Orioles GM Rumors: Dipoto, Levine

Arizona's Jerry Dipoto interviewed for the Orioles' GM opening yesterday, and Toronto's Tony LaCava is scheduled for today.  The latest:

  • Jon Heyman of SI.com hears that Dipoto has a “good shot” at the job (Twitter link).
  • The Orioles originally planned to interview at least four candidates, according to Steve Gould of the Baltimore Sun.  They've interviewed Dipoto and Blue Jays assistant GM Tony LaCava so far and it would be surprising if they don't interview more people.
  • Dipoto will also interview for the Angels job, and Roch Kubatko of MASNSports.com expects him to get one of the two GM positions.  Kubatko notes that the Orioles are likely to reassign director of player development John Stockstill, replacing him with coordinator of minor league instruction Brian Graham.
  • Kubatko hears Rangers executive Thad Levine could be interviewed later, but he'd be surprised if the Orioles hire him (Twitter link).  Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun believes Levine will be interviewed if the Orioles haven't hired someone by the end of the World Series.  The Rangers' assistant GM is an Alexandria, Virginia native who told MLBTR he "grew up a big Orioles fan."
  • Connolly tweets that as of Tuesday evening, the Orioles had not asked permission to talk to Levine, the Dodgers' De Jon Watson or Logan White, or the Angels' Tony Reagins, and the Marlins' Dan Jennings may be denied permission.  He also considers the Tigers' Al Avila a longshot.

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  1. Nothing is going to happen until the end of the series, is it?


  2. Bleed_Orange 4 years ago

    Obviously the O’s most glaring problems are their player development and international scouting.  Does anyone know which GM candidate is better equipted to handle these issues?  (Assuming Angelos allows whoever is hired to fix the real problems in the organization)

    • DiPoto, Levine, Avila, LaCava all have experience in player development

    • Rabbitov 4 years ago

      I would argue their national scouting may be an even bigger issue than their international scouting.  Also their complete inability to sign any free agents of note since Miguel Tejada in 2003.

  3. not_brooks 4 years ago

    It’s sort of disconcerting that the Orioles have only attempted to interview three candidates for their top job. Considering how awful this organization is from top to bottom, the O’s should have at least eight or ten interviews scheduled by now, with a plan to put a GM in place by this time next week. The new guy will need as much of a head start as possible to start sorting things out before the off season starts.

    • Soooo quantity = quality is the gist of your post.

      Got it.  This is why we lose.

      • not_brooks 4 years ago

        Yeah, that’s not at all what I was saying, fella. And I really don’t know how you pulled that ridiculous assumption out of my post.

        Since you didn’t get it…

        Andy MacPhail walked away from his job with the Orioles 11 days ago. Since then, the Orioles, who are in desperate need of an organizational overhaul, have scheduled interviews for two GM candidates. Two.

        Now, I’m not saying they should interview every chump out there. I’m saying that there are a lot of well-qualified candidates out there, and the O’s should interview as many of those well-qualified candidates as possible. DeJon Watson, Logan White, David Forst, Paul DePodesata, Rick Hahn, Damon Oppenheimer, Bill Geivett, Kim Ng and several others are out there.

        So, really, the gist of my post was the exact opposite of what you assumed. Interview a quantity of the top qualified candidates so you can find the absolute best quality available.

        • I understood what you were saying but my point is that if you know that DiPoto, LaCava, Levine, Jennings fit exactly what you’re looking for, then why interview other candidates.  They have the background you’re looking for, the experience you’re looking for, etc.  I don’t see the point in interviewing people that don’t fit what you’re looking for just to interview as many quality candidates as possible.

          The O’s have singled out successful, player development-minded candidates that have shown the potential to be great.  Marketing 101 – identify your target market.  penetrate the crap out of it.

          I see no problem with interviewing 4 “perfect” candidates as opposed to 8 “quality” ones.

        • Rabbitov 4 years ago

          I get your point, but I wouldn’t consider it a point of panic.  Orioles interviewed, in my eye, two of the absolute best candidates so far.  Further I think its been clear since day one who the Orioles are interested in the most.  Lastly, getting a GM is not the same as getting a Manager.  From what I’ve witnessed typically its a smaller interview process. 

    • Well, they would have interview people that aren’t tethered by a contract, if they were to get to that 8 to 10 number, Not Brooks. I think you know that as well as I do.

      The Oriole Brain Trust seems to like hearing the word “No” for some reason.
      The bottom line is they seem to only want to talk to people who have a job already, now why that is, is anyone’s guess!

      • Lefty, again, your logic eludes me.  I don’t understand why you think they should focus on interviewing unemployed GM candidates.

        Ps – ignore this if that post was sarcasm, you know the whole internet issue.

        • Well they found Andy MacPhail on the street. However he found a patron in Angelos.

          And I am serious, I would interview someone that didn’t have a job. Now it would depend on the circumstances as to why they left, but I would leave no stone unturned for my search.

          • Guys that have jobs:
            DiPoto, LaCava, Jennings, Levine, etc.

            Guys without (assistant GM level) jobs:
            Ricciardi, Reagins.

            Which list would you like to pick from?

          • Jeff, you know full well I wouldn’t want anyone from those lists.
            Brooks knows it too!

          • not_brooks 4 years ago

            And Andy MacPhail was so awesome at his job that, after his four and a half year tenure, the Orioles are in the exact same position they were in before he was hired.

            What a guy! Let’s hire another GM like Andy!

          • Rabbitov 4 years ago

            Not true. The stadium concessions are better. 

          • Smaller portions though :(.

  4. slider32 4 years ago

    Good luck to DiPoto he has earned a GMs job!

  5. Shu13 4 years ago

    I get a kick out of the reports that Reagins is a possible candidate ANYWHERE….I find that as funny as those same people who keep saying the Dodgers could land Pujols or Fielder….this world has WAY TOO MANY reporters and bloggers just spewing crap to justify their own existence….

  6. comebackkid814 4 years ago

    I know most Orioles fans seem to be on the DiPoda or LaCava bandwagons, but what about Ng. I know some of you have mentioned her, but I think she isn’t getting nearly enough looks for GM jobs. She has experience as an assistant GM, has a reputation as being so prepared that she is intimidating.  She is also worked in MLB’s front office and would bring a tough as nails attitude along with being a big PR boost to the club. Whether you admit it or not, the only reason Ng isn’t already a GM is because she is a woman. I’m not saying that Owner’s and various other team officials aren’t doing it out of hate, they just don’t want to be the first to hire a female and the potential fan backlash.

    • The Orioles have enough trouble signing any international players. It as if they go out of their way to avoid miniorities. Now you want them to hire a female, minority. Good luck, but not likely. Maybe THAT is why we suck.

  7. Shu13 4 years ago

    I read your blog after posting my comment below….I totally agree w/ Beergate….lol

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