Athletics Notes: Gonzalez, Bailey, Sizemore, Cespedes

We've seen a good amount of talk surrounding the A's lately and Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle gave her take on it all..

  • Even though it's been said that Billy Beane will listen on all of his players this offseason, that is standard operating procedure for the GM and nothing new.  Beane's philosophy is that there is a match for any player, if the price is right.
  • If GM Billy Beane could get a substantial return for them, Slusser could see him trading Gio Gonzalez or Andrew Bailey.  Gonzalez is coveted by many contenders, with the Yankees at the head of the pack.  Bailey's value isn't terribly high after missing the first-half of last season with elbow issues, but the skyrocketing price of closers helps his case.  The two-time All-Star is under team control for three more years.
  • Slusser believes that it would take a Dan Haren-type deal to pry Gonzalez away and doesn't see that happening. 
  • Of the bullpen options that the A's have, Bailey probably would make the most sense if the A’s were to trade a younger piece.  Then again, Slusser notes that Grant Balfour is making more than Bailey and would also draw interest.
  • Even though the A’s have been linked to Grady Sizemore, Slusser hasn't heard any rumblings at all from the team about the center fielder.  The A’s are believed to be focusing on building a team with an eye towards a new stadium and signing Sizemore on a one-year deal doesn't fit with that idea.
  • There also hasn't been any talk from the team of going after Yoenis Cespedes, who on paper is the kind of player that the team might have interest in.  The A’s are not in the mode where they’ll do the kind of spending that it will take to land the 26-year-old, so it's not likely that they'll land him. They have had high level scouts and executives at games and workouts but the pricetag is likely too high for Oakland.  Slusser suggests taking the Sizemore and Cespedes talk with a grain of salt until the team has more clarity on the stadium situation.

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