MLBPA Files Grievance For Zambrano

The MLB Players Association has filed a grievance on behalf of Carlos Zambrano, according to's Carrie Muskat. The Cubs placed the right-hander on the disqualified list Saturday after he struggled against the Braves, cleared out his locker and said he was retiring.

Players don't get paid on the disqualified list, so Zambrano would stand to lose about $3MM if the Cubs' decision holds up. The MLBPA aims to lighten the penalty, though there's no timetable for the process at this point, according to Muskat. The Cubs and the union will meet and, if they don't reach an agreement, they'll go in front of an arbitrator.

Players don't get paid or pick up service time on the disqualified list, so Zambrano could lose as much as one sixth of his $17.875MM salary. He is under contract for $18MM next year and his contract includes a $19.25MM vesting player option for 2013.

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3 years 9 months ago

sorry for the late response…. ive been off a few months.  and your real world analogy doesnt work at all just because you dont have an understanding of how the workers comp system and union/collective bargaining works.  See, a workers comp claim (which is the administrative law system where such permant disability claims are presented, have nothing to do with the union beyond the determination of what benefits he is entitled to.  the payment of those benefits which he can no longer accumulate is paid by the state workers insurance fund (swif)  If after some time, it is discovered that he has fraudently filed a workers compensiation claim, the union doesnt have standing to get involved.  If you tried to file a grievance, the union administrator would look at him crosseyed and inform him to go take it up with the workers compensation judge.  The fraudulent claim would not have any detrimental impact on the other members of the union.  the only “ripple effect” would be felt byt eh SWIF, and trust me they would and do prosecute.  (they take everything.  many times many times the value of the payment of benefits.)  So Please, please, before you pull your chair up to the big boy table – make sure you are cognizant of the topics on which you are to converse.