Yoenis Cespedes Links: Tuesday

With the Rangers now officially owning the rights to negotiate with Yu Darvish, another international player, Yoenis Cespedes, takes center stage. The difference, as Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com notes, is that Cespedes will be a free agent in the traditional sense, with every team being allowed to negotiate with the center fielder as they would any other player. Here's the latest on Cespedes:

  • The expectation in baseball is that the bidding for Cespedes could get "crazy." One team official said the outfielder's agent is seeking $25-45MM, but many believe the total value of the contract will exceed that.
  • Some teams regard the Marlins as the early favorite to sign Cespedes.
  • The White Sox, who have a strong track record with Cuban defectors Alexei Ramirez and Dayan Viciedo, reportedly held a private workout for Cespedes.
  • The Yankees are expected to be involved but their interest has been described as "moderate."
  • The Yankees are reluctant to spend big on a player based on video and scouting sessions, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post. 
  • Sherman adds that the Tigers like Cespedes, and that owner Mike Ilitch is known to expand his budget for the right player (via Twitter).
  • Knobler, meanwhile, tweets that the Tigers have a pretty limited budget to bid on Cespedes.

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  1. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    I’d rather sign Jorge Soler. With Cespedes you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get. Soler has the higher ceiling from the sounds of it.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      I agree..With Cespedes I think so many people are falling in love with his fitness video.. who cares really, can he play baseball is the real question.

      • Tony DiQuattro 4 years ago

        Yeah I’m wondering what’s gonna happen when he sees big league breaking balls.

  2. I love either on my team but anyone here stats, video, anything of Soler?

  3. Vmmercan 4 years ago

    Any idea why the Marlins aren’t all over either of these guys? Wouldn’t that, make….A ton of sense for a team looking for offense, to spend money, and with the biggest Cuban population outside of Cuba?

    • miamiroc 4 years ago

      The article just said that some teams already consider the Marlins the favorite to land him, so……maybe we should just wait until he’s actually a free agent to see if they sign him before we ask why they definitely don’t want him?

      • 28GO 4 years ago

        Jays were favorite to win the Darvish bidding per several articles. Just saying..

        • Janellium83 4 years ago

          Yes, but the posting system from Japan is different. Here you know how much others are offering and you can match it or surpass it. Besides his mother lives in Miami so what better place for him than little Havana…!

  4. joeybw 4 years ago

    Wait, 25 million a year? As in Pujols type money? Or is looking for a very short term deal? God help the team that gives him over 25 million a year if that’s what his price is.

    • MB923 4 years ago

      No, total value of the contract, as it says. 

    • I laughed so hard at this. It’s $25M for the deal, probably 5-8M a year.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        the outfielder’s agent is seeking $25-45MM, but many believe the total value of the contract will exceed that…

        Imagine… a deal exceeding 45 million dollars per year haha

        • fxx3605 4 years ago

          give it about 10-12 years and surely someone will pass it

  5. scott brecht 4 years ago

    the weakest leg presses ever.  he barely bent his knees.  

  6. jwsox 4 years ago

    Thank god I knew Kenny was not going to sit by and let him not at least work out. Alexi is highly regarded in Cuba and dyan is a star there with those two there is a huge selling point. I don’t care if he makes the sox payroll go to it’s limits. With buehrle and Pierre of the books and peavy off next season they have the payroll for him.

    • Why get Cespedes when you have Dunn?

    • Michael Kenny Jr. 4 years ago

      The payroll is already far past its limits; Reinsdorf lost $30M on the All In gamble and low attendance. Payroll is going to have to go way down from last year’s $127M mark. For a team with as little chance of competing as the Sox, they shouldn’t even be over $100M, even with Dunn, Rios, and Peavy all stuck.

      Given the circumstances, Cespedes is a pipe dream. Maybe if he had waited one more year, but right now is about the worst possible time for Kenny to commit big money to another amateur free agent.

    • disgustedcubfan 4 years ago

      The Sox are looking to CUT payroll. Passing along the money to somebody else, as soon as it comes off the books is not cutting.
      The “selling point” this guy is looking for is $$$$.
      You think he is going to leave millions of dollars on the table because a couple of fellow Cubans are on the team, for now?

  7. GOTIGERS24 4 years ago

    I think the Tigers will make a big run at Cespedes, they have been very quiet this offseason and im hoping it is because they have been waiting for Cespedes, then we need to trade young and maybe a couple prospects for a speedy second or third baseman, get a fifth starter, and then we would have the potential to compete with any team in the league.

    • EightMileCats 4 years ago

      I hope the Tigers make a run at Cepedes.  As for the rest, I figure the Tigers may be looking to trade for a 3b/2b guy…  but I just don’t see much out there…  Prado would be nice, but I don’t think we match up well with Atlanta.  Maybe either Macier Izturis or Callaspo from the Angels are available.  
      And they do need a starter, but I am getting the idea that you’re going to see someone like Francis as a fill in for a year until Turner is ready later this season or start of next.

  8. Caballo14 4 years ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Yankees add no one, they seem to be cautious of every player available. I think Cespedes ends up in Miami or Detroit

    • Guest 4 years ago

      I see them adding Oswalt or Kuroda

    • 28GO 4 years ago

      I would be astonished and confused if they don’t add Soler to the minors

  9. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    Knobler is one of the few reporters that I can’t stand. He is always making assumptions, such as this one, with no evidence. Ilitch has shown in the past that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get a guy that he wants. Like he’s said, he isn’t getting any younger, he doesn’t have time to wait for prospects.

    • Tigers94 4 years ago

      I dont understand where this limited budget is coming from. Sure we had some raises this year and got V-Mart and Benoit last year, but over the past few years we have had 10 million dollar contracts to Robertson, Bonderman, Willis, Guillen, Ordonez, and a few others that we should have a lot more money then Knobler says

      • JacksTigers 4 years ago

        He’s assuming that Ilitch doesn’t add any more money to the payroll. Even though he has said he will.

  10. rsanchez1 4 years ago

    Since they didn’t throw money away on Pujols, Marlins should go after Cespedes. His family will be able to hear his games from Miami courtesy of Felo-oooooooo RRRRRR-Ramirez.

  11. abbearden 4 years ago

    I wonder if he would gain the interest from the Blue Jays management since they lost out on the Darvish Bidding. If they sign Cespedes they might be able to potentially setup a trade with the A’s for Gio that could include a package deal of maybe Rasmus and/or Snider since they will be seeking outfielders under team control. With the A’s losing Willingham and probably Crisp as well they will be looking for affordable options.

  12. windycitywarrior 4 years ago

    I agree about the White Sox being in on him. They are the home away from home for Cuban defectors. I imagine if they move Floyd, Danks, A.J. and Thornton they might be able to spring for Cespedes. I guarantee his a better hitter than Rios. Speaking of whom I wonder what they could do with him. Would they make a deferment deal with his salary like L.A. did with Andruw Jones? I would much rather see an OF consisting of De Aza (LF) Cespedes (CF) Viciedo (RF) than Rios in center. If there was a way to know if he would get it together like he did in ’10 then I would say pass on the Cuban. But hes as frustrating as A.J. Burnett. Potential falling out of his backside and not performing up to it.

  13. captainjeter 4 years ago

    all  of a  sudden  , Hal Steinbrenner is becoming cheap. I know he is obessessed with getting this payrioll under the luxury tax. But, with the new agreement , the Yankees need to be agressive  in the  the international FA.
    I get not being on Darvish. But  Cespedes and Soler?  We need to get younger and more atlethic in the outffield. Swisher is not the long term answer.
    Mason Williams  is  still 3  away , at best. Grandersen is a FA after 2013 and I think the Yankees are holding badk spending because tbey know that Boras is going to ask for the moon for Cano. Being their best player, the Yankees  can ill afford to let him walk  away like Pujois  did .  This is why they should have  torn up his  contract  2  years  ago and extented him through 2016 with options for 2017- 2018.
    I would have  figured  a  new  deal done  2 years ago could have gone something like  6  years @ 120 million  with 2 additional option years @ 20 milion , totaling 160 million .
    I shudder to think what Boras is  going to demand in 2  years. This is probably the real reason that the Yankees are relucant to spend ( besides getting under the luxury tax)

    • fxx3605 4 years ago

      i think we retain grandy and extend cano with a 6/135 deal

  14. Vote4DougWilson 4 years ago

    I’m with the others that say odds are Cespedes will wind up in Miami or Detroit. They seem the most interested and have the $ to risk it. Both teams also have strong Latin ties (Miami is obvious, Detroit’s had about 5 players from Venezuela last year and still have Cabby and Victor, who would be perfect for helping him adjust).

    My concern is the opposite of Darvish… how well will Cespedes play in Detroit come Sept when it’s 40 and sleeting at the ballpark?

  15. OptimisticMarlinsFan 4 years ago

    The Marlins need to sign Cespedes, move LoMo to first and Boni to left, and then trade Gaby for pitching. This has been my plan since after the winter meetings. Make it happen, Marlins.

  16. AndySTL 4 years ago

    he isnt extending the reps

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