Rockies Claim Jamie Hoffmann

The Rockies claimed outfielder Jamie Hoffmann off waivers from the Dodgers, announced the team on Twitter.  Hoffmann, 27, hit .297/.356/.497 with 22 home runs in 533 plate appearances for the Dodgers' Triple-A team this year, playing all three outfield positions.

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  1. Why did the Dodgers let someone like this get away? I don’t know your team very well but his numbers look solid.

    • I cant even remember if he was on the big club last season. Very good defender can’t hit. Good luck to him

      • Kevin Bach 4 years ago

        .297 in 533 ABs?  looks like he can hit a little bit. (add 22 HRs)

        • chris hines 4 years ago

          It was his 3rd year at Albuquerque…

          Previous year he posted a .310/.369/.431 with 8 HRs in 609 PAs.

          He’s a AAAA player.

        • Context. 

    • Take his numbers with a grain of salt, he spent the year in Albuquerque, aka the hitter’s paradise. He could make a solid backup outfielder though.

      • BobbyJohn 4 years ago

        So a decent option as a possible 5th OF? Can he actually play CF or would he be limited to the corners?

        • chris hines 4 years ago

          The Yankees took Hoffman in the Rule 5 a few years ago so I saw him play all ST before being sent back. He seems like someone who is going to be limited to the corners. He’s physically capable of going out to CF, but I wouldn’t want him there with any other option available.

          • MikhelB 4 years ago

            Nope, they traded Bruney for Hoffman, and since Jamie was a Rule 5 drafted by the Nationals (who paid $50,000 dlls for that), the Yankees HAD to include him in the MLB roster to keep him, but once they didn’t include him, they had to offer him back to the LA Dodgers for half the price… so in the end, the Yankees traded Bruney for $25,000 dlls.

          • chris hines 4 years ago

            They traded Bruney to the Dodgers the day before the Rule 5 draft with the understanding they would pick a player for us. So in essence we pick Hoffman in the rule 5 draft.

            The fact you are trying to act like what I said is inaccurate kind of makes me laugh.

  2. BobbyJohn 4 years ago

    His numbers do look like someone you’d probably hang on to. Is his age (27) what caused them to give up on him?

  3. Richard Allen 4 years ago

    Another outfielder? Rockies must be close to dealing Smith. Seems like he’s a decent hitter and fielder. I see he has some experience at first base, too, so if first becomes a problem for them they have another option. Spent most of his time in center and right, so if Smith does get the boot we can expect to see him in the majors as a backup. I think its a great pickup, even if he isn’t in the bigs next year.

  4. Now were contenders! 

  5. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    The Yankees claimed Hoffmann under Rule 5 last season. Ended up giving him back. His numbers should largely be ignored, they are a product of the PCL. But if there is any place in the majors he could be productive, it’d probably be Colorado…

    • MikhelB 4 years ago

      The Yanks traded Bruney to the Nationals for a rule draft 5, which ended up being Hoffman, and once they didn’t include him in the 25 man roster, they had to offer him for 25 k to the Dodgers.

      • chris hines 4 years ago

        Hahaha are you serious? You’re acting like this is some big secret you have. Nothing Grayce said is wrong.

        You aren’t allowed to trade Rule 5 draft picks, so you just trade with the understanding of trading the pick and the team selects the player you want. Rule 5 draft rules still apply.

        There’s no reason to correct everyone who says the Yankees took him in the draft, when in essence that is exactly what they did.

  6. Ohhh a Brandon Wood. Got it!

    • Daniel Dubay 4 years ago

      not even close. Wood was projected to be close to Andy Laroche. Hoffman was never projected to be a major league starter by any means. The Dodgers have never cared for this guy. Dont get excited Rockies fans.

      • denverbears 4 years ago

        do you think rockies fans were excited by Brandon Wood? 

  7. Wesley Vento 4 years ago

    Seeing lots of good comments on Hoffman. Good defender at either corner OF, not much of a hitter (product of hitting friendly ABQ and PCL). LA has Jerry Sands to back up the corners and play a little 1B. No big loss. I’d be surprised if he takes a big league roster spot from any of the Rockies OF. 

  8. MikhelB 4 years ago

    Maybe the Yankees will once again acquire him via trade, just to offer him back to the Dodgers once they don’t add him to the 25 man roster like it already happened a couple of years ago.

  9. Vinnie White 4 years ago

    AAA roster filler.  Since Colorado Springs is a joke, you won’t see
    those boys in Tulsa going there.  So you have to fill the AAA roster and
    this guy is a career minor leaguer.  Might not even be on the 40 man

  10. He’s a nice guy and a solid player. Im a season ticket holder to the Isotopes and believe me he has some potential as a 4th OF replacing Seth Smith.

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