Why Your Team Won’t Sign Prince Fielder

Scott Boras isn't likely to send client Prince Fielder to play for the St. Paul Saints next year; obviously he'll wind up with one of baseball's 30 teams.  Still, there are good reasons for every single team not to give Fielder the megadeal he's expected to seek.

  • Orioles: The Orioles could probably fit in Prince's salary without raising payroll, but would a new GM jump in with a $100MM+ commitment for a team that isn't expected to compete in 2012?  Is there any way they'd win the bidding on a top Boras client?  Fielder is not a good long-term signing for the Orioles, who may prefer to give Chris Davis a full season at first base if he continues to avoid labrum surgery.  All that said, they will probably at least be in the mix.
  • Red Sox: This could only work if Fielder replaces David Ortiz as the team's full-time DH, given the presence of Adrian Gonzalez at first.  The Sox clearly have bigger concerns and are highly unlikely to make Fielder the game's first $100MM DH.
  • Yankees: To open up first base, the Yanks would have to trade Mark Teixeira despite his full no-trade clause.  Fielder is not clearly better, so don't expect that manuever.  While DH is technically possible, it's wise to leave that spot open for Alex Rodriguez, who is under contract through 2017.  Plus, starting pitching will be a more immediate concern than offense.
  • Rays: Something tells me they won't have Fielder taking up half their payroll.
  • Blue Jays: I expect the first base and DH spots to be filled by Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion again; they'd earn a total of $8.5MM next year.  However, Lind has been disappointing and the Blue Jays could certainly afford Fielder, if you'd like to dream on it.
  • White Sox: Paul Konerko is locked in through 2013; Adam Dunn through 2014.  In theory Dunn could be dumped, but not for the purpose of Kenny Williams oddly cozying up to Boras for a massive Fielder contract.
  • Indians: They don't have the payroll space for it, nor does signing Fielder fit with their long-term plan.
  • Tigers: Miguel Cabrera will occupy first base through 2015, while DH Victor Martinez is signed through 2014.
  • Royals: Their future is with Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler.
  • Twins: They have to be worried about Justin Morneau and could have an open DH spot this offseason.  Technically the Twins could afford Fielder without raising payroll, but they have needs all over the place and this would not be their style.
  • Angels: Though he missed all of 2011, Boras client Kendrys Morales should be in the first base mix next year, as well as Mark Trumbo.  Bobby Abreu is under contract for '12 as the DH.  While the Angels could afford Fielder, it is tough to see Arte Moreno winning that bid.  A pursuit of Aramis Ramirez to play third base is more reasonable.
  • Athletics: I imagine they'd like to see Brandon Allen and Daric Barton compete for first base next year, with a cheap free agent DH signing.  Fielder would be hard to fit into the payroll, and the team's outfield uncertainty will likely be a big focus.
  • Mariners: The Ms would probably like to see Justin Smoak and Mike Carp in their regular lineup.  I think they could afford Fielder, but I can't see them making that DH investment.
  • Rangers: Mitch Moreland, Mike Napoli, and Michael Young will all be back next year unless someone is traded.  With a big arbitration class, the Rangers would need to raise payroll just to re-sign C.J. Wilson or sign a comparable starter, so I don't think Fielder fits in financially either.
  • Braves: They're surely content with Rookie of the Year contender Freddie Freeman.
  • Marlins: Gaby Sanchez has this spot locked down on the cheap.
  • Mets: Even with a payroll reduction the Mets should have some money to burn, but not Fielder money while embroiled in a huge lawsuit.  Ike Davis' status is uncertain, but that's not going to push the Mets to Fielder.
  • Phillies: Ryan Howard is signed through 2016.
  • Nationals: An $8MM Adam LaRoche is not a huge roadblock to Fielder, and Boras will certainly try to get the Nationals involved.  While Mike Morse could move to left field, a big extension for Ryan Zimmerman could be preferable to Washington.
  • Cubs: Boras needs to get the Cubs involved in the Fielder bidding.  While the Cubs could afford him, their needs for starting pitching and perhaps a third baseman should be equally pressing. The team's new GM will have alternatives in Carlos Pena, Michael Cuddyer, and Albert Pujols.
  • Reds: They've got Joey Votto through 2013, plus a lack of payroll space if Brandon Phillips is retained.
  • Astros: Brett Wallace and Carlos Lee have their flaws, and Jonathan Singleton is a ways off, but it'd be a radical departure for the Astros to go after Fielder.
  • Brewers: Last year, Fielder reportedly turned down an offer from the Brewers that was similar to Howard's five-year, $125MM deal.  Since then the Brewers locked up Ryan Braun through 2020, so they might not be able to make that offer again even if Prince is interested.
  • Pirates: The Pirates could sign Fielder and still have one of the game's smallest payrolls.  I don't think GM Neal Huntington has committed even $20MM total to a player in his tenure, and it'd cost that much for one year of Fielder.  It just doesn't seem like his style, but if ownership decides that the team is close they do technically have the need and payroll space.  
  • Cardinals: It's difficult to see Fielder as anything more than a long shot Plan C for the Cards.  If Pujols signs elsewhere while Fielder is still on the market, and the idea of re-signing Lance Berkman to play first base doesn't pan out either, I guess the Cardinals could look into Fielder.
  • Diamondbacks: I think they could afford him, but they have Paul Goldschmidt as their future.
  • Rockies: They don't have the money for it, and Todd Helton is under contract through 2013.
  • Dodgers: They'll have an opening, but payroll flexibility is the question.  Attendance and payroll will be down, and without a new owner in place by year's end the Dodgers won't be able to bid for Fielder.
  • Padres: Anthony Rizzo struggled as a rookie, but Jed Hoyer isn't jumping into the Fielder bidding.
  • Giants: Aubrey Huff is only under contract through 2012, but signing Fielder would make Brandon Belt a permanent outfielder.  Maybe that could work, but payroll flexibility will be very limited.  The focus may be on signing Tim Lincecum and finding a shortstop and an outfielder or two.

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  1. rayking 4 years ago

    There is zero chance that they sign both guys, but Tony LaRussa would gladly play Pujols in right. Besides, he played Allen Craig in CF this weekend even though Craig is still gimpy from his stint from the DL and has never played CF professionally. Moreover, he started Ryan Erriot at SS and Skip at 2B for most of the year.

  2. sjberke1 4 years ago

    Re Nationals: Maybe having Adam LaRoche is not a problem (though you’d sure like to get something for him when you let him go), but what do you do with Mike Morse (who’ll probably start 2012 in LF) when Bryce Harper comes up? Maybe Morse or Harper or Werth can play center, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it. And they have to worry about extending Morse eventually as well as R. Zimmerman.

    • diehardmets 4 years ago

      So, in short, the Nats boned themselves with Jason Werth’s contract.

  3. +1 for the Franklin Stubbs reference, haven’t heard that name in awhile.

  4. MaineSox 4 years ago

    “0.9 WAR in 100 games isn’t very good for…anybody, really”

    It’d be pretty good for me…

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      .9 WAR in 100 games is friggen amazing

      – yuniesky betancourt

      • Bluebirdz 4 years ago

        0.9 WAR is pretty good in 100[0] games
        – Yuniesky Betancourt

        (I think u missed a zero)

  5. Crucisnh 4 years ago

    Purple, you allude to a major factor that Tim Dierkes should have included in this otherwise fine article, i.e. the fact that Pujols is also a free agent this off-season, and what impact the presence of the two of them might have on each other’s negotiations as well as the teams that may or may not jump into the bidding.  I don’t think that most teams logic would be any different for Pujols than Fielder (except for the Cardinals).  They’re both potentially very expensive free agent 1B-men.  The same logic that makes Prince from going to team X would also apply equally to Pujols.

    • except that Pujols may very well cost more, but probably offers more.

      • Crucisnh 4 years ago

        Pujols may think that he should cost more.  But in a 1B market without the biggest, richest teams (Yanks, Red Sox, Phillies) in the game, Albert may find that his market isn’t as lucrative as he’d like it to be.

        • possibly, but a team like the Jays or Cubs are almost certainly willing to pay more for him than Fielder.

          • Bluebirdz 4 years ago

            Hey Prince Fielder is an extremely agile first baseman
            -Scott Boras

          • chico65 4 years ago

            Well, his name is Fielder after all.  Of course he’s agile.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      I think too many people are convinced Pujols will stay in St. Louis. While I agree that’s most likely, until it happens I tend to look at every reasonable variable.

      That said, I think Boras’s job becomes a lot easier if Pujols stays in St. Louis. If Pujols does walk then it’ll be because of money and I think the Cards would sign Berkman again and shift him to first rather than being able to pay Fielder. If Pujols hits the open market then essentially, as you said, the same teams are bidding for both.

      Who gets more money at the beginning of last year would have been hands down Pujols. But when you consider the 4 year age difference and Pujols having an “off year” the fact is Fielder might be a more attractive option.

      • Crucisnh 4 years ago

        Purple, I agree with what you’ve said here.  I do think that it’s most likely that Pujols stays in St.Louis.  However, the longer they both stay unsigned, the worse it may be for the both of them, so you’re probably correct to think that Boras would love to see Pujols get re-signed by the Cards quickly.  And yes, Berkman to 1B is probably plan B for the Cards.

        Plus I also agree that Fielder’s relative youth may be more attractive to teams.  He’s certainly younger and perhaps a bit cheaper.  Of course, he may not be quite as good as Pujols, but teams may fear signing AP for too long a deal and getting hurt at the back end of the deal when he’s around 40 yo.

        • he is certainly not as good as Pujols, not from an all-round perspective. (by all-round I do not mean geometric shape).

      • TheHotCorner 4 years ago

        I wouldn’t disagree with your comment.  Though question whether the age factor offers a “more attractive options” considering Prince’s…um how do I politely say this…vegetarian sized body.  There is always the concern (right or wrong) with players of Prince’s girth being able to produce as they age.  So will the 4 years age difference make a difference in the number of productive years both players have left? 

  6. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Tim’s gone to the dark side, destroying hopes and dreams of fans… and I like it!

  7. The problem with Fielder is that he’s going to want Ryan Howard money (thank you very much Rueben) and then some.  Given his body type and general lack of high end secondary skills (defense, base running) most teams are going to find it hard to even consider that.  The Cubs are the only true big market team with the need and the money but as of now they’re talking about player development and building from within, that doesn’t seem compatible with a $25+ million dollar home run hitter.  I like Fielder well enough, he’s good, I just don’t think he’s going to get what he thinks he’s worth.

  8. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    It definitely isn’t their style, but when you have a top 2-3 farm in all of baseball, their prospects quickly rising through the minors, and the team already holding their own, giving up one of their 2 2012 1st round picks for a player who could drastically change their line-up is at least possible.

    Given the Blue Jays have 2 offensively supermassive black holes on their roster (2B and 1B), and given the choices, I’d much rather sign Fielder and trade Lind (if E5 can keep hitting for the rest of the season) than sign Reyes and move Escobar to 2B, especially with Hechavarria having ridiculous numbers in his very small AAA sample size.

    Lind would look great in a Mariners uniform, and his numbers certainly fit in well with them.

    • I wouldn’t call Lind a black hole at first, let alone a “supermassive” one. 

      • MaineSox 4 years ago

        I’m thinking that was a Muse reference.

        • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

          It definitely could have been, but, he definitely is no “Knight Of Cydonia,” and for some reason I feel no “Uprising” to his game. Taking Lind over Fielder is an “Unnatural Selection.”

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

        Comparing his fWAR to the 1B of the AL East, and ever-depreciating numbers, I’d say he’s a supermassive black hole.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          BABIP (LD%) by month
          .291 (25.6%)
          .500 (26.3%) (6 games).
          306 (18.3%)
          .238 (22.9%)
          .200 (25.5%)

          his GB%’s aren’t bad either, so those numbers are actually pretty encouraging

          copyright notsureifsrs, 2011

          • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

            Solid argument as always bud. Admittedly, I haven’t been a fan of Lind for a couple years now after 2009. There’s no consistancy to his hitting game.

          • the lack of really good plate discipline is to blame i think. he’s always gonna be a guy who has to hit in order to get on base at a reasonable clip, so when he slumps he doesnt do anything really productive for you. 

            dont get me wrong – i’m a lind fan, plenty of very good big leaguers are in the same boat as far as plate discipline is concerned. he has one of the prettiest swings in bigs imo. 

          • 0bsessions 4 years ago

            Aren’t you contractually obligated to cite notsureifsrs whenever you use those figures?

    • xthetouristx 4 years ago

      Lind in a Mariners uniform makes no sense.

  9. My guess is the Pirates.  They need a 1B, have the money, and Prince could be all they need to take the division.  Also, they are the only team that doesn’t really have a reason not to other than a vague reference to “style”, not taking into account that this is the closest the Pirates have been to being a contender in 17 years.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Geez, the Pirates are already ruining baseball by spending so much on the draft and now you want them to ruin FA by giving Fielder a 9 digit contract?

      • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

        hahaaha love this comment

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          Shoewalter doesn’t

          • MaineSox 4 years ago

            I wonder what Showalter’s reaction would be if the O’s went out and bought Pujols or Fielder?  Think he’d try to tear down his own GM?

    • TheFreak2011 4 years ago

      The Pirates don’t have enough pitching, with or without Fielder.

  10. Crucisnh 4 years ago

    guy, I do agree that the Jays do look like a team that appears to have the ability and arguably the need to jump into the Fielder (or Pujols, for that matter) sweepstakes.  Either one would seem to be a huge upgrade at 1B.  And as you correctly point out, being an AL team, moving either to DH as they age then becomes an option.

  11. M_Harden 4 years ago

    Hill’s not coming back.

    • I wouldn’t bet against it. Who do you replace him with?  It seems not unlikely that they decline his options and resign him for one year at lower price.  they get a stop gap, he gets the opportunity to rebuild value.

  12. MaineSox 4 years ago

    Definitely not his style.  That’s why he’s going to get the Angels to sign him and then trade Teahen and Tallet for him, while the Angels pay half of his contract.

  13. Crucisnh 4 years ago

    You may be correct, purple.  But the Jays do seem to be a more likely option than a lot of other teams out there.  The top 3 teams in MLB all have 1B-men signed long term.  And there are a number of other teams with great 1B-men signed long term.  The key is finding a team with the resources (and the willingness to spend those resources) and some degree of need for a 1B-man.  The Jays just seem like one of the better fits here from that perspective.  

    Whether they have the will or desire to jump into the fray is, of course, a different story.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Alright, I can buy into that argument. The real fact does seem to be the first baseman market, despite potentially having 2 elite hitters on it, is hard to predict. This will sound obvious, but the lower the price tag the more likely the Jays are to make a serious offer.

      • Crucisnh 4 years ago

        I do tend to agree that it doesn’t seem likely that AA would want to spend silly money on either Pujols or Fielder.  They’re just a team that has the positive factors saying that they’re a team that could arguably make a play for either one, whether they are actually interested or not.  Just as there are some teams that probably are not in the running simply because they already have their own elite 1B-man. Nope, it’s not too complex to figure out that part of it.  As to which teams are going to be willing to join the fray, well, that’s another story entirely. We can only really see who has a need and who would seem to have the resources.

  14. Crucisnh 4 years ago

    Agreed.  About the only change I’d have made to the story is include both Fielder and Pujols, since both will be free agents.  And discuss how the presence of two high profile top free agent 1B-men could impact things.

  15. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    in Lind’s defense.. he was well on his way to a 2.3 fWAR season before his most recent brutal slump took him way, way down..

    • MaineSox 4 years ago

      That’s probably true, but that can happen to any player, it’s just something that happens (Bautista was on pace for 15 WAR earlier this season, that doesn’t mean he’s 15 WAR good this year).  Plus, that just means he was on pace to be average.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        I guess thats up for debate.. Bautista’s start was clealry unsustainable for any human being, so a fall down to grace to a 7 or 8 WAR was inevitable..

        Where as Lind’s pace was sustainable, he has already proven he can sustain it for a year.. my hope is that the rigors of playing defensively have just caught up to him. ..

        Let me just make myself clear, you and Notsureifsrs are clearly right, Lind has been subpar, especially from a 1B standpoint this season.. I think most Jays fans would (optimistically) assume that he can do more.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          use the babip numbers i gave you, dammit. they’re your best argument

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            lol i totally already did below.

            BABIP (LD%)
            by month .291 (25.6%)
            .500 (26.3%) (6 games)
            .306 (18.3%)
            .238 (22.9%)
            .200 (25.5%)

            his GB%’s aren’t bad either, so those numbers are actually pretty encouraging

            Copyright. Notsureifsrs, 2011

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago


          • Sniderlover 4 years ago

            yeah he’s been getting really unlucky.

            Some positive things I’ve seen from him lately is that he is starting to hit the other way more often like he did in 09.

            We need a new hitting coach dammit!!!!

          • MaineSox 4 years ago

            Okay so I had no idea about his BABIP

        • MaineSox 4 years ago

          Fair enough, and to be honest I wouldn’t be all that surprised if his true talent was closer to his 3.5ish WAR peak, but even that is merely good-not great for a first baseman and shouldn’t stop them from getting a player of Fielder’s caliber. (not that I’m condoning them getting Fielder, only that Lind shouldn’t be what stops them)

  16. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Allow me to fix this.. if we are talking hypothetical, might as well go full out..

    SS Escobar
    CF Rasmus
    1B Pujols
    RF Bautista
    DH Lind
    3B Lawrie
    C Arencibia
    2B Johnson

    • MaineSox 4 years ago


      SS Escobar
      CF Rasmus
      1B Pujols
      RF Bautista
      DH Fielder
      3B Lawrie
      C Arencibia
      2B Johnson

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        hahaha . imagine.

        then trade the farm for Felix and boom.

        • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

          Or trade for Felix with Hill, Lind, Thames, and/or Encarnacion as their names do not appear above

          • xthetouristx 4 years ago


            Go back to playing The Show on PS3….

          • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

            How would 4 MLB level talent guys who are all under 30 and have 20HR potential be a bad thing for Seattle who has the worst offence in the MLB

          • Jose_Bautista 4 years ago

            Nicely put lol.

          • xthetouristx 4 years ago

            Oh you mean 4 guys who don’t currently play half their games at Safeco?  4 guys who would be neutered at Safeco generally speaking?  When they already have a logjam at 1B, LF, and 2B?

            Jack Z has turned down better offers.

            Felix would cost the Blue Jays Drabek, Lawrie, and Arencibia (or more).

          • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

            Nope I mean the 4 guys who just hit 8 hour as a team in 3 games at safeco. I also would not throw the term “log jam” around describing a team who put together a 17 game losing streak. I would describe it more like a torrent river of players needed

          • xthetouristx 4 years ago

            How many of Casper Wells, Trayvon Robinson, Mike Carp, Justin Smoak, and Franklin Gutierrez were healthy and on the team during that 17 game losing streak?  Zero!  Well, Carp came in at the tail end of it.  Smoak and Gutierrez have both played injured.

            Anyway, Felix is ours, but keep dreaming, guy.

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            This is a joke, right?

      • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

        The Jays better supply “depends” for opposing pitchers facing that line-up, but to make things more interesting I would throw a speed/OBP guy between each slugger, say:

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          its funny, cuz I’m looking at this lineup with a boner.. but totally reasonable to believe that this would be unfair and too easy and ofcourse never happen..

          then I look at the red sox lineup and they pretty much already have this.

          • xthetouristx 4 years ago

            Yeah, when they’re healthy and performing….

    • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

      This makes me think you have an inside track on the mind of AA, SEE who you have as hitting 9th at 2B a full day before he was traded to the Jays…WOW!

  17. I would disagree that this is the final piece though.  They need something to fall into place in their rotation (probably an internal fix) and they need to “fix” the bullpen.  They certainly are getting closer though.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      depending on what he signs for, i like c.j. wilson for toronto. it’s nice to fill out the rotation from within, but a lot riskier

      we haven’t found out yet if anthopolous’s kung-fu negotiating works on free agents, but we may be about to

      • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

        After the way he has manhandled the Jays twice this year we should take a stab at harden as well.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          harden for 2012 closer.

        • John DiRienzo 4 years ago

          i agree. we must kill him

          • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

            NOTE: I am a Jays fan not a Dodgers Fan or an Oakland Raiders Fan,  there will be no stabbing here.

  18. Remember92 4 years ago

    With player options the Pirates will most likely decline in the offseason and exercise buyouts. Their opening day payroll next year could be lower than this year. Or right around 40 million. They could extend Cutch, Walker, and sign a Pujols / Fielder type and their payroll is still only in the 70 million range. Attendance will hit 2 million this year. And they’re raising ticket prices after the season. And a huge signing like this would boost luxury box ticket sales and corporate sales. It isn’t entirely unimaginable to see the Pirates become players for one of the two.

  19. in fairness, the Morales card seems like a pretty legitimate one.

  20. I really don’t understand why you think Moreno sucks. He buys the Angels and brings in Vlad Guerrero – MVP, Bartolo Colon – CY Young, agreed to pay Jered Weaver his high bonus in the draft and the Angels win the division more times than not since he’s owned the team. He even does this with lower ticket prices than they were with Disney… I just don’t get it. He’s not remotely comparable to the disgrace of a baseball businessman that the guy up the freeway is. I really wish Arte waited a year and had bought the Dodgers. I’d gladly trade you owners if you want.

    • LAA fans are just mad because he doesn’t sign the big free agents the fans dream of, and they are still embrassed because of the Vernon Wells fiasco (though not sure they can pin that on Arte).

      • vtadave 4 years ago

        Sure they can pin Wells on Moreno. Think he didn’t have to sign off on taking on $80 million in dead weight?

  21. goner 4 years ago

    Prince has 24 career home runs vs. the Pirates, more than vs. any other team… if the Pirates don’t sign him, I sure hope he at least gets out of the NL Central.

  22. Wooly2010 4 years ago

    I for one do not think that Fielder is going to accept being a team’s full time DH.  IMO, there will be 4 teams in the mix: Milwaukee, Chicago, Toronto, and Baltimore.  The case for each:

    Milwaukee: He’s a fan favorite and they have no good alternative options as of right now.  If he takes a hometown discount and stays with Braun, that’s a fantastic fit

    Chicago: They have no organizational options at first, and they are really lacking good power hitters in the minors.  The “alternatives” of Carlos Pena and Michael Cuddyer sicken me.  The Cubs’ new GM needs to follow the mentality of the ownership: spend wisely and WIN.  That is best done with Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols signed long term at first base.

    Toronto: Convincing Fielder to DH full time might be hard enough to warrant a move of Lind to DH.  Lind’s value as a first baseman is weak, and Edwin Encarnacion just shouldn’t be a regular player on a team that wants to contend with Boston and New York.

    Baltimore: Lots of money, decent young core, and a team that could compete as early as 2014 for the Al East.  They don’t have a great 1B option, so Fielder is a good fit.

    Of these, I think the Cubs make the biggest offer and land one of the two major first basemen this offseason.

    • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

      The Cubs just signed four draft picks who all have the potential to put be a big middle of the order power bat at first base. You said yourself the Cubs should spend wisely and win. Power from first base can be had for cheap. The Cubs need starting pitching more than anything. Signing Pena for three years 20MM would be a cheap productive option. Aaron Boone made a great point the other night by saying the Cubs need to use their resources patiently. Why spend the money and lock a guy up when a cheaper capable option is available now and the guy they really need is a year or two away from free agency? Maybe Fielder or Pujols are the answer, but I’d be shocked if the new GM felt that way.

      • Bernaldo 4 years ago

        The sad truth is -given the historical stats – that only one of the four will likely ever have even a marginal big league career.  Wooly 2010 was correct when he said that the Cubs have “no organizational options at first, and they are really lacking good power hitters in the minors”.  The four recent draftees may change that in the next several years (unlikely, but for the Cubs sake I hope at least one pans out). Every MLB organization has a long list of guys drafted with sure-fire power potential who never reached the big leagues or had just a cup of coffee before their careers faded away. 

        • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

          I would be shocked if one of them didn’t make it. Vogelbach is a real nice pick up for the Cubs. Rock Shoulders could also be the power guy the Cubs are looking for. Gretzky is probably going to take longer to develop his power.

    • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

      I think Baltimore will have to overpay due to their recent track record of losing seasons. I whole heartedly agree with your other observations on CHI and MIL and that Toronto NEEDs to make a big move like this if they are serious in competing. Lind was a Full DH before, and has value as a backup 1B and emergency outfielder. I hope Bautista was talking up Toronto as a destination during the All star game, because who wouldn’t want an option to go to a young team with the current HR king. Also Toronto has one of the best farm systems so Fielder would have a steady stream of talent coming up during his tenure.

    • Lind is good enough, he just had some problems this season. Injuries, playing full time defence for the first time, and learning how to play a new position. It makes no sence to waste 20+ million dollars for a player that offers the same thing as Bautista, Lind, Rasmus, Lawrie, Snider, and JP (heck even EE). Top prospect Travis D’Arnaut is lighting up AA and is not too far out, since he is a better defensive catcher than JP, JP will probably be moved to 1st base. The Jays also got prospect Cooper in AAA whos batting .374 in 412 At bats. If anything the money should be spend on getting Jose Reyes to play 2nd base for us, hes the only one that makes sence.

      • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

        lol if you think Fielder offers the same thing as Lind, Rasmus, Lawrie, Snider, and JP.

        •  sorry sorry, he offers what they potentially can offer except in frank franciscos body * 2.

  23. Wooly2010 4 years ago

    I also am not sure where the idea that Aramis Ramirez will be moved this offseason comes from.

    • Aramis Ramirez has a player option for 2012…based on a previous post, it seems that given the managerial changes, it’s increasingly likely he won’t exercise it, so that he can test free agency.  Or at least that’s what’s been written 

  24. kurtis2461 4 years ago

    This item was certainly a waste of time.  The only criteria on who will sign Fielder will be based upon their ability to pay Boras what he wants (which is a ton of money).  Small market/small salary teams need not apply.

    There’s another kicker, and a huge one.  What about Pujols?  If Albert is in the market, all the big market teams WILL make room for him.  Not so for Fielder, who is a one-dimensional player.  The loser of the Pujols sweepstakes will sign Fielder and rue that day 5-7 years down the road.  Probably the Yankees or Red Sox.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      I seriously doubt the yanks or Red Sox get involved n any Fielder/Pujols talks except to ask what the price is. Both already have top quality first baseman, the yanks can’t really afford to have a full time DH, and the Sox will either have Ortiz or Lavarnway at DH next season.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        I think both teams would gladly take him at the right price to DH..

        The only issue is, Fielder is going to price himself as an everyday 1B not a DH.

        • kurtis2461 4 years ago

          Knowing Boras, he’s going to over-price Fielder’s worth to the available market.  Myself, I think he should re-sign with Milwaukee because he has already built a local following, Brewers have become contenders and he will have nothing but goodwill from baseball in general by staying in Milwaukee.

      • kurtis2461 4 years ago

        Pujols is in a class all by himself, a once-in-a-lifetime player and the best (richest) teams will go all out to get him.  After his 1st year, Teixeira has not performed as expected and since the Yankees don’t have a DH, he can be moved there.  Ortiz is about done and there have already been questions whether the Red Sox will resign him for next year. 

        The Yankees cannot afford not to sign Pujols.  For the Red Sox, its Pujols or Lavarnway.  Not much to discuss here.    The loser will sign Fielder, less the balance of power shift too greatly one way or the other.

        • ya, your post lost all credibility at “The Yankees cannot afford not to sign Pujols.”

          • kurtis2461 4 years ago

            ya, great contribution to this thread.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Teixera has a .866 OPS (.571 SLG) and a full no trade clause..

            So while Jon took a light tone, I will come right out and say it.. You don’t what you are talking about

          • kurtis2461 4 years ago

            Teixeira had .963, .962, .948 OPS in 2007-2009, and that has sunk almost a .100 points since then.  

            His slugging average for 2007-2009 was .563, .552, .565 and sank down to .481 last year and .517 this year, not .571 as you so foolishly claimed. 

            Be careful when you try to make fun of others with statistics, as this certainly makes you look stupid, Lunchbox45.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            lol I love this..

            Find in my reply where I argue your point about Teixeira not being AS good as his first years…

            I’ll wait…

            Oh couldn’t find it? Thats probably because it never happened..

            Regardless of the fact that Teixeira isn’t as good as he has shown in the past, the argument stands that he is still quite good, getting paid a heck of a lot and has a FULL NO TRADE CLAUSE..

            So if you legitimately feel, that the Yanks #1 priority should be to turn Teix (who is a pretty good fielder I might add) In to the worlds most expensive DH, and have Teix, Pujols, and Arod all locked up for 20 Million plus for the next 6 + years. Then well what can I say, It’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it, you’re just wrong. 

          • kurtis2461 4 years ago

            Lunchbox45 got caught in a lie, so feels cornered with no way out.   Next time think before you write, or is this normal for you?

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

             I accept your apology

          • kurtis2461 4 years ago

            So lame.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            “For the Red Sox, its Pujols or Lavarnway”

            ya, great contribution to this thread/life

          • kurtis2461 4 years ago

            My contribution is certainly greater than yours.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            HOW DARE YOU

          • kurtis2461 4 years ago

            OK, ok.   You got bigger muscles than I do but I’m better looking.

          • crashcameron 4 years ago

            X this troller

    • Bernaldo 4 years ago

      Only if Pujols says he will be a full-time DH (extremely unlikely from what I have read).  His contract demands might even be too rich for Yankees and Red Sox to pay a DH.  And both teams are loaded with hitters so its not as if DH is a huge priority for either team. 

      • kurtis2461 4 years ago

        Money will do strange things to people, especially the numbers involving Pujols, and I’m positive his agent will play the Yankees against the Red Sox to the hilt. 

        As in Fielder’s case, I feel it would pay off for Pujols to stay with the Cards, but GM Mo has drawn Albert’s ire, plus their need to get top pitching to replace their present mediocre ones (who are way overpaid and/or under performing) is their top priority, not signing Pujols who will push them past their salary limit.  Besides, they have Holliday and other youngsters in their lineup, thus making it easier to retain Berkman (who should re-sign with them), Molina, Carpenter and Wainwright.

        Anyway, if the Yankees and/or Red Sox can’t afford him, who can?

        • “Anyway, if the Yankees and/or Red Sox can’t afford him, who can?”

          I don’t know.  Maybe George Lucas can hire him to wear a Darth Vader costume and walk around the Skywalker Ranch saying “Your lack of faith disturbs me” and “You are spies for the rebel alliance” and stuff like that. 

          • kurtis2461 4 years ago

            You are a professional writer.  I’m sure of it.  No one else could’ve come up with that stuff.

        • “Anyway, if the Yankees and/or Red Sox can’t afford him, who can?”

          I don’t know.  Maybe George Lucas can hire him to wear a Darth Vader costume and walk around the Skywalker Ranch saying “Your lack of faith disturbs me” and “You are spies for the rebel alliance” and stuff like that. 

  25. iains 4 years ago

     Well, it does raise the opportunity for someone to answer when asked where they are ‘Prince, Albert, in the can’.

  26. TheFreak2011 4 years ago

    I think Prince will regret turning down the Brewers last year.  Win some, lose some…..

  27. Back in July, they locked up Garcia with a four-year deal with two club options worth $27.5MM in guaranteed money.

    • dopefein 4 years ago

      Ah yes, thank you for reminding me.  I blanked out on Garcia’s contract in July.  I suppose I am still convinced, however, that their rotation leaves a lot to be desired.  Garcia is quite good (though still early in his career, and has yet to hit one of those major career bumps everyone seems to go through), but I’m not at all sold on Westbrook and Lohse pitching behind a recoverng Wainwright and Garcia.  The Cardinals have actually not been all that good for the past few seasons — well, really since they won the WS.  They really are a team riding a few players (Pujols, Carp, Wainwright, Holliday), and after that, a bunch of fill in players.  They have been decent if only because the NL Central has been so weak.  This year, after the Brewers made a push, you see what has happened.   

  28. OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

    Jays do have a guy named David Cooper on the AAA 51’s who is hitting .375 (leading AAA by 20 points) in over 400PA’s. He would potentially be blocked, but who cares if we have some combo of Lind/Fielder/Pujols hitting in the majors. It is about time we have a log jam again in the minors. 

    • I think the relevant point is that David Cooper does not seem like the type of player for which you forgo on Fielder or a Pujols. You could probably move a player like Lind or Cooper as well. 

      (Also let’s not forget that the PCL is not the most accurate measure of future success…Remember that Randy Ruiz also won a AAA MVP).

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      Cooper is a future utility player. He’s a 1B with limited HR power, who hits a lot of doubles because of poor pitching and good hitters parks.  He came up and looked completely lost.

      His ceiling is Lyle Overbay post broken hand… that aint good!

      • Jose_Bautista 4 years ago

        David Cooper is Casey Cotchman in the majors. He does have 50 doubles, so he might actually have a bit more power than Casey Cotchman.

  29. jwsox 4 years ago

    5 bucks says scott gets price to shag fly balls in the outfield during the off season just to say that.

  30. craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

    He’d probably be on PUP list if this were football.

  31. lionofsenate 4 years ago

    It’s a lock Prince will get a monster deal. There are about 10 teams that can afford him and have interest.  

    I love this meme that nobody could use Fielder.   Brandon Belt?  Really?   Like Belt has a no trade clause.   Im sure the Giants could get a huge haul for Belt, shore up other areas and sign Prince.  Ditto any other team with a young, cheap 1b.  Like the Marlins.  Braves…..so many clubs to choose from

    • I think the bigger issues involved having an aging Huff and trying to figure out how to pay/afford Lincecum.

    • Bluebirdz 4 years ago

      Also even with a new stadium what leads you to believe that the marlins would ever go after such a big free agent signing

  32. lionofsenate 4 years ago

    There are about 10 teams that can swing signing Prince.  That’s plenty to choose from.

    • Bluebirdz 4 years ago

      Yes, 10 that can but very limited in those who would be interested

  33. mikeclyne 4 years ago

    My list of most likely destinations
    – Mil…stays home
    – Washington…desperate to contend
    – Cubs….new gm wants to make splash
    – Mets…loose Reyes, need a big bat
    – Pirates….would love to see it

    • Jose_Bautista 4 years ago

      Mets – NO, their financial situation is shaky, they have bigger holes than spend 100MM+ on one player.

      Pirates – NO way! They building from young stars, locking and extending. They don’t wanna commit 30% of their payroll to one single bat.

      My best bet is
      1 – Brewers
      2 – Cubs
      3 – Cardinals
      4 – Blue Jays

  34. redsox927 4 years ago

    prince will be signing with the Blue Jays if it’s about the money. if it’s not about the money for him, he will re sign with the Brewers.

    My guess:

    -Blue Jays offer 5 years 115 million with a vesting option for year 6

    -Brewers offer him 4 years 85 million that has a few incentives on top of that with a vesting option or two.

    I think the brewers are the ones that get Prince ultimately b/c he knows they will be competitive for at least a couple more years.  He also potentially hits the open market again at age 31 rather than age 33.  Maybe Boras can get a shorter deal (like 3 years 65 million)  where Fielder is the best position player on the market the next time he’s a free agent.  Then SOME of the teams like the Cubs, Dodgers, Rangers, Angels, White Sox, Tigers, Phillies, Mets, will be in a position to bid.

    Turning down the “reported” 5 year offer in the range of 120 million from the brewers will ultimately be Scott Boras’ biggest mistake ever when his client decides to take less money to stay with the brewers. Boras completely misread the market in this case and his huge ego cost his client tens of millions of dollars

    • OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

      I also think the Jays will be a top bidder as they have the ability to contend/be competitive for more than a few more years. He would also be forming a dynamic duo with Bautista, L/R hitters, 40+HR potential guys. He would also get to play in some of the most hitter friendly parks in the Majors: Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Tropicana, and Rogers Centre. That is at least 120 games in close fence or low wall fenced stadiums. 

      Put him behind Bautista and you are looking at over 250 RBI chances to drive Bautista in alone (100+ walks and 100+hits so far this season). Then a guy like Lind/Lawrie could provide Fielder protection. 

      Now toss in an extra wild card spot, and some FA spending on relief pitching and the Jays could be a very dangerous team who could be playoff bound for years to come, they would also have a core of players signed up to the 2014-2015 season and beyond.

      • redsox927 4 years ago

        I don’t disagree with anything you said. I am glad you and i can have a serious baseball discussion without all the name calling and arguing.

        I, as a Sox fan would not want to see the Blue Jays sign Fielder. He’s a monster, and while his body type is not ideal for the long term; it sure would be scary to have to face Bautista and Fielder back to back. I mean two potential .430 OBP guys with 50 homer pop. That’s insane.

        Like you said, if they do in fact add another wild card team next season and the jays were to add fielder as well as a true leadoff hitter (and a little pitching, who doesn’t need a little pitching) they would be dangerous.

        i would consider them a favorite for the regular wild card not just the “extra one”

  35. Sniderlover 4 years ago

    He’s been unlucky but he’s been chasing bad pitches too. It would be fantastic if Lind can get back to his 09 level. 

  36. thebigdog 4 years ago

    Fielder to the Pirates would be good for baseball.

  37. dopefein 4 years ago

    Two completely different situations with Cubs and Dodgers.  Dodgers are in real-deal financial straits and being essentially run by MLB.  This is not at all the case with Cubs.  The Cubs are shuffling the front office (which is a good thing) and they have much more payroll flexibility than many teams this coming offseason.  Washington blew its wad with the Werth signing last year, and I doubt owners let them take another massive plunge with Fielder.  The Angels? I don’t see that happening considering Morales is coming back.  The Cubs or Brewers will sign Fielder.  Pujulos will stay with Cards, and Pena will sign with someone else.

  38. Guest 4 years ago

    A lot of people are looking at this all wrong. Fielder would be a tremendous improvement and perhaps Anaheim being a more likely destination than given credit. Morales could be traded. He does have value and it wouldn’t be a stretch to see a team like the Pirates or Rays (Kotchman doesn’t resign) or even the Orioles or Nationals trading for him and in turn, the Angels sign Fielder. In fact, it could be the other way around. Sign Fielder first and then trade Morales. They could get a nice little return for him correct?

    • Isaac 4 years ago

      And make sure thy don’t get screwed and he signs with someone else

  39. Guest 4 years ago

    Pujols either stays in St. Louis or signs with the Blue Jays. Sure there maybe other teams in the bidding or sniffing around, but I’m saying its one of these two. As others have stated, Encarnacion is not an option. He is a back up utility infielder at best in 2012 and beyond. Lind may need to be moved to third (which probably won’t work) or traded (Pirates come to mind again). If the Jays want to compete and as I’ve said before (they are 1 front end starter away) from taking the Sox and Yanks on head to head, adding Pujols and finding that 1 arm makes the Jays a seriously dangerous team in 2012. I’m a little surprised Tim openly stated he expects either Encarnacion or Lind to man that position in 2012. I think AA has proven how creative he can be and I think one of these two players has a Jays uniform on next season. 
    Fielder either stays in Milwaukee 6 years and $135mm or the Angels for 6 years and $140mm and then they trade Morales. The Blue Jays are the other option, but I feel they go after Pujols first. 

    • Wait, did you just suggest that Lind moves to third? 1) He has never played that position; and 2) the Jays’ top prospect has just reached the bigs at 3B. 


  40. ludafish 4 years ago

    Someone has to have made this comment, but…

    When it came to “Marlins” it just should have said “Come on……come onnnnnnnnnn…they are so lolz.”

  41. Matt Galvin 4 years ago

    Brandon Snyder,Bell,Reynolds-Baltimore
    Mark Hamilton-Cardinals

  42. patschamps 4 years ago

    Nothing against the Brewers but I hope with the villsge idiot going back to Milwaukee, please tell me he is retiring, I hope the Brewers lose all their good players and havve to play in front of 8-10,000 a night. Let him know how it sucks for small market teams.  Maybe he will be forced to sell or maybe MLB will take away his team.

  43. SierraM363 4 years ago

    The Red Sox have concerns in starting pitching. But they are mostly injury concerns with Buchholz. They won’t trade him and won’t spend on another starter. If they can find a way to be under the cap they would probably sign Fielder to replace Ortiz. However, they will probably save any cash they have left to resign Ellsbury and Ortiz.

  44. stovin 4 years ago

    Orioles because we could move Reynolds to DH and Davis to 3B and put Fielder at 1B.

  45. SunsetStripper 4 years ago

    As a Brewer fan, I would rather the Brewer’s let him walk.  I would then use the money to lock up Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum long term.  I understand they are both under contract or arbitration eligible next year.  Any guesses out there as to what it will take to lock up those two after that? 

    As for a replacement for Prince Fielder,  the Brewer’s could look at Lance Berkman as a possibility. 

  46. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    and this is 2011

  47. he could be the centerfield if a team needs it.

  48. mozelpuffski 4 years ago

    only if his name is jon

  49. mozelpuffski 4 years ago

    you mean the four guys who all went deep in their recent 3 game set at safeco? lind twice…

    re: lind e5 hill thames eaten up at safeco

  50. mozelpuffski 4 years ago

    i doubt that – lerner has cash and wants to win

    re: nats having limited themselves due to werth contract

  51. I’m surprised by how un-negative this piece is about the Pirates’ chances of signing of Fielder. Not that I think that will happen–just sayin’.

  52. woadude 4 years ago

    Yay good article, now do one where it shows your team won’t get Pujols, and I would love for a really good article that will explain to all the Yankee fans why your team wont get Felix Hernandez.

  53. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    I think AA holds off until the new CBA is decided before making any huge FA splashes. A few solid pickups could make them contenders, but with the Rays, Sox AND Yankees all looking set for the next few years too, it’s going to be a severe uphill battle. AA might be better suited continuing to build the farm up a bit longer unless they add another playoff team in the CBA as anticipated. Getting past one of the Rays, Sox or Yankees is a lot easier than getting by two of them.

  54. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    ” Anthony Rizzo struggled as a rookie, but Jed Hoyer isn’t jumping into the Fielder bidding.”

    I think a more obvious rationale would be “you don’t trade away one of the game’s best first baseman just so you can sign another one in free agency who will probably cost more and not last as long in the NL due to weight concerns.” That’d be like the Rays trading Longoria so they can free up salary for a run at Kevin Youkilis down the line.

  55. Lincecum and the pitching is the reason the Giants are playoff contenders.  Plus they will get Posey back next season, no need to get Prince and screw up their payroll so much that they will have to let go with pitchers, especially since they have Belt in the wings.

  56. Braydon Gervais 4 years ago

    It’s tough to tell which way the Blue Jays will go. They have money. They can sign any free agent they want if it’s only about the money. But do you sign Prince and hope he keeps hitting years down the road with that body? Or do you perhaps dish out some more money, let Adam Lind DH again, and sign Albert Pujols? The Jays are owned by Rogers which has a net worth of around 17 billion. They have stated they have no problem giving the Jays money. So I’d be happy with either of them. They are worth it and can put the Jays over the top. You need bats like that to compete in the AL East. If you look 2 years into the future this could be what you see:

    1) SS – Yunel Escobar
    2) CF – Colby Rasmus
    3) RF – Jose Bautista
    4) 1B – Albert Pujols/Prince Fielder
    5) DH – Adam Lind
    6) 3B – Brett Lawrie
    7) LF – Eric Thames
    8) 2B – Adeiny Hechavarria
    9) C – Travis d’Arnaud/JP Arencibia

    Unreal. Please do it A.A.

  57. Jays Jays Jays.. it’s gonna happen

  58. haon23 4 years ago

    I think A-Ram would be better for the Halos than Prince.

  59. OKGOJAYS85 4 years ago

    They could even hold a prime time show to announce their Decision…wait a sec, no douchebags allowed in Toronto.

  60. crashcameron 4 years ago

    you can go with any variation of “we’re taking our talents to the Great White North”
    but here’s one prob only Torontites would get: “we’re taking our talents to the Beaches”

  61. Under no circumstances should a contending team let Encarnation/Lind block Prince  Fielder. He’s a massive upgrade over both and the Jays are my pick to get Prince.

  62. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    Man, I still think Robinson was a fantastic pickup for the Mariners for Bedard.

  63. Wouldn’t be that hard to trade one of Gutierrez/Wells/Robinson, one of Saunders/Halman, Seager, one of the further-away MiLB aces-in-the-making and something else for a REALLY big-time player.  If a 3B, you’re pretty set for 2012… if an outfielder, same thing (and you keep Seager while giving up another Gutierrez/Wells/Robinson).

    Heck… why not try for big money – go after Longoria?  How far do you think an offer of Kyle Seager, Trayvon Robinson, Taijuan Walker, Vicente Campos, Mauricio Robles, and one of Saunders/Halman would go?  That’s a plus MLB 2B, a big upside MLB CF prospect, two projected rotation aces and a likely relief ace, along with an upside OF prospect.  That’s a haul… and one the M’s could actually afford right now (as their OF depth would still keep Carp/Guti/Ichiro/Wells, and their SPs Felix/Pineda/Paxton/Hultzen/Vargas/Beavan/etc). Crazy, huh?

    Even if that’s just a pipe dream, there are other trade targets out there… and the M’s are DESPERATE for offense.  Carp in LF makes perfect sense if you can fit the trio of Carp, Smoak, and Fielder into your regular lineup.  Heck, using your off-days intelligently you can probably get a better fielder in there 2-3 days per week, and several late innings as well.  That’s a good problem for a manager to have.

  64. crashcameron 4 years ago

    and another Dodger brain cramp, Carlos Santana-style

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