Blue Jays Designate Ledezma For Assignment

The Blue Jays designated Wil Ledezma for assignment following a six-run meltdown in today's 12-0 loss, according to this tweet from's Gregor Chisolm.

Ledezma, 30, allowed 10 earned runs in just six innings with the Jays this year, six of which came today. He also allowed 11 hits and walked seven while striking out just six. All told, he's got a 15.00 ERA on the season.

The Blue Jays are the seventh team for which Ledezma has played over parts of nine MLB seasons. The southpaw has posted a 5.40 ERA, 6.4 K/9, and 4.5 BB/9 in 396 1/3 Major League innings. A corresponding roster move will be announced later tonight.

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  1. sample size.

    • bigpat 4 years ago

      His whole career? Look at his numbers, he’s pitched long enough to prove that he sucks. A 95 MPH fastball means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it. 

  2. Andy Frank 4 years ago

    Jays treat this team like it’s a fantasy team, and I think it’s bitin’ them now – since the Hill/Johnny Mac dump to ‘Zona, team’s gone 1-5 (all home games) and are just awful. Management needs to show some respect for players and chemistry.

    • Sniderlover 4 years ago

      lol Ledezma is awful. I don’t think he even pitched until today since being called back up. He’s been awful in his career, he was awful in his first stint, he was awful in his 2nd stint.

      There are better relievers that deserve a chance up here.

      And the the team losing has nothing to do with chemistry, they are in a slump like they were earlier in the year. It happens.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

      Chemistry in baseball is a myth, and baseball players need to earn their respect. It’s not bestowed.

    • McDonald asked for a trade to a contender and AA happily obliged.

      Last year, John Buck was signed to be the starter for the entire year, and even with JP Arencibia having a MVP AAA season, they stuck with Buck as their primary backstop the entire season.

      The Toronto Blue Jays’ management shows tons of respect to their players.

      • Pastokloo 4 years ago

        Wait….I haven’t seen a single article that suggests McDonald requested a trade.  Link?

  3. *Jays_44* 4 years ago

    Not even. Hill was good but needs some fresh eyes and coaching to try and return to form for his career’s sake.

    Jays are not meant to contend now, it’s time to get a look at someone else.

    We need a closer and 2nd baseman. We will make the playoffs in the 2013 season.

    • Jays made a good acquisition in Kelly Johnson, great glove and power, let’s hope he can get his BA up to where it usually is.  This year he’s all or nothing, let’s hope the Jays free-swinging lifestyle could help work him back into his groove.

  4. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Wow… I thought he was out of the majors years ago.

    Guess I was wrong.

  5. Gurvir Nijjar 4 years ago

    I hope to see Drabek back up again. 

  6. thank god he was awful cant even get 3 outs

  7. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    I just bought a Jays Ledezma jersey, just my luck!!

    • D.j. Wilson 4 years ago

      Can I have it? He’s one of my favorite pitchers from when he was with Detroit

  8. HerbertAnchovy 4 years ago

    Buck Martinez will be disappointed that he can’t call him Alfredo anymore.

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