Marlins To Sign Mark Buehrle

The Marlins' heavy offseason spending continued today, as they agreed to sign lefty Mark Buehrle to a four-year, $58MM deal, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  The durable lefty will head to the National League for the first time in his career to bolster Miami's rotation.  Buehrle, who spent his entire career with the White Sox after being drafted in the 38th round in 1998, follows former Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to Miami.  This offseason, the Marlins have shocked baseball by committing $191MM to Buehrle, Jose Reyes, and Heath Bell in preparation of the opening of their new stadium next year.


The contract represents a slight bump from Buehrle's previous deal.  He's represented by Jeff Berry of CAA Sports.  Buehrle, 32, has been remarkably consistent, pitching at least 201 innings in every season since 2001.  Buehrle has a pitch-to-contact style, as his 5.1 career strikeout rate attests, and his career ERA is 3.83.  He joins Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, and Ricky Nolasco in what could be an excellent Marlins rotation.

The Nationals were the other finalist for Buehrle, reportedly offering three years and $42-45MM.  The Rangers also topped out at three years.  In addition to Buehrle, the Marlins had been bidding on C.J. Wilson.  Buehrle was quickly priced out of the White Sox' range, and they'll get a supplemental draft pick for losing the fan favorite.

MLBTR writers Steve Adams and Zach Links correctly predicted in November that Buehrle would sign with the Marlins.  Check out our free agent prediction contest leaderboard here.

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  1. Silence 4 years ago

    So.. When the Marlins miss the playoffs this year, will they trade everyone they signed to get even more prospects than before??

  2. Buehrle is one of the more underrated pitchers in baseball these days, great deal if you ask me even if they did overpay a bit. I just hate to see players leave teams they have been with their entire careers.

    But think about it, Mark is moving to the NL and away from a serious hitters park, he’s going to be outstanding in Miami. Reyes was a sketchy deal to me but the Fish have really upped their pitching staff well.

  3. As a Twins fan I like this move for obvious reasons.

    But still, Buehrle and Ozzie are together again, and it should be a fun summer to watch Miami

  4. Michael Apostolakis 4 years ago

    Another piece of the Chisox is gone. Watch though everyone is expecting them to slide. They will not be too good this upcoming year, they will however bounce back under the controls of Ventura. He was that kind of a player I expect no less as a manager.

  5. Wrek305 4 years ago

    This is a shame. Kenny Williams is normally great with re-signing his franchise players.

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      He made no sense in Chicago anymore, they are rebuilding.

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      He made no sense in Chicago anymore, they are rebuilding.

  6. FS54 4 years ago

    If Nationals were unwilling to overpay for the ideal guy (Mark), I don’t think they will overpay for a less desirable option (Wilson). I don’t think our pitching needs are so desperate that we need to overpay of either of these guys. I would have loved to have Mark for three years but too bad. Anyways, our bigger need is CF and I hope Rizzo finds a good solution.

  7. lefty177 4 years ago

    what the heck, now i’m 3/16

  8. firealyellon 4 years ago

    Mark you are a true gentleman, a pitching scholar and a future hall of famer. You will be missed in the city of broad shoulders.

  9. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    If the Marlins are truly out on poo holes the Cards should probably twist his arm a bit.

  10. westcoastwhitesox 4 years ago


  11. rayray180 4 years ago

    What REALLY pisses me off about this is this “debacle” is just the icing on the cake for the past 6yrs. Ever since we won the WS you forever saw KW in front of the camera with chest puffed out talking about “we plan on winning multiple titles”…”we build teams to win WS not division titles”….all this B.S. basically saying (I.M.O.) that this is a new era…we’re going for it EVERY year….and yea, the payroll was considerable….BUT…nothing really changed. Whenever there was an impact FREE AGENT out there, it cost too much money (besides Dunn)..KW prefered to get fleeced on “impact” trades or take it in the pooper w/the waiver wire. ONE year..ONE year removed from going “ALL IN” and getting it handed to us on a platter and here we are running with our tail between our legs calling for a REBUILD! What? We must be a such a joke to the Big Dog’s around MLB….I can just picture Theo and Cashman on the phone…
    “You believe that KW? Thought he could play with us Big Boys and throw money at his problems? HAHAHA, now he’s gonna try and go all MoneyBall on us…hahaha, that Kenny, lemme tell ya”
    I’m so Disgusted with Reinsdorf right now….DISGUSTED! You WILL NOT see me at the Park this year or even supporting their TV/Radio ratings.
    LIFE LONG Fan who is now lost.

  12. chee1rs 4 years ago

    another splash

  13. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    I am so pissed the Yankees decided not to sign Buerhle. He gives you 200 Ip a year. Wins 15 games a year and always keeps his teams in games. Not to mention he is a lefty. He would have been a perfect number 3 starter for the Yankees. Sabathia,Nova,Buerhle,Garica,Burnett.

  14. That’d be offensive to people that have learning disabilities…seriously.

  15. bjsguess 4 years ago

    They are basically paying market rate for his performance over the past few years. He’s been averaging 3.5 WAR since 2009. That works out to about $17m/season in value. They are paying him like a 3 WAR pitcher for 4 more years. That allows for virtually no regression. 

    Since you bring up Maddux we’ll use him as an example. Buehrle is entering his age 33 season. For Maddux, the three previous years to his age 33 season were 96-98. During those 3 years he posted WARs of 7.8, 8.2, and 7.6. That gives you an average of 7.8. 

    Over his next 4 years he saw his WAR:

    1999 – 5.8
    2000 – 7.2
    2001 – 6.3
    2002 – 4.2

    That gave him an AVERAGE of 5.9 WAR. Now 5.9 WAR is amazing – however, that is quite a drop off in production from his 3 preceding years. We’re talking about a 25% drop on an annual basis. 

    Applying that same level of regression to Buehrle his WAR drops nearly a whole point – falling into the 2.5-2.6 range. At that point his contract is worth $12m-$13m. The Marlins lose a few million or so each year in value but that’s probably OK. Not a terrible penalty for a FA pitching acquisition.

    Unfortunately, that represents the happy path. That assumes no injuries and that Buehrle experiences similar regression levels as one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game. Personally, I wouldn’t take that bet. 

    Like most FA deals this doesn’t look bad on the surface. Buehrle will earn his paycheck over the next few years. It’s really about the risks associated with years 3 and 4 that will determine if this contract is a boon or bust. While I don’t hate the move I would not call it a “smart, smart” move either.

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