Red Sox Acquire Andrew Bailey

The Red Sox have acquired Andrew Bailey from the Athletics in a trade that will send Josh Reddick to Oakland and Ryan Sweeney to Boston, the teams announced. First base prospect Miles Head and right-handed pitching prospect Raul Alcantara are going to Oakland in the deal.

Andrew Bailey - A's

Bailey (pictured) figures to replace longtime closer Jonathan Papelbon at the back of Boston's bullpen in 2012. The 27-year-old right-hander posted a 3.24 ERA with 8.9 K/9, 2.6 BB/9 and a 37.1% ground ball rate in 41 2/3 innings in 2011 after recovering a forearm strain that sidelined him early on in the season. MLBTR projects a $3.5MM salary for Bailey in 2012. The two-time All-Star and 2009 AL Rookie of the Year is under team control through 2014.

Reddick, 24, posted a .280/.327/.457 line in 278 plate appearances for the Red Sox this past season. The left-handed hitter got his first extended shot at Major League pitching in 2011, after posting a .278/.332/.500 line in parts of five minor leagues seasons. Reddick has big league experience at all three outfield positions and figures to get the chance to play every day in Oakland. He's under team control through 2016 and won't be arbitration eligible until after the 2013 campaign.

Sweeney, 27 in February, played all three outfield positions for the Athletics in 2011, posting a .265/.346/.341 line in 299 plate appearances. He has experience in parts of six big league seasons and will remain under team control through 2013. Sweeney's career UZR/150 of 9.2 suggests he's an above-average defender, and his numbers in right field are particularly impressive. MLBTR projects a 2012 salary of $1.6MM for Sweeney through arbitration.

Sweeney's a left-handed hitter who has a solid career line of .296/.352/.402 against right-handed pitching. However, GM Ben Cherington may want to pair him with someone who can hit left-handers given his career .233/.306/.289 line against southpaws. Ryan Kalish and Darnell McDonald (.285/.348/.451 career line against lefties) are internal candidates for the Red Sox to consider and right-handed hitting free agents Ryan Spilborghs and Cody Ross could also be fits.

The Red Sox selected Head, now 20, in the 26th round of the 2009 draft. He has posted a .274/.351/.446 line in 861 minor league plate appearances over the course of the past three seasons, but has yet to reach Double-A. Alcantara, who recently turned 19, has a 2.72 ERA with 6.0 K/9 and 1.4 BB/9 as a starter in 125 2/3 minor league innings. However, he has just four appearances above Rookie Ball.

Bailey will join the recently-acquired Mark Melancon in a new-look Red Sox bullpen. Boston may move  Daniel Bard to the rotation and Alfredo Aceves might also start, but Matt Albers, Scott Atchison, Bobby Jenks and Franklin Morales are candidates to contribute out of the bullpen in 2012.'s Buster Olney first reported the move (all Twitter links). Photo courtesy Icon SMI.

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  1. pmc765 4 years ago

    This is really bad news for Ryan Madson.

    Did he really turn down 4/$44M?

    Who’s his agent again?

  2. The Soxs need to get not a decent right fielder “Cody Ross” is on the Market or even get a better starter like good ole Roy Oswalt…. Im sad they traded Reddick but this will be a good move for both teams Reddick will get to play full time and we have a decent closer cant wait to see the season take place with all the talent we have Crawford, Gonzo, Youk, Pede, Elsburry great players lets get  this season going 

  3. Johnny S. 4 years ago

    I guess having red in his name didn’t help him stay with the RED Sox, good riddance Josh Reddick 

  4. iamsynecdoche 4 years ago

    I’m a bit disappointed in this, as a Sox fan. I probably over-value Reddick, and still think Bard belongs in the closer role, though. Plus, I’m not high on Bailey. But if they were going to acquire a closer externally, better this than over-paying a free agent, I guess.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      only knock of bailey is his health

      i’m never excited to give up much for a reliever, but this is much cheaper than a starter would be. now bard gets to try and be that starter – without leaving a gaping hole in the ‘pen

  5. bleacherdude 4 years ago

    Wow… what robbery!

    Ryan Sweeney for Josh Riddick, as a straight up trade, would be pretty even.

    For reference, before Sweeney came up, John sickles rated him as a B.
    John Sickles rated Riccick as a B-.

    Bill james projects Sweeny to post a wOBA of .325 in 2012.

    Bill james projects Reddick to post a wOBA of .331 in 2012.

    Sweeney is a plus outfield defender.
    Reddick is a plus outfield defender.

    Riddick will make slightly less money and you can mine some other petty differences, but Riddick over Sweeney or vice-verse doesn’t add much net value for either team no matter how you spin it.

    So that leaves Andrew Bailey.. a 2-time all star, former rookie of the year for WHO?

    21) Miles Head, 1B, Grade C+: Ineffective in the New York-Penn
    League in ’10, but something clicked last year, hit for power and
    average in Low-A. Power carried forward to High-A but he’s got contact
    issues to work out, and right-handed hitting first baseman have an
    uphill battle. Could rank much higher next year.

    23) Raul Alcantara, RHP, Grade C+: Live arm with good results in rookie ball, still refining his secondary pitches. High ceiling.

    That is embarrassingly weak. These guys are roster stuffing. For Andrew Bailey, the A’s should have got at least a couple of guys who weren’t just complete long-odds gambles.

    Man… what a farce. At least with the Cahill/Gonzalez trades you could hope that it wasn’t just all-out fire-sale. This trade just makes the A’s worse without any substantial gains in the short or long terms.

    Worst of all, it makes the A’s look stupid, and ruins my off-season mojo. We’ll be eating crow for this trade for the next 3 years at least while we see Bailey closing games against us, and all we’ll have to show for it is Josh Riddick.


    • You are completely off-base in thinking Sweeney will even be with Boston on opening day. His knees are so destroyed his career is basically over at this point. Reddick is at least three times the player Sweeney is, and will out-WAR Bailey too. 19 year olds arent great things to try and predict, so these two arent worth talking about until after this year.

      Billy Beane has this weird public perception where people hate him for having a rogue journalist write a book about him and he’s ok looking….you seem to be one of those people who dislike him and get off on him failing for these reasons. He never asked for Moneyball yet you hate him for it. 

      • bleacherdude 4 years ago

        Sweeney is not worth much, and neither is Riddick.

        In parts of three AAA seasons Riddick hit:
        .243  .300  .449  .748

        In parts of three big league seasons Riddick hit:
        .248  .290  .416  .706

        For a corner outfielder, those numbers are weak. Sweeney is a contact hitter with declining knees, but Riddick is a hacker who doesn’t require declining knees to be mediocre.
        You think Riddick is a bit better than Sweeney. That’s fine. Even so, he’s certainly not enough better to offset the difference between Bailey and Head/Alcantara.

        There’s not a single player we can look forward to and say “when he comes up, he’ll be better than Bailey”

        We traded a B player and an A player for a B player and two C players.

        Anyway, I’m an A’s fan and a huge fan of Billy Beane. It doesn’t stop this deal from being way too little value to receive for Bailey.

  6. Cedric Lee 4 years ago

    i step away for an hour or two and this happens? nevermind that jays were looking in on bailey, why wouldnt any team in the league go after bailey if this is all it took for boston to get him? the santos deal was good for toronto as AA snuck in there while other guys were preoccupied with other things. but this is a mind-F if i’ve ever seen one. how is it that boston got him so easily? i’m sure other teams inquired…is billy beane trying to get the gm job in boston a few years from now and sending his good players there ahead of time?

    • Complete this sentence:

      “Closers are ________”

      I’m willing to put money on the first word that comes to a large majority of peoples minds is “overrated”. Bailey went from being a mediocre low ceiling SP straight into being a dominant closer, there’s not a lot to it, yknow? Factoring in Bailey’s health issues and getting Boston to take the entirely worthless Sweeney which frees up more money to use elsewhere, I think Beane killed it, and getting two teenagers that Sickles said have high ceilings, as well as an everyday OFer who can play all 3 spots, I think Beane won here. Bailey will be solid if healthy for Boston, but that’s not a given. This trade looked underwhelming at first but after an hour it looks very good for Beane.

      • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

        Closers are necessary for teams that expect to be in and win playoff games. When you consider the alternatives to Bailey were paying Paps of Madson $10M a year I’d say this was a great alternative for the price tag even factoring in the injury history.

        I do think Reddick could be a good player under the right coaches. I don’t see him as an all star but as a the kind of guy you’d be happy enough to see patrolling right field for a while. But I really think Beane could have gotten a lot more from a lot of teams.

        As for the prospects… let’s face it, if I came on this board and said the Sox have these 2 high ceiling prospects that can be thrown into a trade for Bailey you would have been part of a large group of people saying I know nothing. Neither of them would crack the top 10 of anyone’s top prospect list for the already deplete Sox farm. One is just graduating high A ball and one just left the rookie leagues. For the price tag I think Cherington made an excellent move and I think Beane should have gotten a lot more for Bailey.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          i can see an argument for beane waiting for the trade deadline when teams are much more desperate for bullpen help, but it’s not as if he made an impulsive move here. he shopped bailey around and this was it apparently

        • Nah those guys are so young I wouldnt have said anything, they both are what they are: C+ Sickles prospects who are 19. I am pretty happy about adding them. I’d never hate on this package, but yeah I would prefer Middlebrooks or Cecchini…its looking at the big picture but Reddick was Bostons 4th best prospect before this year, an oft-injured Bailey is worth that.

          I don’t think Bailey could have gotten more, if Beane’s goal was to get rid of Sweeney as well. Really stoked on that part.

          • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            “C+ Sickles prospects who are 19.”

            Ok, just making sure you weren’t pumping this up. I think in this case we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • No prob. You are one of the least troll-y posters here whos opinion I can actually think about. Id be with you if these guys were 22 but theyre so young and made Sickles list anyway, I cant hate. The market for closers hit bottom in between Nov and now so its as good as Beane could get.

  7. NomarGarciaparra 4 years ago

    Wow I am so surprised! Seems like a great deal for the Sox. I don’t know much about Head and Alcantara, but it seems like they’re nothing significant.

  8. I officially like this deal for the A’s, especially after McGowans “The A’s arent going to SJ” comment yesterday. Beane really is making it difficult on Selig to not give him the go-ahead. 

  9. lairdd 4 years ago

    people say the a’s are a triple a team. they have a strategy its not like they are just dumping their aces. they will likely suck for the next few years until the stadium comes. beane is working with what little money he is given with. he is a good gm. he has made some bad decisions with cargo and eithier but there is not a perfect gm.

    • Charley Thompson 4 years ago

      what stadium? There will be no San Jose A’s. Read this: link to

      • lairdd 4 years ago

        its not up to the giants. these are just rumors. you obviously dont know what your talking about because the oakland mayor is pushing for a new stadium in oakland. i personally dont care where its built, but it will happen.

  10. OaklandFan22 4 years ago

    wow unbelievable there goes my favorite player in sweeney, this deal is terrible. And yet another pitcher, beane sure loves pitchers!

  11. MB923 4 years ago

    Sweeney and Reddick are nothing more than 4th OFers. Basically this was an all star closer for 2 low level prospects. The Red Sox have an average farm system and neither Head nor Alcantara ranked in their Top 20. (Yes Twenty)

    • Not true about Reddick, he had a 1.8 WAr in 87 games, that’s a decent player.

      • MB923 4 years ago

        Well we know Beane is a guy who likes OBP and that is something Reddick is not good at. Even with a 1.8 WAR, his OBP was only .327. Very low walk rate % and a pretty high K%.

        Depends on what you like more. Reddick has power but a medicore BA and OBP. Sweeney has a good AVG and good OBP but has less power than Carlos Zambrano probably. 

        I don’t understand how Sweeny’s UZR looks like this:

        2009: 20.6
        2010: -1.7
        2011: -2.0

        • Sweeney’s knees deteriorated in that time. He really doesnt have much of a future as an OF, or even in MLB. He cant hit anything but singles and even his obp took a hit thanks to his knees. I get the feeling MLBTR doesnt really understand how bad he is and how chronic his injuries are. His knees are straight up shot and it would not be suprising to see Boston cut him. This deal looks somewhat decent when its Bailey for Reddick & 2 C+ prospects AND salary relief with Sweeney.

          As for the OBP/plate discipline thing, Carlos Gonzalez doesnt really have that either, and I think Reddick is a bootleg version of him, his value will lie in good defense and power. 

    • MaineSox 4 years ago

       Reddick is an easy starter on a team like Oakland (and a starter for a contender until someone better comes along), and if his plate discipline improves a little he’s an above average starter even on a contender, everything else is already there.

      • MB923 4 years ago

        You or I can be a starter on a team like Oakland (sorry @twitter-15165733:disqus ). He is probably going to get pitched around more. It will be interesting to see how he does in his first full season.

        His OBP will prob be higher, Batting average maybe about the same, power could decrease. I do thing he’s better than Reddick, but not by a whole lot.

        • Hey no need to feel sorry, the A’s OF was non-existent until this deal. Now it looks like Reddick-Cowgill-Taylor, young and inexperienced. In fact I’m sure Beane will go grab someone like Damon or A. Jones or Ludwick to throw into the mix for a veteran presence. 

  12. formerdraftpick 4 years ago

    The Red Sox gave Head to the A’s.

  13. The A’s traded an established Reddick (Sweeney) for Reddick. Then threw in an injury-plagued star for nothing. I guess they did so well for Gio that they didn’t want to seem too greedy. I’m glad, anyways, because the Red Sox should look at getting Michael Pineda from Seattle.

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      Pineda?? Now he would cost ALOT! I think the Sox should just sign a few veterans to minor league deals and see where that goes. Like the yankees last year. If that doesnt work out well then they can always acquire someone midseason. 

  14. JackPackage 4 years ago

    When it was just Bailey for Reddick + prospects, I thought that it was a fairly even trade(depending on the prospects of course) but I don’t understand why the A’s would kick in Sweeney too and only get two wildly unproven, low level prospects. I liked the other two trades Beane made this season but I think the Red Sox clearly win this one. The last thing Oakland need is another 1B prospect who probably won’t reach his potential. Does this mean they’ve already given up on Chris Carter etc? I would’ve liked to have seen Beane get one great prospect rather than a good young RF and two long shots… just stinks of going after quantity over quality. Wouldn’t they have been better off just getting Middelbrooks for Bailey? Or Kalish and a prospect? Boston have got good prospects at the positions Oakland need… I just don’t understand why Oakland would settle for a pitcher and 1B… two things they have in abundance… when they could have gone after one of the Sox 3B or SS…

    Red Sox have done great in rebuilding their bullpen without giving out a massive contract OR giving away any major pieces. Getting Melancon and Bailey to replace Papelbon is definitely a positive off season. They still need to get somebody who can produce in RF though, Kalish/Sweeney should be 4th outfielders for a team with serious WS aspirations.

  15. Mario Saavedra 4 years ago


    • xcal1br 3 years ago

      Now it looks like they are proactively deleting his posts.  I just received a response on a previous post from : “BIEBER FAN”.  It was all caps again.  I was going to respond but the link leads nowhere and I can’t find any posts by 
      “BIEBER FAN”.

      Excellent job Tim and team.  One of the reasons I love this site is it is a fun place to discuss and sometimes argue your point without having to put up with a lot of the nonsense you see on less-closely moderated boards.

  16. MrSativa 4 years ago

    Bailey will spend at a minimum of 60 days on the DL. By July Bard will be the closer and the Red Sox will fight to get out of 4th place.

    • MaineSox 4 years ago

       Even if we assume you are right about everything else, it’s not going to put the Sox into fourth place.  The Sox have the talent to compete for the division with out without Bailey.

  17. anthony88 4 years ago

    well all that matters is that Reddick gets on base which is very importants for the A’s. also they should sign Peter Brand as assistant GM 

  18. anthony88 4 years ago

    well all that matters is that Reddick gets on base which is very importants for the A’s. also they should sign Peter Brand as assistant GM 

  19. Ben_Cherington 4 years ago

    Edit:  Oakland single A’s

  20. I’ve never heard that one before. Very impressive play on letters. 

  21. johnsilver 4 years ago

    With Reddick beane sold low on, then he was just a body on the cheap to stick in RF.. the ones he was targeting are those “no prospects” I keep seeing people all over this board hollering about and not talking about you either..

    Alcantra has a blistering FB for a 20YO kid, but is about as unpolished as they can get, while Miles Head just has 2 years of professional ball after being one of Epstein’s huge overslot bonus babies from like the 30th round a couple years back and last year really broke out with nice power numbers and a good overall bat beane is probably thinking of moving back to 3B.

  22. The Athletics have $23M committed for 2012 with only 1 arby eligible (McCarthy at about $3M or so). Wow, just wow. Hopefully they will throw a mountain of cash at Soler and any other international instant sign who are A/B-grade prospects. 

  23. lol thats not what the a stands for?

  24. LayerCake 4 years ago

    It’s just something he does. We accept it

  25. LayerCake 4 years ago

    It’s just something he does. We accept it

  26. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    why do you think all-caps is screaming?

  27. $21002046 4 years ago

    Cuz he’s a putz!

  28. RedSx799 4 years ago

    when he types in all caps he’s joking, when he types all lower case he’s being serious.

    he’s never serious.

  29. bjsguess 4 years ago

    You shouldn’t.

  30. bjsguess 4 years ago

    You shouldn’t.

  31. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    Speak for yourself.

  32. Snoochies8 4 years ago

    i think you mean josh outman!

  33. Snoochies8 4 years ago

    i think you mean josh outman!

  34. Brandon McCarthy was actually their best pitcher last year by WAR. McCarthy’s a beast.

  35. Snoochies8 4 years ago

    someone looking for a decent 4/5 starter, he was the league leader in FIP last year, and got a toooooon of groundouts. he could actually be a good under-the-radar acquisition

  36. McCarthy had the 10th best WAR out of all AL pitchers last year. He was straight up dominant when healthy. 

  37. redsx968 4 years ago

    Did you just say swagger jack?

  38. gmenfan 4 years ago

    Give it time, you’ll probably be able to remove Suzuki from that list as he’s destined for another club’s roster sometime this year. Perpetually “rebuilding” … gotta love those A’s.

  39. jjs91 4 years ago

    Yes sweeney is awful

  40. TheGrtBambino 4 years ago

    Considering Sweeney never played then ya as long as riddick can strap it up it’s an upgrade

  41. txftw 4 years ago

    It’s just really hard for us rangers fans to realize he has value after his time in TX

  42. xcal1br 4 years ago

    I’m not shy about it.  I hate that he feels he is above the rest of us and does not need to follow the long-standing conventions of internet etiquette.  I flag every post I come across by BC.  I encourage you to do the same until we get some results.

  43. RedSx799 4 years ago

    don’t think it’d help lol

  44. How so? Neither Bailey nor Sweeney are prospects, so how can adding players to the farm make it worse?

  45. Adding 19 year old high upside guys is never a bad thing.

  46. RedSx799 4 years ago

    yes he did

  47. melonis_rex 4 years ago

    Ryan Sweeney is a zero value piece. A fifth outfielder in his 2nd year of arbitration has very marginal value.

  48. Snoochies8 4 years ago

    exactly, i believe he ACTUALLY brought down the value of the return, if he isn’t included then beane gets a better haul

  49. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    reddick has a lot more power. sweeney has none. like at all. sub-.100 ISO

    reddick’s ~6.8% walk-rate in 2011 was .5 off of sweeney’s career walk-rate. with room to improve, he’s not far off the pace. he’s just a much better option than sweeney

    alcantra and head are wildcards, but that goes both ways. they have solid ceilings and plenty of time to develop in oakland’s system

    the only reason to be disappointed with this haul is because people are focused on top prospects after the last few trades. this is a solid return for oakland

  50. Reddick is healthy and improving his game, Sweeney has the knees of an 80 year old and isnt the guy who played awesome defense in 2009 anymore…come to think of it neither guys Boston got were as healthy or dominant as they were in 09, interesting to note…. 

    But back to that insult of a comp, over his last 190 games, Sweeney has a grand total of 1.0 WAR, thats totally bad no matter what spin you put on it. Reddick had 1.9 in 87 games last year, Reddick is massively better than current-model Sweeney, who I really doubt stays in Boston long as he was just salary shedding for Beane. Reddick for Bailey is a win for Boston, but the A’s getting rid of the terrible Sweeney for 2 low level prospects with high ceilings is a win for Oakland.

    Youre overrating Middlebrooks a tad but I understand it. Reality is it wouldnt be seen as bloody murder if it was Bailey-Middlebrooks straight up. Boston has like 4 MLB-ceiling 3Bs already anyway, you trade from positions of power like that. Anyway Bailey is still a good reliever and Reddick could put up numbers like Willingham did last year for the A’s. This is a real “wait and see” deal, it could swing drastically either way of Bailey saves 40 games with a sub 2 ERA, or if the 3 the A’s got all hit their ceilings.

  51. Fifty_Five 4 years ago

    Haha dude. It’s just a guy who types in all caps. You make him seem like an online predator

  52. $1519287 4 years ago

    Writing in caps isn’t breaking any rules. You’re just wasting your time and ours by flagging. 

  53. annnd it was just announced the A’s are moving Head back to 3B. Question for Boston people: was he at 1B because they had no room for him? Kind of looks that way when looking at the system.

    Alcantra was the guy who Boston reneged to trade with Lars Anderson that caused the failed Harden deal last year too. Interesting…

  54. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    that was probably a factor, but boston knows his value is much higher as a 3B so if they thought he could stick there they’d have let him try. there are serious doubts about his D

    but if guys like montero can be given years in the minors to figure out how to catch, i don’t see why the A’s shouldn’t make him prove he’s incapable of staying at 3B

    alcantra’s almost certainly never going to be at the front of any rotation, but if everything breaks right he’d be a valuable starter. they’re both years away, which is exactly what beane wants

    everybody wants to see big prospect names, but the A’s did just fine here

  55. Drew Tweedie 4 years ago


  56. xcal1br 4 years ago

    Think of it like this:  You’re at a restaurant having a nice dinner with polite conversation.  Then a drunk staggers out of the lounge and starts yelling at a waitress about how he got cut off.  It just ruins your good time because it is inconsiderate of those around him.

    He only gets away with it because the community allows it.  In the restaurant scenario, a maitre d’ would escort him from the premises.  That is why we have moderators on forums like this one, to maintain a pleasant environment for all.

  57. xcal1br 4 years ago

    “Don’t type in all capital letters

    Typing in all capital letters on the Internet is considered rude because
    it is difficult to read and comes across as very aggressive (LIKE
    SHOUTING!). If you take away nothing from this ‘how-to’ other than
    knowing that typing in “caps” is widely despised on the Internet,
    consider it time well spent.”

    From simplehelp (dot) net

  58. I’m honestly sliding my view to this being an A’s win, especially if Bailey has any kind of injury problems. Its impossible to say anything about Head or Alcantra other than they both have high ceilings, and Reddick plays all 3 OF spots and will play everyday and have a higher WAR than Bailey almost guaranteed. 

  59. redsx968 4 years ago

    Your name is freakishly similar to mine

  60. GoAwayNow 4 years ago

    How did this comment get 10 likes?

  61. johnnycomelately9 4 years ago

    Alcantra is the big piece for me in this deal.  It’s crap for the A’s on paper but obviously their scouts see something in Alcantra and Head.

  62. gradylittle 4 years ago

    Oh come on, for the most part he’s funny. 

  63. gradylittle 4 years ago

    talking about swagger jacking..

  64. RedSx799 4 years ago

    yes. yes it is.

  65. Charley Thompson 4 years ago

    How old are you? 12?

  66. MB923 4 years ago

    The only thing they don’t need, is a new manager.

  67. gmenfan 4 years ago

    And unfortunately you are just adding to the pointless clutter on here by starting a conversation about Bleacher Creature’s writing style. No offense, but if you are intimidated and feeling judged by someone’s use of capital letters, maybe this isn’t the biggest issue you are facing. Can’t we all just talk baseball ?

  68. vilifyingforce 4 years ago

    When I think of the internet, I never think of a restaurant classy enough to have a maitre’d. At best I think of a street vendor with homeless drunks screaming at me while I’m eating, but, as long as they don’t touch my food I’m happy.

  69. xcal1br 4 years ago

    LOL.  How can one feel judged by someones use of capitalization?  I think you may have wanted to use another word there, but it’s okay, I’m not judging you.  :)

  70. xcal1br 4 years ago

    Haha, awesome analogy.  That is much more accurate.  I wish I had been a little less tired when I wrote mine.

  71. gmenfan 3 years ago

    Not sure, but you are the one who said that “I hate that he feels he is above the rest of us.” Better choice of words … looked down upon by someones use of capital letters ? Better ?

  72. xcal1br 3 years ago

    And finally, it looks like he is gone.  Good riddance.

  73. xcal1br 3 years ago

    And finally, it looks like he is gone.  Good riddance.

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