Angels Pursuing Wilson, Eyeing Kuroda

The Angels are looking for rotation depth and bullpen help under new GM Jerry Dipoto. Here's the latest on their search for pitching…

  • C.J. Wilson will visit the Angels Monday, according to's Jerry Crasnick. The free agent left-hander has serveral similar visits in the works with other teams. Dipoto acknowledged this week that there's mutual interest between the Angels and Wilson.
  • The Angels have a bit of interest in Hiroki Kuroda, according to Jon Heyman of (on Twitter). Heyman says Kuroda will return to Japan if he can't stay in Los Angeles.

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  1. Honestly, I’d much rather have Kuroda on a 1-year deal than Wilson, at least if he’s seriously asking for 6 years… I don’t think he’ll get that anyway, but he’s still going to wind up with more money than he should.  

  2. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Yeah! Sign C.J. Up baby.. anything to keep the Angels away from Albert.

    • I doubt you have to worry about the Angels going after Albert.

      • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

        I dont know.. they missed out on a few FA last year.. Crawford as an example

        • Because they didn’t want to spend the money. They won’t spend double what Beltre wanted because they didn’t want to even come close in the first place.

          • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

            Ya they wanted to waste it.. *cough* Wells *cough*

        • Crawford made it clear he wanted to sign with Boston regardless. The Angels were never that serious about signing Beltre at the price he wanted, but I think they still could’ve managed that and used the difference between his salary and Wells’ salary to add more depth. And then they’d have more flexibility this winter.

  3. How can the Angels have both (Wilson & Kuroda)? Dipoto must not be a member of the Dan Haren Fan Club? What are these guys going to do if Haren stays have a 6 man rotation? How many starting pitchers do the Angels need?

    • Commander_Nate 4 years ago

      I think it’s more of an either/or situation. Even if it wasn’t, they could still have a rotation of Weaver, Haren, Wilson, Santana, Kuroda. Williams would be a spot-starter while Chatwood and Richards spend more time in the minors.

      • The_Porcupine 4 years ago

        I’d take that rotation and be quite happy.  Not sure how it can be pulled off financially, but a very good rotation like this and you will contend with the Rangers.  And personally, I’d hate to have to rely on Williams, Chatwood or Richards at this point.

    • I don’t think they intend to sign them both.  It’ll be one or the other; most likely they are looking at Kuroda as a back-up plan.  Although as I said, I think CJ’s price tag is going to be ridiculous; they’d be better off with a solid back-of-the rotation type pitcher like Kuroda.  Or better yet, Mark Buehrle, but it sounds like half the league is in on him, so I wouldn’t count on that. Besides, signing someone like Kuroda instead of Wilson would give the Halos enough financial flexibility to still address their bullpen and catching situation. 

      • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

        I prefer Kuroda no matter what.. and he will come to us if Dodgers don’t resign.. Other teams will want him but he loves CA and he LOVES LA.. So Kuroda to Angels sounds just perfect to me..And more than Enough money to sign a catcher and relievers..Could prolly get 2 Relivers and a catcher.. I like this idea: Kuroda,Capps,Doumit or Ramon Hernandez,Saito (A pretty little reunion with Saito and Kuroda)

      • How annoying is it that we have a catching situation right now. Everytime I think about it I get so pissed. We had the solution to our catching problem and traded him. ;sdlfkja;sdkl

    • Have you ever heard of a trade?

      • No, Never!

        Seriously, though if the Angels wanted to trade Haren to the Orioles, I would be all for it. The problem is, well at least for the Orioles, we really don’t have anything to offer the Angels to obtain him.

        • $7562574 4 years ago

          don’t worry. haren is not going to traded. he has been our co-ace.

          • oz10 4 years ago

            The Angels should trade Haren to the Red Sox for Crawford so that they can have another overpaid under performing outfielder. You can never have too many of them! (and this is sarcasm for those born without the sarcasm bone)

          •  (and this is sarcasm for those born without the sarcasm bone) <<< tell that to John W

            Angel fans just should be happy to have back Marcel Lachemann. That was an under the radar move that should help the Angel pitching staff in 2012.

          • The Angels had the #1 AL pitching ERA in 2011. Lachemann is more likely to mess it up at this point, like he did with Jim Abbott’s mechanics when he returned to the Angels. He should be strictly a front office guy/scout from now on.

          • Jim Abbott now that is a name I hadn’t heard for awhile.
            Anyway, you’re probable right, he should be a full-time FO and scout. Still, he will be a help.

          • I wonder if Abbott would make a good pitching coach. 

          • He’s a good teacher, but his heart is with youth and kids. He currently coaches his girls basketball and volleyball teams. Not sure if he has any desire to work with adults or pros, other than spring training which he has in the past.

    • At this point the Angels need to do everything they can to avoid relying on players like Williams and Chatwood to hopefully work out. I’ll take both CJ and Kuroda — and if Kuroda struggles he can switch with Williams and be a spot starter/long relief. If they get both.

  4. The_Porcupine 4 years ago

    If the Angels could get Wilson at a reasonable price, I’m all for it.  Maybe he’ll give them a discount.  But if he’s insisting on ace money, I’d pass.  Take the money you would give him and invest it in the bullpen (at least a reliable rh-setup man, maybe an upgrade at closer), a decent starter (Kuroda would work), and a 3b (I’m leery of A. Ramirez- can see him breaking down and playing poor defense. Maybe trade for Headley with the Padres?). 

    Oh yeah, they need a catcher. Too bad there is no one any good to pick up. If Ramon Hernandez is the best available, I’d stick with what we have.

    •  I really don’t understand Angels fans infatuation with trading for Headley. Nice guy, decent eye, average glove, and the Angels would have to give up players for him. Stick with Callaspo/Izturis. They aren’t as bad as some fans think.

      • The_Porcupine 4 years ago

        I agree Callaspo/Izturis isn’t too bad.  You could definitely do worse.  But 3b and catcher are the only places that you can add offense.  I think the best 3b available that isn’t Aramis is Headley- who hits very well away from Petco.  And I can’t think of anyone worth picking up in free agency that would be better than Conger or Wilson at catcher.  I’d even take another year of Mathis as long as he would rotate  with the 2 mentioned earlier.

        • Just saying Headley isn’t worth giving up prospects for. The Angels would still have to do something with Callaspo or Izturis after anyway. There are ways around the roster inflexibility. Getting “creative” or even adding a big bat like Fielder and moving Trumbo to the OF for Hunter (who would move to DH) is a possibility. Hunter and Abreu are gone after 2012 and this may be the only chance for the Angels to land a “franchise-type” bat for seasons to come. 3B is really shallow in free agency again this year. Of course it would be a lot easier if Trumbo seamlessly moved over to 3B, but that wasn’t likely under the best of circumstances and he still isn’t allowed to practice because of the stress fracture.

          Catcher is a lot easier to look at. First, Mathis should be gone, like he should have been gone this same time last year. Second, Ramon Hernandez is sitting out there, as is Pudge. One year on either of those guys would be a decent investment.

    • Ben-Dessa Anderton 4 years ago

      you had Napoli to catch.

  5. Devon Henry 4 years ago

    Wilson is worth about 5/65.

    • The_Porcupine 4 years ago

      He’ll get much more than that, but I agree that his value is more of a #2-3 in the rotation. 

      • When did you become an Angels fan? I thought you followed the Orioles?

        • The_Porcupine 4 years ago

          I follow alot of teams.  Mostly Orioles since I work next to the stadium, but mostly a fan of non-yankee teams.

    • jumpsuitjohnny 4 years ago

      A poor offseason doesn’t cut off that much value from him. He is still a
      left hander that had an ERA of around 3 for the season, that is rare
      and hard to come by, not to mention just to pick off one of your rivals best arms is reason enough.

    • Ben-Dessa Anderton 4 years ago

      no more then that. I would agree.

  6. sallen22 4 years ago

    If the Angels land Kuroda (200+ IP 3.07 ERA) you’d be hard-pressed to find a better 1-4 in baseball.  Tampa Bay maybe.  Philadelphia has a huge drop after Hamels at 3.  The Braves are up there as are the Giants.  In 3 years the D-Backs will be right there as well.

    • $7562574 4 years ago

      you are forgetting jerome williams. he has been really good and i expect him to win the “come back player of the year” award.

      • weinerhonker 4 years ago

        What exactly is he coming back from? Dude was never relevant.

  7. E Scalez 4 years ago

    Rather have Kuroda on a 2 yr deal than a long-term deal with Wilson.

  8. crashcameron 4 years ago

    CJ Wilson is begging to be overpay of the year
    … and the Angels should absolutely go for Albert

  9. slider32 4 years ago

    The Angels need a bat more than pitching, but if they get Wilson they would have the best staff in baseball.

    • Better than Halladay, Lee, and Hamels? Doubtful

      • Weaver-Haren-Santana-Wilson would be arguable. Maybe not 3-3 better, but 4-3 possible.

        • I’m a Rangers fan so I realize this is going to sound biased, but i’m just saying as a fan in general…I really think people overrate Santana. No denying he had a great year but people speak of him as if he’s in the same league with even Felix Hernandez. Santana needs a few more years to prove himself.

          • NOBODY puts him in the same league as Felix Hernandez, but he’s a quality #3 or #4 (since the Angels would be likely to throw the high-priced lefty more towards the top rather than the bottom of the rotation). If anything, Santana is UNDERRATED throughout baseball, and that’s according to people inside the game.

          • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

            Santi is actually very underrated… And when he focus’s on every pitch he is one of the best in the game..

          • I really think Santana and John Smoltz should have a conversation. Smoltz had the same issues his first few seasons and even “experimented” on the mound because he was bored more or less. Smoltz had Maddux and Glavine to learn pitch concentration from and I think that could really help Santana find that missing consistency.

          • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

            Agreed.Santi is a beast but he isn’t consistent on concentration..I mean look at  August 17- June..With the exception of one game Santi really looked like the pitcher that he is and why Angels got him..Guys a beast

          • That’s what i’m talking about. You could say the same thing about any pitcher with potential in the majors.
            If he just focuses, concentrates, and basically “plays up to maximum potential” he could be one of the best in the game…is what you’re saying?
            I hear that statement about every pitcher with something to prove. It sounds like what a manager says about his young pitcher before he has an important start.

          • No, not all pitchers have the same “potential” or ability or pitches and struggle because of a lack of focus. Some pitchers just struggle because of a lack of a certain pitch to get guys out. Some pitchers struggle because they get tired more easily and can’t maintain their stuff for the innings required. Some guys just don’t have the mental fortitude to succeed. Santana is NONE of these. Santana can maintain 95MPH the whole game, has a devastating slider and a better than average changeup. He just has lapses where he seems to just “go through the motions” and not deliver each pitch with a purpose and focus. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. See my John Smoltz comment above.

          • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

            Also see Santi’s Stats August 17- June..BEAST! and not all pitchers have same potential..Your a ranger fan so for example Matt Harrison or w/e his name is he just sucks he don’t have potential and he lacks everything….Santi doesn’t lack anything like JcHc said Santi doesn’t deliver each pitch with a purpose and focus..If he did this more often Angels would receive more of August 17-June type of stats and with more no-Hitters..I personnaly think that he is best Pitcher Angels have if he can put in more focus through each pitch..I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets another No-No next year..

  10. KINGMOJO 4 years ago

    angels need to convert trumbo to 3rd base,trade for ianetta,sign fielder,and finally get a relief pitcher and starting pitcher


    • I think this is the longest any thread has gone without you saying “WE WANT FIELDER”… It’s a new record! 

      I wouldn’t mind having him, either… But I Just can’t see the Angels meeting his price tag… 

      • Unfortunately. The Angels could really use him as the new “face of the franchise” after Hunter leaves after 2012. Gotta find somebody to market the club around and give fans a reason to renew season tickets that are getting more expensive by the year.

        • their hoping trout will be that face

          • That’s at least 3-4 years down the road. Where is he next season, and Trout is more of a run-creator type hitter. Where is the run-PRODUCTION going to come from?

          • Shu13 4 years ago

            so what you are saying is the “Face” of a franchise has to be a run producer and can’t be a run creator?

            Weaver is the FACE of this franchise NOW and next year…

          • It helps. Eckstein and Erstad weren’t the face of the franchise. Salmon was, and Baylor and Grich before him, and Vlad and Hunter after. Not to mention that Trout is WAY too young to put that kind of pressure and expectations on him. The Angels still need a run-PRODUCER no matter what anyway, aside from “face of the franchise” issue.

            A starting pitcher who pitches every 5 days isn’t going to sell season tickets. Example: Nolan Ryan. Angels need more than him, unless he can hit on the days he doesn’t pitch.

        • Shu13 4 years ago

          and w/ Prince they will get even HIGHER….any $20m+/yr will cause that….so by getting “your guy” you are raising the prices you dont’ want raised….

          • $30+ million comes off the payroll after next season when Hunter and Abreu leave. I didn’t say I didn’t want tickets raised. I am saying that fans need a reason to renew when the prices are raised.

  12. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Yup Kuroda for days.. Id take Kuroda any day over Cj’s stupid Contract he is seeking… 

    • With all the money coming off the books after 2012 I don’t think it’ll be that much of an issue. We have a lot of free agents after ’12 so DiPito will have a lot of room to make some major changes and find good depth at the right price.

      • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

        Signing Kuroda for 1 year gives halos lot more depth and there is no doubt that Kuroda will stop doing what he has been doing.. Cj prolly gets the big money and just stops like many other  picky FA’s..Signing Kuroda Angels can get 2 relievers and a catcher instead of Cj+1 reliver or a catcher..So Angels get help for Starting rotation,Pen,and catcher..3 better than 2

        • Shu13 4 years ago

          Need to look beyond this 1 year…..Santana is a FA after ’12…Haren also is a FA unless the pick up his opt…

          ’12 Weaver/Haren/CJ/Santana/Williams
          ’13 Weaver/Haren(pick up option)/CJ 2 spots to fill
          or go

          ’12 Weaver/Haren/Santana/Kuroda/Williams
          ’13 Weaver/Haren(pick up option) 3 spots to fill

          Now I’m not a fan of over paying for CJ but if they can sign him to Weaver $$$ lite 5/$75-$80m then the staff will look good for years a head….

          Considering this Org builds around pitching and defense I see them getting a SP before a “big bat”

          and the fact that RK made about Aybar/Kendrick/Izzy/Torii are all FA’s after ’12….

          I’m also not opposed to going after Kuroda if CJ’s price ends up being the speculated $100m or more then 5yrs

          • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

            Ya ya i agree if they can sign CJ for 5/$75-$80m ..Then its good to go forget about Kuroda but its more than likely that the price will go above that and i don’t want halos to be stuck with a huge contract that who knows if the pitcher lives up to his contract..And the 5th spot won’t be Williams it will Chat..and i think the Angels will resign Santi..he is so important to the staff and i don’t see them getting rid of Santi for at least 4 more years

  13. If the Angels can pull off signing CJ, it would give them a solid core in their rotation they can continue to build around now that they’ve signed Weaver to an extension. They would then have the choice of exercising options for Haren and Santana after 2012, and even extending both. Then, they can focus more on offense and bullpen when Kendrick, Aybar, Izturis, Mathis (if he’s still there) among others hit free agency after ’12. Lots of money coming off the books so this would actually be a good move, as would a franchise bat.

  14. AngeloCe 4 years ago


  15. sallen22 4 years ago

    I honestly cannot begin to tell you exactly how stupid a Haren for Montero trade would be.  Clealry, you’ve never seen the guy catch before.  He’s a catcher like David Ortiz is a shortstop.  

    Wright has back issues and costs 15 million dollars. Bourjos alone for Wright would simply be retarded for the Angels let alone sending Chatwood over as well.

    Just stop.

  16. Shu13 4 years ago

    Who knows what Morales will do….he hasn’t even started working out…he also had a rehab set back….Bourjos is going no where b/c he and Trout will be the 2 young pieces in the OF in ’13 after Torii retires/contracts up…

  17. That’s still a VERY weak lineup. Who’s Morlales? Are you talking about the guy who hasnt played in 2yrs and can’t run?

  18. I see your thinking and it’s not totally off base…but it’s too dramatic for the Angels. They seem to have a work around the edges type of mentality right now.

  19. Shu13 4 years ago

    He was making a comparison between Headley and Callaspo…..why get Headley? that is not an up grade over Callaspo….they’d be trading to get what they already have….he made no mention of Wright….

  20. Who said anything about David Wright? He isn’t even available anyway!

    It’s not all about power you know. Callaspo led the team in average and OBP and was VERY GOOD defensively. Headley isn’t a big improvement over Callaspo in ANY of those areas, and would be a negative defensively, and would cost players.

  21. Shu13 4 years ago

    They like depth and they could use Williams in the BP….he’s nice but he hasn’t secured a spot just yet….

  22. Shu13 4 years ago

    The name that is escaping you is Manny Banuelos….he won’t be ready until ’13 IMO so you can remove him from your mock Angels line up….despite what Wright “could” do for the Angels…I’m skeptical about trading for a guy that spent time on the DL this past year w/ a fractured back from just playing hard(no collision)…..especially giving up PBJ who despite his KO’s is a very solid all around player….I see the Angels having BOTH Trout PBJ in the OF for years to come….

  23. except the Mets have made it known that Wright isn’t available unless they are “overwhelmed” by an offer. Bourjos and Chatwood will NOT get it done. Even if it did, Wright has the option to opt out after one year. Just not worth it for the Angels.

  24. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    Despite those K’s, Bourjos still put up a 5 WAR season (3.6 on offense and 1.4 on defense). And, he stole 22 bags. That’s not great, but it’s not bad either for a guy who is only 24. He is the craziest CF and fastest baserunner I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’d rather have him AND Trout for at least a few years instead of Trout and Wright for only a year or two. 

  25. sallen22 4 years ago

    Ok now I know you’ve never seen Jesus Montero catch.  I like how some random Angel fan thinks he/she has revolutionized the GM position because he/she knows of two over-rated New York names.

    Seriously, go watch Jesus Montero catch, then ask a scout, any scout if they think he’s an adequate catcher.  Then get in touch with the Mets medical staff and ask them if David Wright’s back will never get injured again.  Then schedule a meeting with Jerry DiPoto and ask him if your trade proposals are good ideas.

    At the end of your journey, if you haven’t come to the conclusion that you’re completely lost as everyone else here has, then there truly is no hope for you.  

  26. No, they are not. Only if you are basing it off power numbers, then yes. If they were 2B and Kendrick was at 3B, you wouldn’t be saying that, but since they play 3B they don’t provide enough “power” for some people. Gotta look at the whole picture, including defense with a pitching staff that largely pitches to contact.

    And again, Wright isn’t available unless the Angels want to give up what little of the farm they have left.

  27. The_Porcupine 4 years ago

    I doubt the Angels have the prospects or finances to pull off a trade for Wright.

  28. Reality check x2 = Wright would only be for ONE season. He can opt out of the team option for 2013 if traded. Is that worth giving up 9 years of team control of Bourjos/Chatwood/at least one minor leaguer?

    Not to mention that Bourjos and Trout will combine for more homeruns than that once they grow into their bodies and learn to hit with authority. They are extremely young. Give them some time to grow. Plus, they save a TON of runs on defense which can make up for some of that power “deficit.” They WILL be in the same OF, unless the Angels can do better than one year of Wright. Hunter is gone after 2012 as well.

  29. Shu13 4 years ago

    And Trouts arm isn’t that great so he will play CF and PBJ will move to RF when Torii is done after this season….so they trade PBJ for 1 yr of Wright then in 2013 they have no RF AND no 3B…sounds like a solid plan….

  30. James Coyne 4 years ago

    Umm, you do know we have three center fielders right now. Just saying

  31. Wells Bourjos and Hunter are center fielders, look at the outfield

  32. Was it yesterday or was it two days ago? Since this site isn’t allowing me to post links to it (it’s still for this site), I’ll just have to tell you to use this site’s search function and search for “David Wright.” You’ll see he has his own page and that the latest news was from Tuesday (two days ago) saying this:

    “The Mets have a similarly high asking price for David Wright. GM Sandy Alderson says he’ll only considering moving Wright “if someone blows us away,” tweets Heyman. Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote earlier today that the Mets would definitely listen on Wright, but probably won’t get an offer they like.”

    Hence my comment about the Mets needing to be “overwhelmed” by an offer to move him. Again, why trade players such as Bourjos (24 years old) and Chatwood (just 21) for ONE YEAR of Wright? Hunter and Abreu will both be gone after 2012, if not before for Abreu, opening up spots for Trout and Bourjos to play in the same OF. It WILL happen unless someone overwhelms the ANGELS with an offer. I would hope that one year of Wright isn’t nearly so enticing.

  33. Hallelujah! Someone’s thinking!!!

  34. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago


  35. Just stop.  It ain’t happening. 

  36. The_Porcupine 4 years ago

    Check out Headley’s numbers outside of Petco.  He’s an upgrade offensively.  I don’t know about defense.  I could be comfortable with the current 3b, but it is realistically the only position where they can upgrade offensively. 

  37. You COMPLETELY missed the point. I am saying that if you look at the infield as a whole, and took the offensive production at 2B and transposed it to 3B and vice-versa, it wouldn’t look nearly as bad. It’s “the whole picture” I alluded to in my comment. But please go on and tell me to “get to know my facts.” You STILL aren’t factoring in defense either.

    Nevermind that the whole Wright argument is meaningless anyway unless the Angels “blow the Mets away with an offer.”

  38. I am talking about the risk. He’d be a free agent after all. Do you really think the Mets would allow the Angels to negotiate an extension with him BEFORE making the deal they are “overwhelmed” by? I would think not.

    Your other arguments pertaining to other clubs are meaningless and pointless. Oh, and thank you for the “keep talking like a fan, and wishing upon rainbows” when I keep mentioning facts you keep glossing over. I have been nothing but objective in my arguments and you keep hanging onto to one player and one trade that 1) doesn’t impress the Mets, and 2) wouldn’t be worth it for the Angels anyway.

  39. First of all , before 2011, Curtis Granderson was considered a talented but streaky player in his own right, and Ellsbury almost fell off the map in 2010…Neither were considered “elite” outfielders until this year, and they both exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations.  Bourjos has already exceeded quite a few expectations in his own right…I remember a number of publications prior to the ’11 season saying that the Halos would be lucky if they got a .248/5 HR season out of him…well, they got a lot more, and he didn’t fluke it either… his ability to leg out what would be routine groundouts is going to consistently aid his BA… And as everyone else has pointed out, he’s only 24. I’d love to see what he does once he learns a little plate discipline. Why can’t Bourjos be the next great breakout story? He has the physical tools.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind if the Angels did acquire Wright, but I don’t even think they’d need to include Bourjos to do it.  Jeremy Moore is another talented OF they’ve got in the minors who’s definitely going to be blocked for awhile; why not start with him in a package?

  40. It’d be interesting to see if he can even get close to those same averages over a whole season, and the AL West ballparks outside of Texas are very pitcher-friendly. Headley’s defense is MAYBE average. I like him, and if he was a free agent I’d be plugging his name. I just don’t think he is worth giving up players for. He only averages 9 HR’s per 162 games on the road, so not exactly impressive there either. Callaspo averages more (11) scary enough.

  41. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    I love Trout, don’t get me wrong. But, from what I’ve heard, Bourjos has slightly better range and a better arm. Trout will no doubt be the better offensive player, but there will be room for both of them in the OF by 2013, if not earlier. Why give that up?

  42. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    Oh, and Bourjos only made 4 errors last year in 361 chances. Keep in mind that many of his chances wouldn’t even be counted as such for other, less mobile OFs.

  43. Speaking of K’s, how often does Wright strikeout?

    “Removing his bunt hits?” How is that fair??? Why don’t you take them away from Brett Butler then? Or Maury Wills while you are at it! Must be fun to play with numbers to try and make a point.

    Or playing around with people’s comments. I NEVER said not to trade Bourjos/Chatwood or any other Angels player for that matter! Just not for ONE YEAR of Wright. You can talk all you want about extensions, but why would he sign one before hitting free agency after 2012? HE WON’T BE INCLINED TO DO SO.

    And Abreu IS tradeable, if the Angels pick up $6-7 million of the $9 contract. Just keep on assuming there.

  44. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Remove his bunt hits? will that’s not fair at all..Remove everyone else’s bunt hits to then..That’s what makes Peter even better the fact that he can bunt move the runner and have a shot to get on base..Of course he isn’t MVP.. Why would you even bother on comparing him to Trout? that just sounds dumb.. I prefer Peter over Wright..Pete has great D and with Trout that OF looks like one of the best..And for Wright well the money will be to high and what if he doesn’t continue where he left of b4 his injury? Then Angels are stuck with another big contract.. Id trade Trumbo though

  45. Suddenly the guy can not only run, but he can hit cleanup too! The Angels should not be counting on him again, otherwise they will have wasted another offseason like they did last year. IF he comes back, great. If not, at least you will be more prepared for it.

  46. Once again, making comparisons to other clubs and their players. No point there, and you are still missing mine. Even being AVERAGE combined at 2B/3B is better than trading potential future studs (Bourjos could be consider one NOW, at least defensively), for guy with an injured back and the option of leaving after one year just to improve ONE position while weakening at least one more for years to come.

    How expensive are those infielders in NY and Boston anyway?

  47. Funny, yet another comment where you overlook age, cost, and the defense of the players mentioned…

    Wright also has a messed up back and hasn’t stolen 20 bases since 2009, the last year he also hit .300. He came close in SB’s 2010 but was still caught over 1/3 of the time. It’s “adverse” according to the situation (contract) and the players involved. And again, Wright isn’t being shopped around anyway!

    You just said that Abreu was “untradeable.” Now you say “all contracts are tradable if we pick up money.” No kidding! Make up your mind!

  48. Except it will create a weakness (OF) after 2012. AND there will be a hole at 3B then also.

  49. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    I was just responding to your “dropped a lot of balls comment.” I’m not saying I wouldn’t trade Bourjos for the right player; That player just isn’t Wright.

  50. Last vs “every team” or “every team competing for the playoffs?” Again, make up your mind. I’d love to see the defensive metrics vs “every team” as well.

    Again, Wright isn’t being shopped around. End of story.

  51. It’s David Wright’s MLBTR page. Gimme a break. We are on MLBTR, right??? If “reporters” or “insiders” were saying he was being shopped, don’t you think it would end up being spoken about here??? Why are you even here if you didn’t think MLBTR had credibility???

  52. And he had to deal with Vernon Wells in LF. Another year of confidence and Wells actually ceding to a CF for the first time in his career, and Bourjos can really take off.

  53. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    3B isn’t a major weakness either, though. Callaspo isn’t a power hitter, but he plays great defense and gets on base pretty often. Our only glaring weakenesses are at C, LF and the 4-5 spots in the rotation.

  54. sallen22 4 years ago

    I told him to just stop up there a few posts, clearly he hasn’t got a clue yet.  This is pathetic.

  55. Scioscia made sure Napoli got traded because he was “inadequate” behind home plate, at least according to him. No way Scioscia would sign off on this trade anyway. You are correct.

  56. Do this deal, not that it can be done because Wright isn’t being shopped, and the Angels will be down to Wells and Trout in the outfield in 2013, and STILL be in need of a 3B. Surplus suddenly turns into a need, and at two positions. You just don’t get it for some reason.

  57. “When people say Wright is being traded after the GM just said they’re
    open to it.”

    First off, that doesn’t even make sense. Second, how do you misread this over and over: “GM Sandy Alderson says he’ll only considering moving Wright “if someone blows us away,” tweets Heyman. Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote earlier today that the Mets would definitely listen on Wright, but probably won’t get an offer they like.” Where did the GM say he was “shopping” Wright? And don’t tell us that you “heard it.” Actually post WHERE it came from, because I can sure cite evidence to the contrary from this very site! Your proposal will NOT get it done anyway!!!

    Don’t blame other people that you are stuck arguing for players that really don’t make sense.

  58. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    True Callaspo ain’t so good but do the Angels really want another Huge contract that can possibly fail?.. Pete will be a good trade but for the person that the Angels can actually trust..That guy ain’t Wright.. And again why not trade Trumbo

  59. So, it’s only up to the Mets GM to reveal what’s going on? IF he was openly shopping Wright to other teams, those other teams would have “accidently” leaked such information. Being “open to it” does NOT equal “shopping him around.” Can you read? But, yes, I am the one who is “completely stupid.” Interesting that you would call me out for that since you complained about somebody else calling YOU that earlier!

    “The Mets want a specific package, yes, and if they get it, they’re
    moving him.” So NOW you agree with me! Not the first time you’ve backtracked in our arguments today.

  60. Thank you for the sarcasm. If I answer back with sarcasm of my own, will you complain that I am ridiculing you as you did with another commenter earlier? So, only YOU are allowed to make such comments? “Sober up.” Yes, because I am the one ranting and raving about stuff that doesn’t make sense. Oh wait…that would be YOU. First you said “every team,” then it was “top teams.” Just asking you to make up your mind! And I did say “average,” remember that? And you STILL are not taking defense into account, but then again you have yet to for ANY of your arguments today.

    “the Mets are openly saying they are open to trading Wright, and they are
    and have been,” The Mets have NEVER said they are openly shopping Wright. Weird, in a previous post you JUST made, you said “of course they aren’t going to come out and say it,” but NOW you are saying that they HAVE been saying it! MAKE UP YOUR MIND and at least cite your evidence because I’ve sure cited mine from this very website! “Open to the idea” does not equal “openly shopping Wright” to other teams! What don’t you get about that? There’s “listening to offers” then there is “soliciting offers.” The Mets are NOT going to other teams and making offers from other teams currently.

    I never said a single word about Beltre so please don’t put words in my mouth. There’s a lot you just “don’t get” and reading comprehension would be one of them.

  61. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Yup and they lose Peter.. and in a few years max 2 Wright is gone and now you don’t have a 3B and there’s a hole in the OF..And for those 2 years your stuck with a big contract..What if he doesn’t even cont. where he left off? Now there really screwed again.. I don’t like this Pete for Wright trade at all.. Maybe Trumbo for Wright lets do it

  62. Angels better get a 1B before they do that. Trade Trumbo IF you have Fielder’s signature on the dotted line.

  63. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Well ya or if Morales comes back and shows that he can continue where he was at..and during that trade deadline id trade Trumbo..I ain’t saying trade Trumbo right now but during the season..Unless Trumbo shows that he won’t swing at anything and actually try to hit a ball without hitting it for a homer..But i doubt it

  64. Keep in mind that Wright’s production went right back to his career averages as soon as he returned. And also keep in mind that Vladdy had just missed significant time in 2003 with an injury — one that hurt his stock and may have been how the Angels signed him over the ORIOLES in the first place — and then won the MVP the very next season for the Angels.

  65. I’d honestly consider trading Morales to a team willing to take a chance on him… some might consider that selling low, but at this point it could in fact be the opposite.  Just spitballing here, but what about trying Morales to Tampa Bay for Wade Davis? Tampa has a surplus of starters, and they could use him at DH if they don’t bring Damon back or try him at 1st (even if they do keep Kotchman).  Just a thought. 

  66. Joesebastian6 4 years ago

    I say for David Wright 😀

  67. It’s definitely worth looking into, especially since it would open up salary and roster space to add somebody who can be more counted on.

  68. You make a great argument for it.

  69. Craig Gentry for the Rangers is extremely similar to Bourjos, except Gentry is 3 years older.

  70. And doesn’t play everyday, nor has a starting role with the team, nor are the Mets asking about him. But yeah, other than that they are similar (sarcasm).

  71. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    LoL are you kidding me right now?

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