Epstein On Zambrano, Managerial Search, Hale

Earlier today, Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein had lunch with embattled pitcher Carlos Zambrano to discuss his future.  Here are Epstein's comments on the meeting and more..

  • Epstein said that Zambrano has a chance to "earn his way back' to being a Cub, tweets Paul Hoynes of The Plain Dealer. 
  • Epstein also hopes to make progress on naming a manager this week and will have "follow-ups" with candidates, Hoynes tweets.
  • The Cubs conducted a phone interview with DeMarlo Hale for the managerial job, tweets Bruce Miles of The Daily Herald.  Epstein said that they know the Red Sox bench coach well enough that a face-to-face meeting wasn't necessary.
  • Epstein hopes that the Red Sox and Cubs can make headway on their compensation talks now that they're in the same building, according to Carrie Muskat of MLB.com (via Twitter).
  • In other Cubs news, scouting director Jason McLeod is headed to the Dominican Republic this week to see several players, including outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, Muskat tweets.

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3 years 9 months ago


3 years 9 months ago

Alternate headline for Hoynes: “Epstein, Who’ll Get Nothing For Zambrano If He Admits He HAS to Move Him, Says He Doesn’t Have to Move Him.”

3 years 9 months ago

Make Cubs a favor …. Give it to Boston as a reward…. LOL!!!!

3 years 9 months ago

Trade him to Milwaukee for some cheese, brats, & a 12-pack, St. Louis for a full keg of Bud, Colorado for a years supply of Coors, Philly for a few cheese steaks,  Seattle for some Granny Smiths, a LB of Salmon, & 10 LBs of Starbucks, Toronto for some Maple Syrup, LA for the Kardashians. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!

3 years 9 months ago

I am so tired of people beating up on Carlos Zambrano. Mike Quade was ejected from at least nine games last year. Did he quit on the Cubs because  he could not control his mouth and his temper and he got kicked out of those games. He was not there to  finish the game with the Cubs. 

The guy got mad and exploded. Who among us has not controlled our temper and said something or did something out of anger or spite.

We live in a society that seems to forget the good things that we’ve done, but want to define us by our mistakes. 

Carlos Zambrano has not beat up his wife or kids. He has not be stopped and arrested for DUI.  He has not be suspended by baseball for doing drugs or performance drugs. 

You have a manager in Texas that was busted for doing cocaine. A player in Texas has been busted for drugs. You have players that have been busted for taking performance enhancing drugs. After Manny Ramirez was busted for taking performance enhancing drugs, he was still able to sign a big contract with the Dodgers.

I am so tired of baseball writers, announcers and anchors trying to tell the fan what to think. I want you to give me the facts and keep your opinions to yourself. 

It surprises me that so many sports fans allow the ESPN type monsters to form and shape their opinion of athletes. 

I get tired of the so called experts or “insiders’ giving us the news and the scope and 90% of the time they are wrong. 

If you are a true Cubs fan, support the player and understand and feel his anger and disappointment when he struggles to get the job done for his team. 

Be a true blue fan and support the players that are the collective of what makes our favorite teams the team we live and die with during every loss and every victory!!

Go Cubs Go!!!!

3 years 9 months ago

This is a good move in my opinion. Mainly because if it doesn’t work out then you’re simply back where you started with nothing lost. If it does work out, you have a steady arm that will give you 200 innings this season and Zambrano helps his own value. If he has another meltdown, just release him at some point through the season. I think Z has every reason to try and make this a career year since it’s the last one on his contract.

3 years 9 months ago

hells to the no…Zambrano offers far more upside than the Figgins who has been in a steady and steep decline in on-field production since signing with Seattle.