’t see the Players Association agreeing to it just yet. The DH has prolonged a bunch of players careers and with the many years of peace in labour talks I don’t see the league trying to push on it too hard so they can remain at peace.

  27. Bino9 4 years ago

    I would rather them get rid of the DH completely. The NL is more of a strategy played game in terms of who is going to pinch hit, pinch run and so on. Once that person is used in the game then he’s done. With the DH, it’s just a crutch for that entire league. Ok this guy can’t play defense, so we’re just gonna let him do nothing but swing the bat and have him run the bases. The DH just basically needs to go, and you’ll see managers actually use their bench more efficiently that way

  28. Pete 4 years ago

    When teams go 18-2 against cellar dwellers and make the playoffs over teams that have to play tougher opponents, that is certainly a joke. The logic is there, but its a joke.

  29. Ian_Smell 4 years ago

    I would love it because I’d actually get to see some talent on the field, even if it is the other team.

  30. Pete 4 years ago

    Bud Selig’s tenure in the game can be summed up by covering up mistakes with bigger mistakes.

  31. scatterbrian 4 years ago

    Who said the purpose of realignment is to make it easier for certain teams to win, or altering a field that’s already “wide open”?

    Selig called it geographical realignment, which sounds to me like a way to lighten the travel load, which could possibly shorten the season as a byproduct.

  32. ea19 4 years ago

    Divisions go in cycles!!!! What about the years when both baltimore and tampa bay were two of the worst teams in the majors???? No AL EAST fans were complaining then.

  33. What realignment is going to move either Baltimore or Toronto out of the East? Geographically, neither Baltimore or Toronto is anywhere near the Central or West and it would be hell for road trips. The Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Orioles are almost certainly going to remain in the same division whether there’s realignment or not.

  34. Beauford 4 years ago

    Charlotte and San Antonio

  35. Bombastic_Dave 4 years ago

    First, as a Jays fan (having just come from the game), I’ll be the first to admit we haven’t had a World Series calibre team in the last ten years. But it’s ridiculous to ask for a change to the structure of Major League Baseball just because there are two teams that consistently do better. It’s hasn’t always been that way. And if the tides change in the future, do we restructure again?

    The Jays should feel lucky to be in the division with the best teams in baseball. More practice for the post-season!

  36. you meant “logistical” or somethin like that…

  37. icedrake523 4 years ago

    I thought you retired.

  38. Bino9 4 years ago

    What they could do though is move some of the NL teams to the AL. That’s something that would be highly interesting to do. Also I’ve been wondering as to why the hell NL Central has 6 teams in that division yet AL West has 4. If Texas is considered West for AL then Houston needs to be considered West as well, or move Texas to AL Central. There’s plenty they can do in those regards

  39. They’re not going to put an odd number of teams in each league. I’d like to see 2 teams added to the AL and then create 4 divisions of 4 teams in each league and then have the top two teams in each division make the playoffs. It would be very different. Since contraction is more likely than expansion, this wouldn’t work unless baseball can grow big enough to warrant two more teams.

    You could even take it a step further and restructure each division every year. That probably wouldn’t happen unless we could improve transportation because travel would be a killer.

  40. Douglas Price 4 years ago

    Because it’s impossible to have teams play every weekend and not increase the interleague schedule, which is what you’d have to do if there were 15 in each league (i.e. there would have to be an interleague game every night).

  41. jammin502 4 years ago

    I have been pimping the logic of moving the Astros to the AL West for quite awhile now. It just makes sense! Then both divisions have 5 teams, and a natural rivalry is created there for the Astros and Rangers. That would be the only realignment that I think needs to be done. Quick and Easy!!

  42. zer09 4 years ago

    I like the East/West split, I think that would make a lot of sense. There should just be 2 leagues – no divisions, with 6 top seeds making the playoffs from each side.

    WEST > Dodgers – Angels – Oakland – San Francisco – Seattle – San Diego – Arizona – Colorado – Houston – Texas – Cleveland – Cincinnati – St. Louis – Kansas City – Milwaukee

    EAST > Yankees – Mets – Boston – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh – White Sox – Cubs – Minnesota – Detroit – Toronto – Atlanta – Florida – Tampa Bay – Baltimore – Washington

    This would be a good spread of talent. And yes, with 15 teams in each league, every week will feature two interleague series (or you can set up a schedule in a way that each team goes on an “interleague road trip” each week. (ex. week 1 Yanks play the Dodgers and Angels, week 2 Mets play Houston and Texas, week 3 Boston plays Oakland and San Fran, etc.)

    Top 6 records from each league make the playoffs, with 2 top records getting first round BYE’s and top seed guaranteed home field in playoffs. That would be a fun competition in both leagues…

  43. Just to clarify a little bit, the realignment would involve equalising the number of teams in each division. Currently there are 6 teams in the NL Central and only 4 teams in the AL West. It’s not really fair that the standard odds for winning the NL Central are 5:1 while the standard odds for winning the AL West are only 3:1.

    I highly doubt that any teams from the AL East will be changing divisions.

  44. I was wrong in my previous comment. I have now heard two fans say they are in favor of expanded playoffs. I guess you can call me old fashioned, but I feel that only the best teams should have a shot at the World Series. In fact, if I had my way, there wouldn’t be a playoff. The best team from the National League would play the best team from the American League in a best of 7 to decide the winner. I believe that’s what the original idea…

  45. ea19 4 years ago

    Cincinatti is in the WEST, but Detroit and Minnesota are in the EAST!! Like the concept, but would need some work on the alignment

  46. droozie 4 years ago

    With the A’s and Rays rumored for contraction, the west/east idea works perfectly. Fourteen teams in each league, 12 games against each team for 156 total. It can be scheduled back to 24 weeks to compensate for bad early-season weather and an expanded postseason…

  47. Dan Wohl 4 years ago

    Splitting up one of the biggest rivalries in history, Cubs-Cardinals, does not seem like a good idea to me.

    But then again this entire concept is pretty revolting to me to be honest…I don’t consider myself much of a baseball traditionalist, but this would be way too jarring for me nonetheless.

  48. Pete 4 years ago

    Whats the logic in letting one AL team play the Pirates while their div rivals play the Cardinals? None.

  49. Bino9 4 years ago

    That’s just silly because there are 30 teams right now. If you move 1 NL Central team over to the AL another team from the NL to the AL, then the teams will be balanced in terms of teams. The AL has 14 teams and the NL has 16, there could always be a team that has 3 days off and that team would constantly rotate. Trust me, there’s plenty of ways around it without making Interleague Games

  50. Just to clarify, you can’t have 6 divisions of 5. And while it may not seem fair, then leagues need to have an even number of teams to insure everyone has an opponent, unless you want to open up year round interleague play

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