Giants, Romo Avoid Arbitration

The Giants avoided arbitration with Sergio Romo, agreeing to a one-year deal, Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News tweets. The 28-year-old right-hander will earn $1.575MM in 2012, Jon Heyman of tweets. As MLBTR's Arbitration Tracker shows, Romo filed for $1.75MM while the Giants countered at $1.3MM for a midpoint of $1.525MM.

Romo posted a 1.50 ERA with 13.1 K/9 and 0.9 BB/9 in 48 innings for the Giants in 2011. The Meister Sports Management client is under team control through 2014.  Tim Lincecum, who filed for a record $21.5MM, is San Francisco's lone unsigned arbitration eligible player.

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  1. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    Had no idea Romo was THAT dominant last season. Those numbers are insane. Why is Brian Wilson still the closer?

    • redsx968 4 years ago

      I was just going to say… I think he’s one of, if not the most, underrated late-inning relievers in the league

    • Stuart Brown 4 years ago

      I knew he had a ridiculously low ERA, but I had no idea his strikeout and walk numbers were that good to go along with it.

    • ramjamrock 4 years ago

      Romo has to be handled with kid gloves. His elbow will fall apart if he’s used too regularly.

      But he’s a real beast with his no-dot slider.

  2. joeybw 4 years ago

    5 walks? In a whole season? There aren’t any words that is *many censors*

    • monkeyking42 4 years ago

      And one was intentional!

    • redsx968 4 years ago

      Speaking of censors, I had a comment that has to be reviewed my a moderator because I said brain f(a)rt. Ridiculous

  3. Everytime I see his name I think of Diddy’s character from Get Him to the Greek

  4. Wow, this guy is a steal for the Giants.   At this rate, the award sets Romo’s market value at just south of $4 million.  That is crazy, based on his numbers you could easily make a case that his market value should be in the Ryan Madson neighborhood of $8-$9 million per, which should have put Romo’s award at more than $3 million. 

    • gmenfan 4 years ago

      Wow ! Thanks for the deal, Sergio ! The Giants are going to need every last penny when Lincecum takes them to the cleaners.

  5.  Romo = few of the ungreedy ball players out there

  6. Sergio Romo is a beast. He has great control of the 3 pitches he has: 4-seam, 2-seam, and slider. He pin points the 2-seam on the outside corners on RHH’s and then comes back with a slider that moves the opposite way and just gets batters chasing, making them look dumb. All that for under 2 mill? Yes please.

  7. Karan K 4 years ago

    now if we can just lock up timmy and cain for 5-6 years

  8. jctrock 4 years ago

    Romo is awesome. Great to have him around in 2012!

  9. bayareabeast 4 years ago

    first thing i thought after i read this, why are we paying affeldt all that money?

  10. Did the Giants already avoid arbitration with Scheirholtz? This article said Timmy was the only one left, but the one with Melky, states Scherholtz is also left. There’s nothing in between saying we avoided arbitration with him.

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