Rosenthal On Guillen, Marlins, Reds

The latest from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports

  • One prominent agent told Rosenthal he can envision a free agent frenzy if a labor agreement is reached by the start of the offseason.  The last labor agreement, in 2006 was followed by ridiculous overspending on mediocre veterans.  The current labor agreement is set to expire on December 11th, three days after the conclusion of this year's Winter Meetings in Dallas.
  • Rosenthal has a source familiar with the thinking of Ozzie Guillen who has recently dropped his predicted chances of the manager returning to 50-50.
  • Rosenthal sees "mixed signals" on whether the Nationals will spend big this offseason, but he considers Jimmy Rollins a good fit.
  • The Marlins intend to discuss every available starting pitcher this winter.  The free agent market is looking thin, so teams with starters to trade will be in a good position.
  • The Reds' top goal is to add a middle-of-the-order hitter.

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