Reds Place Ramon Hernandez On Waivers

The Reds have placed catcher Ramon Hernandez on waivers, according to Danny Knobler of (via Twitter).  Tim Dierkes listed Hernandez as one of his August trade candidates at the top of the month.

In late July, there was talk that the Reds were listening on offers for Hernandez, but GM Walt Jocketty said that the veteran would be staying put just prior to the deadline.  In 286 plate appearances for the Reds this year, the 35-year-old is hitting .292/.350/.465 with eleven homeruns.

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  1. Chris Faina 4 years ago

    Giants plz.

  2. rainyperez 4 years ago

    While Bell is a long shot for the Giants this one makes the most sense for them. But if Sabean works his magic and gets both Bell and Hernandez I will never say a bad word about Sabean ever again. 

    Best Bullpen in Baseball with Lopez, Romo, Bell, and Wilson.

    Plus another bat to replace Stewart and Whiteside’s inept ability to hit with running in scoring position.

    • bringbackandruw 4 years ago

      Dunno about best bullpen in baseball… Braves = O’Flar, Venters, Kimbrel and ill take those 3 over your 4

      • Moses007 4 years ago

        Add Moylan, Vizcaino, Martinez and you will have to time travel to another year to find a better pen.

    • Moses007 4 years ago

      that is absolutely laughable.  Sorry, but if you think there is a bullpen in baseball better than what Atlanta has, you are sadly mistaken.  What you cite would be a good bullpen, but certainly not the best.

      • rainyperez 4 years ago

        Lol yeah I’m sure relying on your kids arms almost all season will not affect them whatsoever when it comes down to playoff and fatigue. Lopez (two rings) and Romo/Wilson (1 ring each) I will take them over your kids any day. And which of your bullpen arms has a 53K to 4 BB walk ratio?

        • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

          If they get Bell, SF has the best bullpen. Right now though, I’d give the edge to ATL.

          With Lincecum and Cain pitching at least 2 games from each series, with that bullpen closing games out… maybe you won’t need much offense to win.

          I actually hope the Giants repeat. No way the Yanks can get past Boston this year, and definitely don’t want the Phillies winning.

          • rainyperez 4 years ago

            In terms of experience Giants bullpen gets the nod and as of now raw stuff ATL has nod. 

            Regardless both bullpens are great and I’ve been waiting for a NYY and SFG World Series. I was hoping 2003 would be it.

        • Moses007 4 years ago

          yea, coming in for only 1 out in the inning tends to lower your BB rate.  Fatigue among relievers is laughable.  I will take them any day of the week over SF pen.  Having a ring boils down to Buster Posey, Cody Ross and good STARTING pitching for you guys last year.  

          Having a big bushy dyed beard does not make you a great closer. He has an ERA of 3.20. 1+ runs every 3 innings pitched. Not the track record I think I want from my teams closer. Your season is over regardless, isn’t it?

          • rainyperez 4 years ago

            So let me get this straight you think reliever fatigue is laughable? You either have just started watching baseball or you think pitching someone close to 100 games in a season is relatively easy and not harmful to your arm? 

          • BLB25 4 years ago

            Atlanta’s bullpen is better right now mostly because of how much better Kimbrel is than Wilson.  With Bell the SF bullpen would be better.  Kimbrel would still be a lot better than Wilson, but Romo is actually even better than Venters, Lopez is close to as good as O’Flaherty and even though the rest of the ATL bullpen is pretty good it wouldn’t stack up very well against Bell, Affeldt, Ramirez, Mota/Casilla/Edlefsen.

          • Braves1976 4 years ago

            LOL, you really believe Romo is better than Venters? That’s quite ignorant, you need to watch Venters pitch more. Venters is the best reliever in baseball, only real challenge is his sidekick Craig Kimbrel, IMO.

          • Wafi Noorulhuda 4 years ago

            Yes Romo is better than Venters. The thing that all the boys in ATL have is velocity on their fastballs which none of our bullpen arms except for Casilla and Wilson have. Venters is an amazing lefty, but Romo would tame the likes of Albert Pujols or the other team’s best hitters while Venters couldn’t match with them everyday. Whoever says Kimbrel is better than Wilson is simply idiotic. Wilson has the most saves of any closer in the past 3 years. Kimbrel right now maybe better, but Wilson if he isn’t injured would probably have the most saves. Btw ATL your bullpen isn’t as strong as you think they are. Remember the NLDS, boy did we beat up on it.

          • rainyperez 4 years ago

            Hey Romo is better than Venters. Romo threw a perfect game and then some in relief this year. Here is a quote from Passan’s article…

            Fear the beard. Just not the one you think.Brian Wilson(notes)? So passé. Over the last half-decade, nobody has destroyed right-handed hitting like Giants setup reliever Sergio Romo(notes) is this season. His 47.9 percent strikeout rate against right-handed batters is the highest since Brad Lidge(notes) struck out 50.3 percent of righties in 2004. And Romo’s 0.48 FIP (Fielding Indpendent Pitching) vs. right-handers is the best since Eric Gagne’s steroid-addled 2003 season, in which he broke FIP by posting a -0.04.

            Romo is doing it without steroids.

          • rainyperez 4 years ago

            How was that pitching fatigue and post season working for the Braves?

    • jfretless 4 years ago

      Sabean’s “magic” is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. He and we (Giants Fans) got very lucky last year.  …and now Sabean’s a genius?

      • rainyperez 4 years ago

        You do know he was responsible for Jeff Kent (HOF), J.T. Snow, Jason Schmidt, and some other good players don’t you? Sabean gets way too much flak he doesn’t deserve. You also forget Peter McGowan was responsible for bad signings. Sabean is great at scouting hence the core of players we have now.

    • rainyperez, you’re saying that you’ll never say anything about Sabean again if he can add a redundant bullpen piece and upgrade at catcher for six weeks?  So, the next time he signs a Miguel Tejada or overpay for an Aubrey Huff you won’t say anything?  For 12-15 bullpen innings and 80-100 at bats you’ll give up your right to be a fan and complain? 

      I’m not buying it.  I might believe you if you hadn’t said you’d take the Giants bullpen over the Braves.  And that whole thing about the “kids” being too fatigued to pitch effectively in the post season……. remember it’s the old guys that get fatigued easily, not young guys.  I’d take the Braves pen right now over any other in baseball.

    • But by then well almost have posey back

  3. They should keep Razor Ramon and trade another catcher!!! Hernandez is clutch!!!

    • Who would you suggest?  Hanigan is signed for a few years cheaply as one of the best backup catchers in the game and Mes is knocking at the door. 

  4. Moses007 4 years ago

    I’d like to see Atlanta scoop this guy up seeing as they always carry 3 catchers in Sept and the AAA catcher that will be called up is an 8 year minor leaguer. Ramon is a RH bat that could come off the bench, with power and clutch nerves.

    • BLB25 4 years ago

      If I understand the waiver process correctly there’s no chance that Atlanta would have a shot at Ramirez.  The Giants would definitely claim him and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else claimed him before the Giants could.  

  5. bayareabeast 4 years ago

    has giants written allll over it

  6. drumzalicious 4 years ago

    Pretty sure this is a Giants claim. If they manage to get Hernandez and Bell they could definitely come back strong in September and take the NL West.

  7. The giants must be praying they are awarded this waiver claim. 

  8. Greg Munster 4 years ago

    Better now then never I guess… the guy should have been traded before July 31 when his value was at it’s peak. He still has value but it’s decreased a little with less games remaining…

  9. Rob Fodera 4 years ago

    I’m pretty sure the Dodgers are putting in a claim for ANY catcher with experience in the majors.  I may have to double-check to see if their priority order is before the Giants.  :)

  10. cookmeister 4 years ago

    wish the angels would win a claim, but not going to happen

  11. cmon on SA give up some PTBN for draft picks

  12.  Well That’s obvious.

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