Poll: Which Team Will Sign Carlos Pena?

It’s been a very slow offseason for Carlos Pena, at least in terms of hot stove rumors. The 33-year-old first baseman was understandably overshadowed by Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder heading into free agency, and even now he’s still playing second fiddle to Fielder, a fellow Scott Boras client.

Pena is one of the best remaining free agent power hitters, hitting at least 28 homers in each of the last five seasons. Although his batting average (.216 from ’09-’11) leaves much to be desired, he still draws plenty of walks (walked in 15.6% of his plate appearances from ’09-’11) and gets on base at a solid clip (.346 OBP from ’09-’11). Pena is generally regarded as a strong defender at first, but he’s going to need a platoon partner after hitting just .179/.306/.398 against southpaws from ’09-’11.

Boras is confident that he’ll get multiyear offers for Pena, who is a Type-B free agent and will not require the signing team to forfeit a draft pick. The Blue Jays, Brewers, Indians, Mariners, Nationals, Orioles, Pirates, Rangers, and Rays are all in the hunt for an upgrade at first base/designated hitter, and we shouldn’t rule out a return to the Cubs either.

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  1. JohnnyHamer 3 years ago

    Just seems like an Oriole’s type of signing.

    • Bleed_Orange 3 years ago

      For the love of god I hope not. The O’s have enough guys with HUGE strikeout numbers.

    • Rangersfan32 3 years ago

      I could actually see Texas signing Pena. That allows them to trade Moreland or Murphy (who has solid value) and let Moreland be the 4th OF. He’d be a perfect fit in this park.

  2. Justin James Pegg 3 years ago

    Just a hunch here. Rays trade for Rizzo in a Wade Davis deal. Rizzo starts in the minors getting a little more work before the majors. The Rays sign Pena for 1 year. When Rizzo is ready Pena shares time with him and Pena DH’s with Damon who will resign. Just a theory

    • joeybw 3 years ago


    • Fstuffup 3 years ago

      It’s not big deal or anything but you should know that a theory actually means something that is proven and not a hypothesis or idea just for future reference because not a lot of ppl know that

    • Fstuffup 3 years ago

      It’s not big deal or anything but you should know that a theory actually means something that is proven and not a hypothesis or idea just for future reference because not a lot of ppl know that

  3. I would rather have EE as the DH.  Maybe I’m crazy but if the guy could start hitting in the first half he would be fine.

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      EE also offers some defensive flexibility as he could play 3B just in case as well.

      I doubt the Jays are interested,  he seems redundant to them

      • blueandwhite89 3 years ago

        I think if AA gets a 1B it will mean Lind is traded. EE should be safe, as they picked up his option a few months ago (so they wont just make him a bench player).

      • EE should be kept away from third base with extreme prejudice.

      • depends on what your definition of “play” is

  4. mrmanguy 3 years ago

    brewers lost prince and they lost braun for 50 games. i’d be suprised if the cubs got pena back

    • SunsetStripper 3 years ago

      I can’t see him going to Milwaukee.  The Brewers don’t have any cash left after the KRod and Aramis Ramirez signings.  The Brewer’s will go with Mat Gamel at First Base

  5. Jade Mcdermott 3 years ago

    I hope the jays don’t sign him he sucks

  6. Coollet 3 years ago

    The Jays were mentioned, so they’re not getting him.

  7. blueandwhite89 3 years ago

    They key for teams here is to wait. Boras is in panic mode. Somebody will overpay for Fielder but a guy like Pena might be had for a bargain if he’s hanging around in late Jan.

  8. There’s no way that Pena is considered an “upgrade” over Lind.

    • imachainsaw 3 years ago

      hitting for more power and walking three times as much isn’t an upgrade?

      • Rangersfan32 3 years ago

        When you strike out so much and have such a low batting average, all that cancels each other out.

  9. there should be a “I have no idea” option for the poll

  10. BVHjays 3 years ago

    I think the Indians make sense. They seem to want another bat, and he shouldn’t be overly expensive. They also focus on defense, and Pena is known as a very good defensive first baseman.

    • floridahawkeye24 3 years ago

      I agree with you that the Indians should sign Carlos Pena for a year or two depending upon his age.  Carlos is an excellent fielding first baseman and definitely an upgrade over LaPorta.  Carlos also runs the bases well for a big man.  Being down here in Florida, I have watched Pena for a few years and really liked him as a Tampa Bay Ray.  The Indians say they are looking for right-handed sluggers but sometimes there are good alternatives and Pena is one of those. 

      I could not understand why they were pursuing Beltran for two years and over twenty million when they do not need more outfielders unless Sizemore sits out another season due to injury.

  11. Ziggy22 3 years ago


  12. Ziggy22 3 years ago


  13. Rick Springer 3 years ago

    Ah, Carlos Pena… with Pujols and Fielder dominating the market this off season he’s the classic poor man’s slugger. Still don’t think he’s gonna get anything more than another 1 year contract though.

  14. gwells 3 years ago

    seriously? why do people keep putting the nationals as in on any FA 1B who isn’t named fielder? they have two guys for 1B who are better hitters–laroche and morse (granted laroche is coming off injury). and laroche is every bit as good defensively. why would the nationals want an offensively one dimensional 1B (HRs only) who can only play one position and wouldn’t start?

    might as well list the yankees and red sox, too. about as likely.

  15. mgsports 3 years ago

    Young is Rangers 1B. Kotchman/Johnson back to Rays. Pena to Marlins if they don’t get Fielder or even Cardinals.

  16. camerondatzker 3 years ago

    According to sources in baseball circles, Another team that can be interested in Carlos Pena could be The Giants. The Giants are looking for another bat to protect both Buster Posey and ”The Panda” Pablo Sandoval. The Giants already acquire Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan.

    • WillieMaysField 3 years ago

      Giants are broke. Haven’t you heard? Seriously with huff, posey, and belt in the mix why would you sign Pena?

  17. joeybw 3 years ago

    Pena is a decent DH option but I want my man Rizzo at 1B for Tampa.

  18. While I don’t completely disagree with you, I think that if the Cubs have LaHair or Rizzo at first base next year…………Cub fans will again realize the awesome luxury we had by having 2 defensive minded first baseman like we had with Pena and Derrek Lee at 1B. I wonder how much great defense is/should be worth on a yearly basis?

  19. mrgovernator 3 years ago

    brewers lost prince and they lost braun for 50 games. i’d be suprised if the cubs got pena back

  20. mrmanguy 3 years ago

    brewers lost prince and they lost braun for 50 games. i’d be suprised if the cubs got pena back

  21. JacksTigers 3 years ago

    The Brewers have not lost Prince or Braun….. yet.

  22. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Only waiting for the gavel to drop..on one for sure and other more than likely.

  23. I agree with you i think the brewers would contend because the infield would be really good and you would have 2 power bats in the lineup….mostly because he is a lefty and that is what they need. Why try going after prince when you can save a ton of money even if he signs a 3 year deal it would be very cheap for a power hitter and a awesome defender…But it’s the brewers choice not ours. If you really want to have Mat Gamel at first next year so be it. But don’t be kicking yourself when Pena is dominating on another team. Also, if the brewers dont have enough money they can release K-rod and only have to pay like a quarter of his salary and could pick up a decent setup man. Also, lock Pena up for a few year. All i’m saying here the brewers aren’t going to be able to afford Fielder so just throw that off the table and look at other options.. He is a very wise investment to the brewers!! 

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