Taylor Buchholz Plans To Sit Out 2012 Season

Reliever Taylor Buchholz currently plans to skip the 2012 season, agent Dave Pasti tells Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork.com.  Buchholz has been battling depression and anxiety.  Pasti noted, "If he signs with anyone, it would be with the Mets.  They way they handled the situation with Taylor meant a lot to him. The Mets really cared about him. As of right now, Taylor is taking the year off. He's feeling great, but not ready to get back into baseball. He's taking it one day at a time."

Buchholz, 30, joined the Mets a year ago and was granted free agency in November.

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  1. Was a fan of Taylor’s when he was with the Rox.  I’m hoping he can come through this.  

  2. csrima 3 years ago

    he said “Misery loves company, sorry had to say it”

  3. LongTimeFan1 3 years ago

    He didn’t initially go on the DL with depression but it is the reason he stayed on it and none of it was contrived.

    It’s not the first time Buchholz experienced anxiety and depression as major leaguer. I read a great article last season about what he was going through – I think it was either written by him or contained a lot of quotes from him. He was in really bad place emotionally, very serious problem that permeated his whole life not just baseball. I hope to see him back in 2013 with us and am glad he’s doing better. Great article if you can track it down, Buchholtz is very forthright, very unassuming, and a classy human being.

  4. LongTimeFan1 3 years ago

    Really nice to see how well posters here are handling the issues of anxiety and depression with class and compassion and some relaying their own experiences with it. We’ve come a long way, especially with athletes and depression, and how fans react to it – so thumbs up to all the open-hearted posters here.

  5. Heathbar012 3 years ago

    “But it can buy a jetski. Try not to smile while riding a jetski.” – Daniel Tosh

  6. Had depression and anxiety issues a year and a half ago.  Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.  Good luck Taylor!

  7. JLaw 3 years ago

    With such easy access, many fans and readers are known for breaking players down by statistics alone. It’s great to see that most of us still recognize that you’re not just a stat sheet and that we respect you for being a strong enough person to try and create a healthier life for yourself. We wish you well, and hope to see you on the field in 2013!

  8. DuhVo 3 years ago

    I wonder what’s going on with him. Maybe it’s something with his family? Whatever it is, I hope he recovers.

  9. A.L. Hern 3 years ago

    I think Buchholtz should climb Mt Kilimanjaro to clear his head.

  10. michael hughes 3 years ago

    I’m sure his problems are not related to his finances at all. There is more to life than money.

  11. michael hughes 3 years ago

    If you want to learn something today I could tell you that there is actually a lot of psychological research into what makes us happy. Research has shown that money and happiness are only linked to a point. Basically, it is difficult to be happy when you can’t take care of your basic needs but beyond the point of being economically stable money will not make you happy.

  12. michael hughes 3 years ago

    I get what you’re saying. It’s kind of weird actually, it seems like just as people overestimate how much being rich will make you happy they also under rate how being poor will make you miserable.

  13. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    It’s a bit of a plateau. Once you get up the hill of having all your basic needs met   (food, clothing, shelter, medical care, etc.), the effect of money on happiness greatly diminishes. 

    Humans are hard-wired to survive. If they feel their survival is threatened, that’s the biggest stressor you can put on a person. 

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