Rosenthal On CBA Talks

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has the latest on the talks between the players' union and owners as they aim to strike a new collective bargaining agreement…

  • It's a coin flip that an agreement will occur during the World Series, a source with knowledge of the discussions tells Rosenthal.  While that goal remains within reach, Rosenthal says the more important target date is the opening of free agency five days after the Series.  If no agreement is reached by then, it will create a new set of issues.  The World Series will end between October 23rd and 27th this year.
  • Rosenthal hears the players and owners remain far apart on the owners' request for hard slotting in the amateur draft, yet the gulf could narrow quickly.
  • The new deal is expected to include big changes for 2013: two 15-team leagues and a new one-game wild card round for the postseason.  The Astros' situation is fluid, hears Rosenthal.  They're the team most likely to move to the AL if new owner Jim Crane is approved.

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