Arbitration Eligibles: Florida Marlins

The Marlins are next in our arbitration eligibles series.

Volstad is probably interesting enough where the Marlins won't want to cut him loose.  His projected $2.6MM salary shouldn't scare anyone off, but perhaps the Fish will trade him if they don't envision him in next year's rotation.  Even with a $600K projection, I think Murphy will be non-tendered.  Sanches is looking at about $1MM, and there's a chance the team lets him go.  Baker had Tommy John surgery a year ago, and the Marlins must decide whether he can catch next year and is worth $800K.  The Hensley starting experiment failed, but at $1.8MM I think he still has value as a reliever.

Everyone else seems on firmer ground to be tendered contracts: Bonifacio ($1.9MM), Mujica ($1.6MM), Badenhop ($1.1MM), Sanchez ($5.9MM), and Nunez ($5.8MM).  Sanchez could be an extension candidate.  We heard in July that Nunez would be retained for 2012; I don't know if his shaky August changed that.  He has performance bonuses for games finished, which could push next year's salary past $6MM.

We've heard quite a bit about the Marlins' willingness to spend money this offseason, but these arbitration decisions are not as much about whether the team can afford the players but rather whether the players are worth their projected salaries.  I think we're looking at $12.3MM if only Bonifacio, Hensley, Mujica, Badenhop, and Sanchez stay and the others are traded or non-tendered.  That'd push the team's commitments to about $58MM before accounting for arbitration eligible players, but you can add as much as $9MM more if you see Nunez and Volstad on next year's team.'s Joe Frisaro has estimated a significant bump to an $80MM payroll, which in my estimation means anywhere from $13-22MM to spend depending on Nunez and Volstad.  Say it's $22MM.  The team has potential needs at center field, third base, second base, the bullpen, and especially the rotation, so if the Marlins sign just one player with an eight-figure salary they'd have to skimp on other needs.  Someone like C.J. Wilson makes more sense to me if the team is willing to jump to a $90MM payroll as they head into their new stadium.

Matt Swartz contributed to this post.

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  1. Yeah I see the Marlins putting Bonifacio over in CF, either leave Dominguez if they feel confident about him in 2012 or get A. Ramirez on a two year deal and I also dont see the Marlins going after Wilson as I see him remaining a Ranger but I do see the Marlins going after guys like Edwin Jackson and D-Train. But if the Marlins dont like what they see on the free agent market for starters the Marlins can just package a deal sending Leo Nunez with either Volstad or Coghlan for a nice starter in return. So with the Marlins trading away Nunez the Marlins could go ahead and get themselves Broxton on the cheap or make a splash signing Heath Bell or Jonathan Papelbon.

    • fishfan4life 4 years ago

      Willis would just be another experiment, no thanks.

      • Well there aren’t many options left for the marlins when it comes to pitching unless they are willing to trade Cogs/Nunez or Volstad for a prominent pitcher like I said in my previous post.

      • William Kafer 4 years ago

        Willis seems like he could be a solid #5 on a smallish contract. I think the Marlins should sign him, as he was one of the fan-favorites, and having him come back as they open a new stadium makes a lot of sense. And if he were to start the year as the #4, he’d start the April 13th game, which looks like the second home game of the year for them, as they have a random 1-game home series on the 4th to open the year.

        • Exactly what thought as well and he is pitching much better now than he did from 07-10

  2. ludafish 4 years ago

    Signing Aramis would be great for a three year deal. Give Dominguez a lot of time to get ready, and ARam has a couple good years left im sure. if he can bat near .300 with 30hr and 100rbi like he is capable of and you add him to H2R, Stanton, and LoMo those guys can drive in some runs.

    I would like to see Volstad get traded with Nunez for anything…. Volstad has been such a disappointment after a great rookie season. Some team would give us something for him since he has a chance to be good again, but probably needs a change of scenery. Willis may be a good #5 choice, if he can get into better shape,and coming back to the place he loves ┬árevitalizes him…but obviously he is a risk. JJ and H2R need to get healthy, and if they can somehow convince CJ to play here then 2012 will be a great year….

  3. fishfan4life 4 years ago

    Dominguez is only 22. He doesn’t need to be in the bigs just because he’s their best prospect. I’d rather have him hitting in the minors than crapping the bed in the majors.

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