Gio Gonzalez Rumors: Monday

The Athletics have already traded one of their young starting pitchers this offseason, but it wasn't Gio Gonzalez even though his name is popular on the trade rumor circuit. Here's the latest on the 26-year-old left-hander…

  • The Mets are unlikely to pursue Gonzalez according to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, with one team official saying talks never moved passed the preliminary phase. “Nothing serious,” said the official, with another source saying they are "unlikely" to continue pursuing the southpaw.
  • Martino says the Athletics asked the Yankees for Jesus Montero and top pitching prospects in exchange for Gonzalez when they discussed his availability earlier this winter.

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  1. Daniel Lee 4 years ago

    a’s are looking to trade gio because they want prospects and they dont want to pay his 4.2 mil salary.  wouldnt make any sense for them to take on wrights much larger salary and give up prospects while only having him for one year. it would be like a triple whammy for the A’s.

  2. Daniel Lee 4 years ago

    there’s no talking sense into these gio lovers. the asking price for gio is way too steep. literally almost ALL the experts, analysts, GMs and former GMs are saying this. why do you think they are saying that? why is it so difficult to accept? the gio supporters lost all credibility with me when they compared gio’s control issues to randy johnson’s LOL. are you serious? randy johnson was 6’10” and threw 100 mph. His slider practically had more velocity than gio’s fastball haha. oh and did i mention randy johnson is one of the greatest pitchers to ever play? gio is 5’11” with control issues. and he did not improve his control. he walked ONE fewer batter in the same amount of innings. Gio reminds me of randy wolf with much worse control. if you dont believe me, check out randy wolf’s stats when he was younger. pretty similar except gio walks a lot more guys and thats even with the hitters on steroids in wolf’s days. they are even around the same height, drafted around the same position, similar pitching style, etc. gio is probably gona be better than wolf but im just saying he’s being WAY OVERPRICED right now. case closed. 

  3. Tim Fares 4 years ago

    I’m not sure what you are all arguing about.  Yes, the asking price on Gio is way to steep, but it makes all too much sense for Beane.  He has no particular reason to trade Gio, but he figures that if there is a team desperate enough to give him a big haul then he’s gonna pull the trigger.  And the longer he waits, the more desperate teams will get.  And if nobody gives him enough, then he keeps a pretty good pitcher around at a reasonable salary.  Why not ask for a lot?


      Haren had his breakout season with 3 years left.
      All signs are pointing to Gio having his breakout season with 3 years left.

      If Gio has a 5 WAR year in 2012 for the A’s, he actually will be worth all these prospect hauls and no one will have time to argue or cry about his walks (Really wonder what you all thought of Randy Johnson back in the day, he had 6+ BB/rate well into his late 20s).

      I also love how all these newbie fans don’t understand that prospects only pan out about 25% of the time, no matter how highly regarded. Barring an accident of some kind, Gio will pitch 200 innings next year, that’s more valuable than 99% of prospects (basically ones not named Harper or Trout).

  4. I’m not the one overrating him, its Beane. I simply listed packages that have been verified by this site that Beane has asked for. Do people here not read entire posts? I specifically said if the non-A’s team offers that package, the deal gets done. 

    I personally don’t believe any team is that desperate though and I have no problem with Gio having his breakout year in Oakland than somewhere else. I think Gio is good, yes, and while he’s not worth those packages based off his career numbers SO FAR, his ceiling has not been reached yet and is about to….so, this time next year he will be worth it. Cest la vie, no skin off my nose if the A’s dont trade him. I love watching him pitch, his curve is so nasty!

  5. Where did I say I wanted it? You just put words in my mouth, that’s not cool @Rangersfan32. 

    I said if a team approached Beane with these packages, then that deal would get done. Thats 100% true, is it not? 

  6. Okay but if the Tigers came to Beane with that package, he would trade Gio immediately, would he not? 

    Is there a site-wide reading comprehension issue around here? 

  7. Sense or no, if they put that deal on the table, Beane would take it. Why did you post this unless you didnt read it right?

    • Dylan 4 years ago

      Ok then why didn’t u put Moore, Longo, and Hellickson up there or Strass, Harper, and Rendon. Ridiculous overlays r easy to come up wiyh.

  8. Agreed, that’s why I think Beane would take a deal with Sampson instead. 

  9. C_Had 4 years ago

    And Kuroda DIDN’T benefit from a pitchers’ park??? How about a P’s division in a P’s league??? Not to mention he’s a fossil

  10. Tim Fares 4 years ago

    First off, not sure why you responded to me… I agree Gio is worth a lot.  In my opinion WAR is a load of bull, though.  I’m also not sure who came up with the official 25% pan out statistic for all prospects.  The simple fact is that Beane wants a lot if he can get a lot, whether he deserves it or not.  An why not ask for a lot if you can?

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