NL West Links: Street, Furcal, Prado, Rockies

The latest out of the National League West..

  • Rockies closer Huston Street is a name to keep in mind for the Red Sox, tweets Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe.
  • Based on multiple conversations with executives and agents, Troy Renck of The Denver Post tweets that the Rockies are not in on free agent Rafael Furcal.  The shortstop is seeking a two-year deal in the $16MM range.
  • The Rockies don't feel as though they have to give up a center fielder to get Martin Prado from the Braves in a trade, so there is still hope for a deal, Renck tweets.  
  • If Prado isn't a possibility for the club, Orlando Hudson might be, says Renck (via Twitter).  However, the club is divided on whether he fits or if they would be better off turning to internal options instead.
  • Rockies General Manager Dan O'Dowd is after a "No. 3 or No. 4" pitcher, writes Troy Renck of The Denver Post.  The team's search has led them to talks with Roy Oswalt, and the team is being aggressive in their pursuit, according to several agents and executives, Renck tweets.  While Oswalt is interested, he's in no rush to sign with anyone.
  • Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will sell 100% of the team but retain the land outside of the Dodger Stadium parking lots in a deal that could be worth upwards of $1.3 billion, tweets Bob Nightengale of USA Today.
  • FOX Sports released a statement on the Dodgers' lawsuit against them and termed the action as the "latest chapter in the current owner's ongoing scheme to avoid honoring his contractual obligations," tweets Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    “Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will sell 100% of the team but retain the land outside of the Dodger Stadium parking lots in a deal that could be worth upwards of $1.3 billion, tweets Bob Nightengale of USA Today.”

    Hmmmm could the Dodgers be setting up for a new stadium in the near future?

    • BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

      Nobody has seriously discussed the possibility of a new stadium in years, and I’d expect a major fan revolt if it ever came up again. Dodger Stadium is great, it is beloved. The only problem is the parking and access, and that can be fixed. I doubt that McCourt could retain any significant amount of land outside the parking lots, even if there was much — which there is not.

      • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

        You can say that about a lot of older stadiums but eventually its gonna come down.
        Tigers Stadium…, Astro Dome… etc

        • BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

          Fenway, Wrigley… try telling fans in those cities that those parks will be demolished eventually — if you want to start a riot. 

    • FamousGrouse 4 years ago

      That land could be worth a lot of money. It has great views of the city. 

      The city might also be “convinced” to sell land that is currently parks and the police academy to for development to increase tax revenue.

  2. The_Porcupine 4 years ago

    Oswalt is a bit overvalued as he is much more of middle of the rotation guy.  A touch fragile.  If it’s not too much money, he’d be a good sign.  I’d still like to see them trade for Wandy Rodriquez.  The NL West isn’t that strong of a division.  Stabilize the rotation with 2 decent arms, get some parts to mix and match at 2b/3b/of, pick up a couple relievers for depth.  I’d keep Street and let him and Betancourt have the last 2 innings. 

    • Tony DiQuattro 4 years ago

      I don’t think so, career 3.21 ERA. He’s not asking for CJ Wilson money. He’s a #1 or 2 in almost any rotation.

  3. 55saveslives 4 years ago

    Does that mean parking will be $150?

  4. bravesdude 4 years ago

    I wish these Braves / Rockies rumors would just stop . The Braves just don’t match up very well with the Rockies . And the Rockies don’t seem to value Prado as much as maybe he should be . He’s more valuable to the Braves then he is to anybody else because of the positions that he can play and the talent , that we (the Braves) , know he has . Last year was his worst year , and probably won’t happen again . His career numbers indicate that he will be a .300+ with .350 OBP and 15-20 Hr a year guy that can play LF and three IF spots . We would have to receive something of some significance to do a trade with anyone .

  5. bigdawg68 4 years ago

    im all for the braves getting flower and smith for prado…i love prado but i love flowrs upside..smith is a good bench platoon guy…my only prolem would be is we still need a bat and the braves have a good centerfielder in bourn they just need to extend him 3 or 4 years.. delmon young for prado i like alot…j.j needs to stay unless we trade him for a top line prospect…. would love to find a way to get upton frrom the rays…and bring andruw back…who knows it could work

    • LOL The Braves won’t be getting Fowler by himself for Prado, much less Fowler and Smith. What they’ll most likely end up with is Smith and a second-tier prospect.

      • Then I doubt the deal gets done, tbh.  No way the Braves sell low on Prado.

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        I’d be willing to throw in JJ for Fowler and Smith.

        That solves both the Rockies needs, with a little bonus since JJ is a #2 not a #3.

        • bravesdude 4 years ago

          Yeah , it sure would help the Rockies . But not the braves . No thanks .

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        It will NEVER happen . Smith does absolutely nothing to solving the Braves problems . Prado has way more value than that . Forget about last year . That is not a selling point because of his career averages and I guarantee you that GM’s know this . If he is traded , he will most likely be back at 2B or 3rd where he would be more comfortable at . And if he puts up numbers that are more like his career averages , then chances are he’ll be back in the AS game again next year .

        You have to keep in mind that the Braves don’t have to trade him . We would have to see a trade that presents the WOW factor for Wren to bite . And there is no WOW factor with Smith . Don’t believe every rumor thats posted . It will lead you to believe something other than the truth .

    • Delmon Young isn’t exactly what I’d call an impact bat.  I feel as though Prado is more valuable to the Braves than Young and no deal like that is done.

  6. 16/2 is too much for Furcal, but sadly he’ll likely get it. I thought he was more in line for 8mil/2 deal.

    • thegrayrace 4 years ago

      Agreed. As a Dodger fan, I wouldn’t advise anyone giving him over $4.5m/year, and I’d be reluctant to give him a second year. He’s just far too injury prone.

      He’s only had one injury-free season in the last 4 years (2009), and his numbers that season were mediocre: .269/.335/.375. He’s no longer a stolen base threat, and his range at SS is shrinking. I’d be betting on him starting no more than 90 games and putting up a line in the neighborhood of .275/.340/.380.

  7. I know it was a move for the future, but I really do wonder if the Rockies knew about something being wrong with Jimenez.  It’s just weird to me that they traded their best pitcher and then have been complaining about needing more pitching ever since.

    • Thomas W 4 years ago

      well they did get three pitchers back for Jimenez it is mostly just MLB ready pitching they need

  8. chad bettis,wheeler, arenado and street for youkilis and reddick…..any takers?

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