Indians Sign Fred Lewis

The Indians announced that they signed outfielder Fred Lewis to a minor league deal that includes an invitation to MLB Spring Training. The club also confirmed that it has signed Jeremy Accardo to a minor league deal. 

Lewis posted a .230/.321/.317 line in 210 plate appearances last year, but he spent time on the disabled list with a strained right oblique muscle. The 31-year-old played both corner outfield positions for the Reds, who signed him for $900K. Lewis elected free agency in the fall after the Reds outrighted him off of their roster. Lewis has a track record of success against right-handed pitching (.780 career OPS), though Cleveland's lineup already features a number of left-handed bats.

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  1. Johnny_Champagne 3 years ago

    We’re gonna have such a good AAA team this season I’m so excited.

  2. rizdak 3 years ago

    Fred Lewis, eh? I guess after signing Shin-Soo Choo for $4.9M, they couldn’t afford Willie Mays Hays.

  3. Um bro, you realize that Fred Lewis is Left handed

    • KingofKauff 3 years ago

      This website is interesting, but certainly has not earned high grades with credibility.  Too much speculation and biased opinion.

  4. UrkillingmeSmalls 3 years ago

    What I’m seeing on Baseball Reference is a career OPS of .622 against lefties.  The .780 is against righties. 

  5. shockey12 3 years ago

    Fred Lewis AND Accardo in one day? If it wasn’t for the D-Backs they would be the 2010 bluejays

  6. His .780 OPS is actually against right-handed pitchers.

  7. jhawk90 3 years ago

    THE Fred Lewis?

  8. HerbertAnchovy 3 years ago

    Ahh, don’t worry. He’ll need bunion surgery in no time.

  9. Yes! we got a black guy! Lol just messing around. Not a bad move. Just mainly OF depth.

  10. David Silverwood 3 years ago

    tHE iNDIANS got themselves a very interesting outfielder ,who for some reason Baker, Reds manager did not manage properly he is a good outfielder and can hit 1 or 7 in the lineup ,Cleveland has gotten the best of Cincinnati and I dont like it.

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