East Links: Damon, Reyes, Nats, Orioles, Manny

Some links pertaining to baseball's Eastern division teams as the Winter Meetings draw near…

  • Don't rule out Johnny Damon for the Orioles, tweets Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.
  • Marlins people are saying it's still possible Hanley Ramirez could move to center field but a source close to Ramirez says he's already agreed to play third base, tweets Jayson Stark of ESPN.com.
  • Ramirez's agent will not comment on the Marlins' signing of Jose Reyes, writes Tim Brown of Yahoo.  The Fish are expected to ask Ramirez to shift from shortstop to third base to accommodate Reyes.
  • The Orioles are looking for a left-handed hitting outfielder who can back up in center field and possibly platoon in left field, tweets Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com.
  • The Nationals center field targets include Peter Bourjos, B.J. Upton, and maybe Angel Pagan if he is non-tendered, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.
  • Yankees GM Brian Cashman doesn't think he'll have any interest in Manny Ramirez if he makes a comeback, tweets Daniel Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal.
  • The Nationals are one team that is maintaining interest in Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes despite his increasing price tag, tweets Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. Their pursuit of the center fielder may hinge on their negotiations with Mark Buehrle, C.J. Wilson, and Prince Fielder though.
  • Former Red Sox first base coach Ron Johnson will manage the Orioles' Triple-A affiliate in Norfolk, according to the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo (on Twitter).
  • Joel Sherman of the New York Post points out (via Twitter) that it was new Orioles GM Dan Duquette who signed Manny Ramirez to his eight-year, $160MM contract with the Red Sox and wonders if he might sign Ramirez once more.
  • SI.com's Jon Heyman tweets that Duquette called Ramirez's attempted comeback an "interesting development." The Orioles are in the market for a designated hitter.

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  1. slider32 4 years ago

    Cespedes would seem to be a good fit for the Nats.

    • Cespedes has got to be a National. It’s just to perfect of a fit.

    • jwsox 4 years ago

      Still surprised the whitesox are not in on him with alexi and dyan already set in place they have a good history with Cuban players. Yes it
      Would be expensive but with the 20 mill to
      Peavy off the books next season and rios a season after that the sox have money to spend.

  2. fxx3605 4 years ago

    Joel Sherman of the New York Post points out (via Twitter) that it was new Orioles GM Dan Duquette who signed Manny Ramirez to his eight-year, $160MM contract with the Red Sox and wonders if he might sign Ramirez once more

    to another 8/160 deal? i suppose its possible

  3. Bargab 4 years ago

    Truly, the rumors have begun!

  4. Yeah nothing like the Nationals giving too much money to an outfielder right after they gave too much money to an outfielder!!!  Some people never learn!

  5. I will stop being an Orioles fan if they go anywhere near Manny. That would be the final straw.

    • Benny 4 years ago

      All the losing seasons didn’t do it for you, but a signing of Manny would?

      • not_brooks 4 years ago


      • Andrew Ochs 4 years ago

        This coming from a Mets fan, yea good one

        • Benny 4 years ago

          Yea, because the Mets lose as much as the Orioles. The Mets have gone to the postseason twice in the last decade, and have missed it by one game in 2007 and 2008.

          • lefty177 4 years ago

            no offense but most people live in the present, not the past, all my Yankee friends bring up the fact that they have 27 championships & before 2009 I had to tell them to look in the past 6 years, & whether or not the Yankees have won a World Series or not? Did the Red Sox?

          • Benny 4 years ago

            The Mets still don’t lose as much as the Orioles in the present. So what is your point? I was just comparing both franchises in this decade.

          • niched 4 years ago

            I think his point is the Mets are turning into the Orioles of the National League. 

          • And the Orioles are turning into the Yankees of 5th place in the AL East

          • niched 4 years ago

            Huh? I don’t get it.

  6. Any team who signs Manny is beyond desperate, just plain insane.  He has nothing left to offer even if he weren’t suspended.

    • jwsox 4 years ago

      Minor league deal can’t hurt though right. I know it’s unlikely manny signs one but he has to
      Prove him self this time around.

      • I don’t know I just think it’s hard to justify the headache you get with Manny unless he’s playing like the old Manny.  Which he simply can’t anymore.

        • Benny 4 years ago

          You never know…Plus most of the time Manny wasn’t even trying his hardest.

          • Yes let’s sign a guy based on the premise that he “wasn’t even trying his hardest” before, I’m sure that will go well.

          • There’s no risk. You just cut him if it doesn’t work out. Calm down.

          • Benny 4 years ago

            I’m not promoting a signing of Manny, but your statement of he can’t be the Manny of old is something you really don’t know.

        • not_brooks 4 years ago

          I would argue that Manny most certainly does play like “old Manny”.

  7. So the Nats still want Peter Bourjos eh? It’s the season of making wishes I guess.

    • elbeisbol 4 years ago

      In before an Angels fan says Zimmerman for Bourjos. 

      • BK 4 years ago

        Borjous and Richards for Bryce’y H?

      • FS54 4 years ago

        Zimmerman for Bourjos alone?
        Either way it is overpay. A) Nats need pitching, B) Nats have money to keep Ryan, C) Who will replace Ryan’s bat and glove at 3B?
        I don’t think it makes.

    • Melvin McMurf 4 years ago

      Bourjos should be untouchable

  8. $4555515 4 years ago

    “One National League executive predicts that the Mets will offer six years to Jose Reyes but the Marlins will wind up landing him, tweets Andy Martino of the Daily News. ”
    the marlins have apprently beat the mets to the punch

  9. First of all does Duquette realize how much weight Manny lost when he came back from his first suspension? I wonder how long Manny had roided?
    Second, Manny retired and never served his second suspension. Am I correct on this assertion?
    Third, The Orioles opened up the 2011 against the Rays and Manny looked terrible in the opening series. The Rays fans were booing him! Does Duquette have a clue? He’s a two time loser (drugs) and a clubhouse cancer! Why Dan? Who’s starting these rumors? Did Duquette suffer from air sickness from his flight to Dallas?

    We’ll give Manny a chance, but no to Aoki or Cody Ross. Makes no sense!
    I would rather take Vlad Guerrero 2 million guaranteed and plus the three million we still owe him. I don’t know if Vlad would do it, but I would rather do that, then bring Mannywood to “Charm City”

  10. Soriano and 40 mil for Luke Scott … lmao why not

    • Patrick the Pragmatist 4 years ago

      Soriano would be the Orioles type of player.

      Sad,  that an orgnanization that was once the epitmome of how to build teams the right way now shows us every year which big name and/or big bat players to avoid if you want to be good.

      And I know that Camden is a hitters park.
      But Arlington is a bigger offense park.
      Somehow the Rangers have managed to build competititve pitching and they did not need to spend a fortune to attain it .  It was a patchwork situation mostly,  except for a half season of Cliff Lee.

      Funny even when the O’s do things right at one position,  they balance it with a total wrong at another.

      Sad for Baseball that Baltimore has skidded like this.

  11. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Nats want PETER!? What do they have to give us Strasburg Or Harper?

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      yah thats practical… both strasburg and harper are prodigy’s

      you don’t trade them

      • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

        So i guess Angels don’t trade Peter to Nats

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          good, but not a prodigy.

          • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

            Ya no doubt.. But i’m just saying that there’s really nothing  else the Nat’s have that intrigues me for Peter..

  12. BobOfArslan 4 years ago

    Trading Bourjos would be the bonehead play of the year. Even Reagins was smart enough not to do that. Jerry D is rebuilding the Angels and the cornerstone consists of Trumbo, Trout, and Bourjos.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      Trumbo a corning stone?

      • BobOfArslan 4 years ago

        29 HR, 9 steals, 87 RBIs, 65 runs scored and a .254 batting average in his ROOKIE year. Yeah, he’s a cornERstone for a rebuilding team. No one really thinks the Morales of 2009 is going to return, and if we can put Aramis Ramirez’s mediocre glove at one corner, we can put Trumbo’s mediocre glove at the other.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

           what a convenient argument.. you wrote down all of his stats that don’t matter and none of the ones that do . like his OBP, k% and his lack of defensive value..

        • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

          Ya i agree with LunchBox…and i would trade Trumbo during the trade deadline. If Morales come’s back and shows that he can put up MVP type numbers

  13. FS54 4 years ago

    I think Upton might be the best choice out of those three. Peter does sound awesome but he will cost more in terms of players than Upton who is a free agent after next season and probably expensive in 2012 for Rays. We should still try to get Pagan for our bench, only in case he is non-tendered.

  14. They should just tell Hanley he’ll be playing Left Shortstop. I bet it will lessen the blow.

  15. Mark12 4 years ago

    I said it before. Trade him to the Mets for Wright and Pagan. That would fix both teams needs. The holes the Marlins have and a young player for the Mets to build around.

  16. BobbyJohn 4 years ago

    Why do the Marlins have to “ask” Hanley to move to 3B, or anywhere else? Seems to me that the manager fills out the lineup card and the players take the field.

    • Matt Moore 4 years ago

      Thata why I love MLB The Show! I can put any player at any position and they cant say shizz about it…

  17. Patrick the Pragmatist 4 years ago

    Hanley to CF.   Looks like a good move to me.  Jeter and/or A-Rod should have made a similar move when they still could have been great out there.  Now where do they go?   First is occupied.  Dealing Gardner or Swisher to open a spot for them in the OF might be a mistake for the Yankees.

    But I don’t like NYA so I hope the dysfunction keeps on a coming.

  18. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    They really asked Cashman if he thought he would be interested in Manny? Probably a good way to get cash to never tell you anything, ever.

  19. Chipper_is_GOD 4 years ago

    No Braves rumors today?

    Makes me think Frank is to busy getting us somebody to talk to the media.

  20. WHY are the O’s being speculated to every washed up DH?  If they sign anyone for more than 4.5 mill that wouldn’t outperform a healthy Luke Scott(2.5 WARish) then we have the same GM with a different name

  21. MarinersRoyalsBraves2014 4 years ago

    Manny will sign with Marlins, everything there meshes.

  22. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    “Joel Sherman of the New York Post points out (via Twitter) that it was new Orioles GM Dan Duquette who signed Manny Ramirez to his eight-year, $160MM contract with the Red Sox and wonders if he might sign Ramirez once more.”

    Joel Sherman should probably be reminded that Manny wasn’t really Duquette’s idea. He was Duquette’s third choice behind Mussina and Neagle after ownership mandated he make a big splash.

  23. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

     Bourjos would be the ideal pick for CF imo.

  24. niched 4 years ago

    I can’t imagine any team signing Manny.

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